Solved: Linksys Velop Problems Troubleshooting Guide

The Linksys Velop is a tri-band mesh router system that has been designed to maximize the Wi-Fi range in your home. It is a system of nodes that work together to provide excellent coverage and Wi-Fi speed. However, in a much as they are reliable and have exceptional network performance, they are prone to network and connectivity failures. Let us take a look at a few troubleshooting steps that you can use to fix your Linksys Velop when an issue arises.

If you are having problems with your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system, here are a few things you should check for and possible solutions;

Solved: Linksys Velop Troubleshooting

Problem 1: How do I restart my Linksys Velop Wi-Fi network?


When you want to restart your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi network when a connectivity failure occurs, you should try out the following steps;

  • Log into your Linksys app on your mobile device and then navigate through your Velop dashboard

Android                                                                                                                IOSrestart my Linksys Velop Wi-Fi networkrestart my Linksys Velop Wi-Fi network                                                                               

  • Select on the menu option at the upper left of the screen
  • Choose the ‘Network Administration’ option (Android)                                                         (IOS)

recover my administration password?recover my administration password?

  • When you get into the Network administration page, tap on the restart Velop option
  • Then select restart

Once you restart your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system, you devices disconnect themselves from your Velop. However, once it comes back online your devices will automatically reconnect to it when the node is ready.

Problem 2; How do I recover my administration password?


If you would like to recover the administration password of your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system, you should try out the following steps;

  • Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi of your router and then go to the Linksys app
  • If you are using an Android device, you should select the ‘Log in’ option but if you are using an IOS device you should select the ‘manage your Wi-Fi’ option.
  • The next thing you would need to do is to select the ‘forgot password’ part
  • Key in the email address that you would prefer your password being sent to.
  • Open the email sent to you and then click on the link sent to you
  • Enter the new password you have chosen for your Linksys Velop then confirm the password on the next box

administration password

  • Once you have done this select the ‘ok’ option and then ‘sign in’ to return to the Linksys app

Problem 3: How do I reset the nodes of my Linksys Velop to factory settings?


Resetting the nodes of your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh system would delete all the data of your network and start from its default settings. When you want to reset the nodes of your Linksys Velop to factory settings, you should try out the following steps;

  • Ensure that your parent node is properly connected to a power outlet and is powered on
  • Locate the reset button at the bottom of your Linksys Velop

reset linksys velop

  • Press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds. Wait patiently until the light that is at the top of your parent node turns red and then fades in three pulses.
  • Hold on to the reset button and do not let go of it until the light goes off and then it turns bright red
  • Follow the same process on each of the child nodes of your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh system
  • Once all of them are done resetting, you should start the setup process again
  • Log back to your Linksys app and check whether your devices have been added on the Velop administration page

reset the nodesLinksys Velop to factory settings

Problem 4: Firmware update


You would need to update the firmware of your Linksys Velop so that you can fix any bugs that are causing glitches to your network. When you want to update the firmware of your Linksys Velop, you should try out the following steps;

  • Download the latest version of your Linksys Velop’s firmware from the Linksys support website
  • Launch the Linksys app on your mobile device
  • Go to the dashboard, tap on the menu icon at the top left and then select ‘network administration’
  • The automatic firmware update feature should be enabled on your Linksys app so that it can update immediately. This will upgrade all the nodes of your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh system
  • If your automatic firmware update is off, you should get a prompt that a new update is available. Select that option and allow the firmware to update
  • Wait patiently until the lights on the nodes are solid blue. This shows that it is ready to start again.

Problem 5: Dropping Wi-Fi signals on my Linksys Velop


Sometimes your Linksys Velop may be dropping Wi-Fi signals. This can happen because of low signal quality, frequency interference from other Wi-Fi devices or an outdated firmware. To fix your Linksys Velop when this happens, you should try out the following steps;

  • Check the Wi-Fi connectivity of other devices on your network
  • Try to change the channel of your Linksys Velop
  • Move your Linksys Velop to a different location so that you are able to get a better signal
  • Place your Linksys Velop high off the ground and keep it at the center of your house
  • Change the network details of your Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh system on the Linksys app
  • Upgrade the firmware of your Velop
  • Reconnect your Wi-Fi devices to the network


Do I need to always leave the parent node of my Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system hardwired to my router?

Yes you do.  The parent node of your Linksys Velop needs to always stay connected to your existing Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable.

What is the device prioritization feature on my Linksys Velop?

The device prioritization feature on your Linksys Velop allows you to prioritize devices that you want to have more speed and signal on your network. It allows you to choose a maximum of three devices that you want to have the best access when they are connecting to the internet.

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