Ubreakifix vs Geek squad – Which company has better services?

If you have a damaged electronic device that is only a few years old, you should consider repairing it rather than getting a new one. You can achieve this with the help of Ubreakifix or Geek Squad.

The tech repair industry has been growing over the years due to the introduction of different electronic devices. Though there are many companies that you can pick from, brands such as Geek Squad and Ubreakifix stand out. Finding out how they differ is, however, important before choosing either of them. Here is more!

What are the differences between Ubreakifix and Geek squad?

Geek Squad
Done free of charge
You have to pay a diagnostic fee
Offers same day repairs
Repairs can take days

Ubreakifix vs. Geek squad- How do they compare?


Ubreakifix offers more affordable services compared to Geek Squad. For instance, screen replacement at Ubreakifix costs $79 while the same service at Geek Squad costs $129.


Apart from that, Ubreakifix offers free diagnostics, while Geek Squad charges a specific fee for this service.  A diagnostic test is essential since it can help the technicians determine what is wrong with a product. Once Ubreakifix technicians conduct tests, they will offer you an estimate of what the repairs will cost. If you choose Geek Squad, you will have to pay for the diagnosis.


Though both companies use genuine parts in repairing devices, Ubreakifix offers faster repair services compared to Geek Squad. Ubreakifix can even fix your device the same day. Geek Squad takes a bit longer since you may have to wait a few days or weeks to get back your device. If the Geek Squad technicians cannot fix it, it gets help from third parties.

Ubreakifix vs. Geek squad – A comparison overview

Ubreakifix overview

Have you been experiencing electronic mishaps while using certain devices? This can make you feel frustrated when you don’t know where to turn to. Ubreakifix can help end your problems since it specializes in fixing personal electronics. The repair shop has been in existence since 2009.

Over the years, Ubreakifix has managed to expand and now has more than 600 electronics repair shops in the United States. Ubreakifix has committed technicians that can work on tablets, smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles from different brands. It can help diagnose issues with your electronic device without charging you from this service.

You can bring the damaged device to one of the Ubreakifix stores near you for the technicians to look at it. This company promises to keep its customers informed of the repair progress. Most clients who have worked with Ubreakifix report that it offers quality repairs.

It uses high-grade parts to fix electronic devices. Ubreakifix also offers a 90 day warranty on its repairs and services. If, for instance, you receive a repaired device from this company and it fails to function within this period, feel free to return it.

Apart from offering in-store services, Ubreakifix can also help you fix electronics from your home. In 2019, an insurance company known as Asurion acquired Ubreakifix. Since then, Ubreakifix has also been offering extended warranties on different devices.


  • It uses genuine parts to repair products
  • Offers both in-store and in-home services
  • Offers same day repairs
  • 90-day warranty on repairs


  • You may not get support round the clock.

Geek Squad overview

One of the reasons Geek Squad is quite famous is that it has gone an extra mile to market itself. This is a well-established tech help company that has been in existence since 1994. Though Geek Squad initially focused on computers, it has expanded its services to other electronic devices. It can help you address any issues you may have with devices such as a camera, drone, gaming console, television, laptop, or smartphone.

Geek Squad offers repair services, installation, virus removal, data recovery, and wifi set up.  The company also offers great protection plans that can enhance the manufacturer’s warranty. Through its plans, it can cover your device against things such as failures caused by power surges, normal wear, and tear, and overheating.

You can enjoy  services from Best Buy stores, over the inGeek Squadternet, or right at your doorstep. If, for instance, you want a certain device repaired from the store, you should make an appointment with the company so that you don’t have to wait to receive the service once you get to the store.

The agents can conduct a diagnostic test to find the cause of the problem then inform you of the way forward. The Geek Squad technicians also operate remotely. If, for instance, your computer is virus-infected, they can get access to the system and help remove the virus over the internet. If you prefer in-home services, you should be ready to pay a certain fee to get this service. Once you pay, Geek Squad can send technicians to your location.


  • It offers 24/7 support
  • Has different protection plans
  • It can repair or replace a device with a new or refurbished one
  • Delivers its services in-store, remotely, or in-home.


  • You have to pay a diagnostic fee
  • Repairs take some time


Devices such as computers and tablets can leave you stranded if they get damaged during use. Companies such as Geek Squad and Ubreakifix can be of great help during such scenarios since they provide professional repair services. Though they provide some similar services, they are not equal.

Verdict: So, which is better? Ubreakifix or Geek squad

After comparing them, we discovered that both are reputable brands that have lots of loyal customers. Ubreakifix, however, stands out since it offers same-day repairs, affordable services, and even free diagnosis. This is why we choose Ubreakifix as the clear winner.


Does Asurion own Ubreakifix?

Yes. This insurance company acquired Ubreakifix in 2019.

Can I pay for Geek Squad extended warranty at a later date?

Yes. Geek Squad gives you up to 60 days within the purchase of a product to pay for an extended warranty.

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