How good is geek squad refurbished?

Geek Squad refurbished products are as good as new ones. This is because Geek Squad tests products and fixes them to ensure that every part works like new. It ensures that such products are free of any defects in workmanship and material before passing them on to customers.

Do you have a damaged device that you have filed a claim for with Geek Squad? The tech support company can either repair it or replace it. In case of replacements, Geek Squad can either offer a new or refurbished item. You also buy a refurbished item from a Best Buy store. Since some people have concerns about the quality of refurbished items, you should find out whether those from Geek Squad are good before accepting them. Here is more!

What is Geek Squad refurbished?

Geek Squad offers tech support services to customers that get their products from local Best Buy stores. A refurbished item by Geek Squad means that the product has been repaired and then restored to work like a new one. A refurbished product from Geek Squad is not new since another person may have previously used it.

Suppose someone bought an electronic device from a Best Buy store, Geek Squad can replace it with another one. The returned product can undergo fixes for some time then be sent to another person. Refurbished products from Geek Squad are therefore remanufactured or reconditioned.

Not every device that customers return to Geek Squad is necessarily faulty. Some people return products due to minor blemishes or damaged packaging.  This means that you can actually get a refurbished device that was never used before.

Are Geek Squad refurbished products good?

This is a common concern that some Geek squad customers have. Geek Squad can, however, give you peace of mind since it offers good refurbished products. This company takes its time to test every product that it receives. If it discovers anything wrong with the item. Geek Squad has to fix it.

Geek Squad has qualified technicians that know how to handle different devices. Once they finish repairing the product, they take it through a series of tests to ensure that all of the components work properly. Every Geek Squad refurbished product has to be visually inspected for scuffs, scrapes, scratches, and even fingerprints. This guarantees that the next customer who will receive the product will not complain about such issues.

This company also resets returned smart devices a couple of times to ensure that the next product owner cannot recover the previous client’s data. Geek Squad refurbished products are good since this company ensures that they meet strict standards for repair.

Once the product meets the set standards, it becomes a certified refurbished product by Geek Squad. This can then be sent to a customer waiting for a replacement device or sold at a local Best Buy store. Take note that this company cannot refurbish a product that has so much cosmetic damage since such a product may not work properly even after being repaired.

One thing that makes customers trust Geek Squad is that it backs its refurbished products with a 90-day warranty.  This means that you get enough time to test the refurbished product that you get from Geek Squad. If something goes wrong with the refurbished product after using it for a month or two, you can take it back to the company and get a refund.

A summary of what you should know regarding Geek Squad refurbished products.

The kind of refurbished products it offers
TVs, laptops, tablets, cameras, tablets
Geek Squad refurbished products are accompanied by a 90-day warranty
Return policy
You can return a refurbished product to Geek Squad if it stops working within this period.
The processes that such products go through
Geek Squad conducts testing, cosmetic grading, and sanitization.

Should you buy a new or refurbished product?

When looking for a certain product from a Best Buy store, you may be torn between getting a refurbished or new one. Geek Squad offers different refurbished electronic gadgets such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, or TV. Choosing a new or refurbished product comes down to personal preference.

The good thing about this company is that you don’t have to worry about getting a poor-quality product regardless of the option you choose.  If you want to save, you can choose a refurbished product since this may come at half the price of a new gadget. As you choose between these two options, you should understand the difference in warranties. Most refurbished products at Geek Squad come with a 90-day warranty, while new products come with a one-year warranty.

If you have decided to get a Geek Squad refurbished product, you should go through online reviews. Doing this can help you figure out the features of the product, and its strengths and, weakness. The more you learn about the specific product, the easier you can assess whether it works as expected.

Before you buy a refurbished product from Best Buy, you should compare its price against what it would cost as new. If the price difference is minor, consider adding some cash to pay for a new one. If you still choose a refurbished product, you should also check the listing to ensure that it comes with the necessary accessories.


Geek Squad offers both new and refurbished products. The refurbished products are as good as new ones since they undergo testing, the cosmetic grading process, and sanitization. Since all of the refurbished products at Geek Squad have to meet strict standards, they are good. This company also accompanies such products with a 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.


What does Best Buy Geek Squad refurbished mean?

It means that Best Buy Geek Squad reconditions certain products and sends them as replacement devices or sells them to new customers.

What is geek squad certified refurbished?

This means that the Geek Squad refurbished product has met the strict standards that the company has set and is ready to be sold.

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