Is TracFone worth it?

TracFone is a worthy cell phone carrier for those who want to keep their old phones while enjoying affordable talk time packages. One of their favorite mobile plans is the $125 package that gives you 1,500 minutes, 1,500 texts and 1.5 GB of data at 4G LTE speed.

TracFone is a prepaid cell phone service provider that allows you to keep your existing numbers and phone. The company also allows you to purchase extras like global calling, additional text, data or minutes. You can also purchase new phones from an array of collection from different brands like Samsung, LG, Apple and Motorola.

TracFone is listed as one of the largest no contract prepaid MVNO in the country. The company reputation is in offering some of the lowest cell phone plans in the market. The plans all come with no contracts meaning you can leave as you wish.

Why is TracFone worth it?

TracFone Cell phone plans

1500 minutes smartphone plan
1.5GB data

Per 365 day recharge

Unlimited Talk, Text, & 1GB data smartphone plan
1GB data

Per 30 day recharge

$20 + $0.99 upfront
60 minute pay as you go plan
No data included

Per 90 day recharge

Unlimited Talk, Text, & 3GB data smartphone plan
Get 3GB for 30 days charge
$30 + $0.99 upfront

One of the key reasons people jump into TracFone is the fact that they have this easy to use pays as you go plans. The plans are cheap and simple offering one minutes that you can use in any phone. This packages make it ideal for those people who are not tech savvy and just need a package to make calls and text family and friends. The yearly $125 1,500 minutes is one such king of plan. Another package is their $20 which gives you unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for your smartphone.

One key downside to the service provider is that it does not offer any unlimited data plans. This means you are limited to what you can do with your phone in terms of internet downloads. There best package the 3GB data plan while adequate for light browsing won’t get you far when it comes to streaming.

Network Coverage

TracFone operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). What this means is that TracFone does own its own cellular network but rides on the infrastructure of others. The company will often lease bandwidths and distribute to its customers. TracFone is known to use the bandwidths of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The network that you end up with will depend on the kind of device you are using.

TracFone Competitors plans

Unlimited Talk & Text
No Data included

No contract

Flex Plan
No data included

No contract

Ultra Mobile
16GB 3-month Plan
1GB full speed data

No contract

Unlimited Talk, Text & 1GB data smartphone
1GB Data

Per 30-day recharge

$20 + $0.99 Upfront

TracFone does not have a family plan meaning you cannot bundle several lines for half the price. This is usually a cost saver for most families.

Since TracFone leverages on other networks then when you are to consider coverage you have to check out how this networks perform. T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have adequate coverage across the country and this means you are sorted with TracFone. The type of network you will be in will depend on the kind of TracFone SIM card you have on.

When it comes to phones, TracFone tends to sell discounted ones so do not expect to get the latest phones on offer. However, you can get the iPhone 7 from them.

TracFone reputation is providing the least costly cell phone plan in the market. This start at $7/month or $20 for 90 days, you also get the unlimited talk, text, and 3GB data plan from $20 to $30 for 30 days. If you consider that those who are purchasing the plan do it mostly for calls then the 3GB takes quite sometime to be exhausted.

International calls

The company also allows you to carry over your usage credits, carryover minutes as long as your phone remains active. The phones on offer are inexpensive and easy to use. If you plan on using your phone for international calls then things get even better as you get charged the same as that for local calls.The company also offers a Mexican local numbers service that allows you to get a free number (Mexican) for your friends. When this happens your friends and family on the Mexican number will call you at your local rates. This offers one great savings during international travels. The only downside to this is that the service provider does not offer international text messaging. This can be a setback but you still have your calls. You will also need to take note of TracFone pricing so as to take advantage of their promos and offers. The company keeps updating their phone list with some of the latest phones.


TracFone offers a list of basic cell phone plans suitable for those who want to pay as they call without the inconvenience of contracts. The plans are mostly for those who are more interested in making calls, texts and occasional browsing. For as low as $10 you can sign up to TracFone which is quite affordable. The company rides on three different networks which means you are always connected and not suffer from network outrages.


How wide is TracFone coverage?

TracFone operates as a MVNO meaning it uses another’s network to offer its services. In this case it uses AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint networks which are pretty good. TracFone network coverage is wide and covers almost anywhere you go.

Can I get a TracFone phone?

The company does have prepaid no contract smartphones but you have to realize their focus is offering the best service rather than the latest phones. This does not in way mean they sell outdated phones.

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