Geek squad vs. Micro center- Which brand should you choose?

Devices such as computers, laptops, and tablets start experiencing problems after some time. If you have such devices, you need to work with a service provider that can help you keep them running for longer. Both Micro center and Geek Squad can help.

Repairing valuable devices out of warranty is quite expensive. Most appliances and gadgets come with a one-year warranty. When the warranty period is over and you don’t have extra coverage, you may be forced to pay lots of cash to get the device repaired. Micro Center and Geek Squad can save you from such costs. You only need to pay for a plan from such a service provider. Here is how they differ.

What are the differences between Geek squad vs. micro center?

Geek Squad
Micro center
Years of protection
Up to 5
Up to 3 years
In-store, online, and on-site services
In-store and online services
More expensive

Geek squad vs. micro center- How do they compare?


Geek Squad offers better services compared to Micro center. This is because when you choose Geek Squad, you can enjoy in-store services, online help, or at-home repair services. If you cannot make it to a Best Buy store, you can request for Geek Squad to send technicians to your home to help repair a certain device. On the other hand, Micro center offers only in-store services and online help.

Years of protection

Geek Squad can give you more long-term protection compared to Micro center. Most Micro center protection plans can cover your devices for up to 3 years. On the other hand, Geek Squad gives you a chance to extend the warranty up to five years on the items that you buy from Best Buy.


These service providers also offer services at different prices. For instance, the standard protection plan from Geek Squad costs $199.99, while the protection plan from Micro center costs $249.99. Geek Squad protection plans are more affordable than those of Micro center. 

Geek squad vs. micro center – A comparison overview

Geek Squad Overview

This is one of the most popular tech support service providers in the US. Geek Squad works with Best Buy and offers protection plans to its devices. It can offer services to numerous products such as computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even home appliances such as microwaves. If you buy any of these devices from a Best Buy store and experience certain issues, Geek Squad can help. You can either reach out to Geek Squad via phone or use the chat with agent button available on its website.

It not offers online support but also at home and in-store repair services. Geek Squad works with a team of technicians that are competent in handling different problems with such devices.  To get a Geek Squad plan, you have to pay at least $9.99 per month. This can give you long-term protection since it can cover your device longer than the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you prefer paying for the Geek Squad protection plan for a year, you will be charged $199.99. This can protect your device against failures caused by normal wear and tear and power surges. Some of the services that Geek Squad offers include virus removal on PCs, data backup and recovery, home wifi set up, TV mounting, and wifi camera installation.


  • It protects your devices for a longer time
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • The service provider also provides on-site services
  • Low fees


  • Geek Squad takes some time to do most repairs.

Micro center overview

If you are having issues with an Apple device, you can get it fixed by Micro center. This is a computer retail store that offers a wide variety of services. The Apple Authorized service provider can help you repair devices such as iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. Micro center also offers data backup, virus removal, PC building, and hardware installation.

One of the things that make many people choose to work with Micro center is its competent team. This company has well-trained technicians that can help with any repairs that customers need. Micro center has more than 25 stores found in different locations. You can visit any of the stores if you need repairs.

When you buy a device from Micro center, you can also choose to pay for a protection plan. It offers an accidental damage protection plan which can cover your electronic devices against drops and spills. Once you choose this plan, you can also get protection against damages caused by wear and tear. Micro Center also offers screen protection and can help you replace devices that cannot be repaired. This service provider can protect your devices for at least two years.


  • It has different protection plans
  • Micro Center offers quick repairs
  • It works with certified technicians


  • It does not offer on-site services
  • High cost of plans


Both Geek Squad and Micro center are popular brands with an excellent reputation for providing quality technology solutions. They can help diagnose problems with your devices and repair or replace them. They also have protection plans that you can pick from based on the kind of coverage you want. They are, however, not the same.

Verdict: So, which is better? Geek Squad or Micro center

After comparing these brands, we discovered why many people choose Geek Squad over Micro Center. Geek Squad has more to offer compared to Micro center. Geek Squad has cheaper plans and can send technicians to your location if you need devices fixed on site. We, therefore, choose Geek Squad as the clear winner.


Is Geek Squad more expensive?

No. Geek Squad is one of the least expensive options compared to other companies.

Is Geek Squad actually good?

Yes. This is a good tech support service provider that you can rely on.

Does micro center help with PC issues?

Yes. Micro center can help since it runs troubleshooting and diagnostics to find out what is wrong with PCs and fix them.

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