Upsie vs geek squad – Which can give you more value for your cash?

Every day you use a device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it is prone to damage.  Warranty service providers such as Geek Squad and Upsie can prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on repairs.

The number of companies that offer warranty plans for electronic devices keeps on increasing. This can make finding the right one hard. We, therefore, took our time to compare some of the popular brands known as Geek Squad and Upsie to simplify your search. Read on!

What are the differences between Upsie vs geek squad?

Geek Squad
How long do you have to purchase the warranty
Up to 120 days
Up to 15 days
Two-year coverage costs $129.99 while deductibles cost $75
Two-year coverage costs $169.99 while deductibles cost $99
Fast repairs
Repairs take time

Upsie vs geek squad – How do they compare?


Though both companies offer similar coverage, they do this at different price points. Upsie has more affordable rates compared to Geek Squad. If, for instance, you choose to pay for the two-year Upsie coverage upfront, you will be charged $129.99. Deductibles cost around $75. On the other hand, Geek Squad charges around $169.99 for 2-year coverage and $149.99 for deductibles.

How long do you have to purchase the warranty?

Whether you choose Upsie or Geek Squad, you don’t have to pay for the warranty the same day you purchase an electronic device. Upsie, however, gives you more time to make the decision compared to Geek Squad. With Upsie, you have 120 days to pay for a warranty plan. Geek Squad only gives you 15 days to buy a plan for a device such as a smartphone.

According to Geek Squad policies, you have to bring the product to the store when adding a warranty plan. Upsie does not set such terms. You don’t have to bring the device to the store to buy the warranty. Upsie even allows you to buy and activate a warranty plan online. Upsie is, therefore, more convenient than Geek Squad.


Even though both companies offer high-quality repairs, Upsie works faster than Geek Squad. Geek Squad does not set a particular time frame for repairs. While some repairs take a few days, others take weeks. On the other hand, Upsie Is faster since it has lots of certified repair shops that can handle repairs within a few days. When you choose Upsie, you can even specify where you want your device to be repaired.

Upsie vs geek squad – A comparison overview

Upsie overview

Upsie offers transparent and reliable warranties for the electronic devices that you depend on every day. When you purchase a new device such as a TV, smartphone, camera, or laptop, Upsie gives you 120 days to pay for a warranty. You can start getting coverage as soon as you pay for a warranty.

Upsie plans can cover your device against cracks, drops, water submersion, and liquid damage. One of the things that make Upsie stand out from other warranty providers is its affordable rates. For instance, the cost of two-year coverage is $129.99. The cost of deductibles is $75.

Most Upsie customers are also impressed with the quality repairs that this service provider offers.  Upsie also has a lot of certified repair shops located in different regions. It, therefore, gives you the liberty to choose which shop you want your device to be repaired in.

Feel free to buy and activate the plan online. In case of damages, you can also file a claim online. Most clients are also impressed with its support system. You can reach out to the company by phone and get help from a real person.


  • It does not have repair restrictions
  • Offers warranty plans at affordable rates
  • You can buy the plan online
  • You have up to 120 days to pay for the plan


  • You may not necessarily need coverage.

Geek Squad overview

If you buy an electronic device from a Best Buy store, you will be presented with a warranty service known as Geek squad protection. This company offers protection for all kinds of devices, including tablets, Android phones, laptops, cameras, and kitchen appliances.

Geek Squad can cover your device against drops or liquid damage. It also offers coverage against failures caused by wear and tear or power surges. If your device’s battery fails, you can also get a free replacement as long you have paid for the protection plan. You can either pay for the warranty service the day you purchase a smartphone or within 15 days.

According to the terms of Geek Squad, you have to bring the mobile device to the Best Buy store if you have decided to add the warranty protection within this timeframe. You can either make a monthly payment for the warranty or pay the full amount upfront.

Geek Squad can cover your device for 2-5 years, depending on the specific plan that you choose. Though this tech support company offers excellent services, it does not provide fast repairs. If your device gets damaged, you can make an appointment via the phone or online to request a repair.

You can only make a maximum of 3 claims over two years. While simple repairs can take a few days, major repairs can take more than a week. Geek Squad repairs have to be done through Best Buy and not any other store.


  • It covers your device for 2-5 years
  • Has different protection plans
  • Offers quality repairs
  • Covers mechanical issues, accidental damage, and battery replacement
  • Offers in house service


  • The repairs take time.
  • You have to bring the device to the store to buy the warranty.


Both Upsie and Geek Squad have different warranty plans that you can pick from. They can help you protect your device even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Though these are reputable service providers, one is better than the other.

Verdict: So, which is better? Upsie or geek squad

After comparing these two, we discovered why Upsie has more fans than Geek Squad. It offers more convenient services and has more affordable rates. It also has fast repairs and fewer restrictions. That is why we choose Upsie as the clear winner.


Can Upsie help with screen replacement?

Yes. If your device’s screen is cracked, you can get it easily replaced at one of the Upsie repair shops.

Can I get coverage on theft and loss through Geek Squad?

Yes. You can pay for the Geek Squad protection plan that covers theft and loss.

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