How to Watch F1 TV on Roku

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How to Use Audible on Roku

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How To Turn Off Closed Caption on Roku

When watching a movie or TV Show and are having some difficulties either with the language being spoken or the accent, then subtitles come in handy ensuring that you don’t miss anything.   Closed Captions (CC) is a crucial feature playing this role when watching a video. They are useful if one is deaf, the … Read more

How to Add and Stream MSNBC on Roku

Gone are the days when you needed a cable or satellite TV subscription to watch MSNBC. In this modern age, you can stream the channel online via various streaming services or even through streaming devices such as Roku.   MSNBC is a very popular channel owned by NBC Universal based in the US. The channel … Read more

How to Stream FiOS TV on Roku

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How to Add and Stream Dr. Phil on Roku

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How to Stream ACC Network on Roku (ACCN)

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How to Rename Your Roku in 2021

Despite the rise of Smart TVs, most users are still switching to streaming players as alternatives to cable TV. This is not only due to price but because of several advantages that they stand to gain. Roku has emerged as one such streaming player as it’s not only budget-friendly but can also stream almost anything. … Read more