{Solved} XFinity XFi Pods Troubleshooting Guide

The XFinity XFi Pods are range extenders that have been developed to help you eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and enjoy more consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and office. With a maximum throughput of 200 Mbps, it is designed to only work with Comcast’s gateway and the XFi app to create a Wi-Fi mesh network that seamlessly adapts to all your home’s wireless needs. However, it is prone to a few connectivity failures that may have you slightly worried at first but this should not be the case because each of these connectivity issues are easily fixable through a few troubleshooting steps.

If you are having problems with your XFinity XFi pods range extenders, here are a few things to check for and possible solutions;

Solved: XFinity XFi Pods Troubleshooting

Problem 1: XFi Pods Error Message ‘XFi Pods unable to come online’


Sometimes when activating your XFi pods using the XFinity XFi app, you may receive an error message saying ‘Pods not coming online’. If you find yourself in this situation, you should;

  • Check whether your XFi pods are plugged into a wall plug that are connected to switches. If this is the case, you should unplug them and change them to a different power outlet
  • Check whether you have placed your first XFi pod about 20-30 feet from your XFi gateway and make sure that all the other XFi pods you are using are uniformly spaced from each other. This is important for even coverage throughout your home
  • Ensure that there are no physical obstacles around your XFi pods that would tamper with coverage
  • Once you have ensured that your XFi pods are in check, you should try unplugging them and then plug them back into your power outlet. Give it a minute to reboot and then check whether the light towards the front panel turns on
  • You should also ensure that your XFi pods are not directly connected to your gateway via the Ethernet port towards the bottom. This may tamper with its wireless function which prevents it from going online
  • If your XFi pods do not turn on, you should contact XFinity for more troubleshooting steps

Problem 2: Resetting your XFi pods


Unlike other range extenders, resetting your XFi pods simply means removing it from the XFinity app. When you would need to reset your XFinity XFi pods, you should;

  • Open the XFi app on your mobile phone and select the ‘Network’ option towards the bottom of your screen
  • Choose the pod that you would want to remove from the pod/ reset
  • Select the’ remove pod’ option
  • Unplug the XFi pod from the power outlet on your wall

Problem 3: My devices keep disconnecting from the XFi pods


When your XFinity XFi pods continuously disconnect from the internet, it ether signifies a problem with your Internet service provider (Comcast), your network is overloaded or you have connected to a bad public Wi-Fi hotspot. When your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping, you should;

  • Test whether other devices are able to hold a stable network connection
  • Ensure that your XFi pods are not surrounded with obstacles that could tamper with the Wi-Fi signal
  • Unplug the XFi pod from your power outlet
  • Unplug your Comcast gateway and then wait for one minute
  • Plug in your gateway and wait until the light on your Comcast gateway turns solid white
  • Plug in your XFi pod to the power outlet
  • Observe the behavior of the LED indicators on your XFi pods. It should turn solid white before turning green
  • Reconnect your Wi-Fi device and observe the behavior of the internet

Problem 4: How do I activate and setup my XFi pods?


If you would want to activate your XFi pods or would like to re-activate them using the XFinity mobile app, you should;

  • Download the XFinity mobile app or ensure that it is already downloaded on your phone
  • Sign in to the app using your XFinity ID
  • Select the ‘More’ option towards the bottom right of your screen

activate and setup my XFi pods

  • Under the ‘Add a device’ option, select ‘XFinity device’

XFinity device

  • Select the ‘XFi pods’ option

Select the ‘XFi pods’ option

  • Select the ‘Get started’ option so that your XFi bods can begin the activation/reactivation process

get started

Problem 5: Checking the location of your pods


Some connectivity failures associated with the XFi pods may arise from how you position your XFi pods. To carry out a pod location check, you should;

  • Check the distance between your pods. You should ensure that each pod is one room away from the other, that is, about 20-30 feet away from your router.
  • Check the spacing between your connected devices. Here, you should ensure that your pods are well set halfway between your Gateway and your Wi-Fi devices for optimal performance.
  • Ensure that your pods are put in the open. Do not hide them behind any table or furniture around your home. This way you can avoid wireless interference issues.
  • Ensure that your XFi pods are not plugged into a switched outlet. This would be important in eliminating wireless interferences. If it is, you should unplug it and change its position to another outlet.

Once you are done with all of these your XFi pods should seamlessly work without giving you connectivity troubles associated with wireless interference.


How do I know if my pods are working or not, what indicators should I look out for?

When your XFi pods are connected and are working well you should be able to identify a green light towards the front. Additionally, you can check on the XFi mobile app or the XFinity website.

How many pods to I need to purchase for optimal Wi-Fi coverage in my home?

The number of pods that you would need to purchase depend on the size of your home. A pack of three pods would be ideal if you are living in a 3-4 bedroomed home with multiple stories and a pack of 6 XFi pods would be ideal for you if you are living in a home with more than 5 bedrooms and one that has multiple stories.

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