What does geek squad do to speed up computer?

It uses third-party software to perform disk scan and free up space in the device. Apart from that, Geek Squad can also use clean-up mechanisms such as fragmenting and archiving to boost the speed and performance of your computer.

If you buy a computer from Best Buy and it has a problem, Geek Squad can help you fix it. This is a service provider that offers protection plans on Best Buy devices such as computers. It offers both in-store and in-home services to help customers enjoy a high level of convenience. Read on to find out how Geek Squad can help fix computer problems.

What can make a computer slow?

A sluggish laptop or PC can be quite frustrating to use. Using a slow computer can negatively affect productivity since it can make even easy jobs feel like a hassle. You should find out why your computer is so slow and look for ways to speed it up. Some of the reasons include the following.

Opening too many browser tabs or programs at a go

In this digital era, it is possible to do lots of things on a computer at a go. Sometimes, a computer’s processing speed and memory make it hard to switch from one program to the other. If you are using music apps such as Spotify, they can store lots of data which can easily slow down your computer.

The memory or hard drive could be full

The performance of your computer’s memory or hard drive can suffer when it is completely full. This often leads to a sluggish computer.  When this happens, the efficiency of your computer can be reduced. Things such as internet downloads and temporary files often take up memory space and hard drive.  If, for instance, you do architecture or graphic design, your computer is likely to have large files that could be slowing it down.

Lots of software updates

Too many unnecessary software updates could also be overloading your computer leading to a slow system. Most of the applications and programs are pre-installed with updates activated. Such programs end up taking lots of valuable space in the computer’s hard drive making the computer slow. You need to fix this to avoid putting your device at risk.

Numerous applications open when you start the machine

If so many applications open every time you start up a computer, they can make the processing speed of the device drag. Some apps can even continue running through the day without your knowledge, making the system even slower.

The device is virus-infected

Some of the viruses that infect computers tend to run in the background without the computer user’s knowledge. Such a virus can collect sensitive information, such as your financial details, username, and password.

How to improve the speed of your computer

Update your hardware drivers and Windows 10

Doing this can significantly boost the performance of your machine. Even if the system updates itself from time to time, you should ensure that you check if there are any available updates. If you use your computer to play different games, do not forget to look for hardware driver updates. Look for a driver download page on the manufacturer’s official website to access the latest driver version.

Scan the device for malicious software

We mentioned that things such as viruses, malware, and spyware could make the computer sluggish. If you have not been using any internet security software products, you should scan the computer for viruses.

Confirm the internet speed

If you are having issues loading certain games or websites, you should confirm your internet speed since the issue may not be the computer. If you got the machine from Best Buy, you could make use of the Geek Squad speed test. This can help you assess your internet performance. The broadband speed test can help you figure out what speeds you need to connect different devices on the network or play certain games.

Remove unnecessary programs

You can also speed up the computer by getting rid of programs that you don’t need. Consider disabling the unnecessary apps that start automatically every time you start the computer.

Can Geek Squad help with a slow computer?

Yes. Geek Squad has a team of experts that can help you solve such issues with your computer. It makes use of third-party software to free up more space on a computer and perform disk scan.

This service provider can also make use of certain cleanup mechanisms like fragmenting to help your computer start running fast again.  If you have tried all these and are experiencing a slow system, you should consider getting in touch with Geek Squad.

It has a team of experts that work 24/7 to help customers with different needs. You can either take the machine to a Best Buy store or request an expert to visit your workstation or home to address the issue.

A summary of why your computer is slow and how to fix it

Why your computer is slow
How to fix it
Opening lots of programs or browser tabs at a go
Shut the ones you are not using down
The memory or hard drive is full
Empty the machine’s trash and move some files to cloud
The computer is virus-infected
Scan for malicious software
Issues loading certain games or websites
Check the website speed through Geek squad broadband speed test

If you have tried the above and see no change, Geek Squad experts can help


Having a slow computer can make working, browsing, or gaming on it difficult. If you are going through such, you can get help from Geek Squad. Since this service provider has a team of experts that work on computer issues, they can help you speed up the computer.


How much does Geek Squad charge to tune up laptop?

The PC tune-up service from Geek Squad begins at $49.99. This is the cheapest option. You may have to pay $99.99 for this service in the store.

Does Best Buy fix slow computers?

Yes. If you have such an issue, you should make a reservation with Geek Squad since it can help you fix the problem.

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