How to unblock YouTube on your computer

YouTube is the biggest video streaming site on the internet, worldwide. Videos range from educational, entertaining, to motivational and so much more. Websites can be blocked and unblocked for whatever reasons. You may discover that a certain  website is blocked on your computer when you click the link and it does not open; yet your … Read more

Edirectory vs Active Directory

Edirectory and active directory are known, reliable online directory platforms. The major difference between them is that edirectory was started by Novell NetWare and is operable on multiple platforms such as Linux and Solaris, while active directory was created by MicrosoftInc and can only work on windows systems. This difference governs why they do the … Read more

Do Routers Have MAC addresses

Any device that is connected to a network typically has two addresses- an IP address and MAC address. These addresses identify the logical and physical locations of the devices. In this time and age where we live by the internet for data access, shopping, working and all kinds of convenience; you have probably come across … Read more

Are Proxy Servers Legal?

Proxy servers are intermediaries between the internet servers and the end users of a network. In order to do this, the proxy server encrypts your IP address, as it sends and receives data on your behalf. Yes, proxy servers are legal. They provide various levels of functionality ranging from security to privacy depending on your … Read more

Why is my Asurion claim under review?

You have probably not followed the company policies. It may be under review because you are not the account holder or have not subscribed with one of the carriers. Submitting inaccurate details or not paying the deductible can also lead to this. If your phone has been stolen, you have to file a police report … Read more

What to say when claiming phone insurance

You have to be honest when you are claiming phone insurance. Start by informing the insurance company that you want to make a claim and give details regarding what happened to the phone. You can then fill out the required paperwork and submit it to the insurer. In this modern era, almost everyone depends on … Read more

What does Asurion investigate?

If you have filed a claim with Asurion, the insurance provider has to investigate whether the claim is valid. The investigation process involves going through the submitted documents, checking for past claims, and looking at the specific issue you are filing for. According to a survey, fraudulent claims are on the rise in the insurance … Read more