Cable vs dish vs DIRECTV – Which TV service provider will serve your TV needs better

Cable vs dish vs DIRECTV

Sometimes I always sit down and wonder how life would be without TV. Well, let’s just say that I’m very thankful for TV services that are readily available nowadays.

Cable, Dish and DIRECTV are all TV service providers that will enable you to enjoy reliable TV services throughout the month. They don’t compromise on quality which actually makes it difficult for a number of people to choose which TV service provider is best for them. However they differ in a few aspects which actually separates the good from the better option.

When to us Cable TV service provider

Cable is known to be the most reliable TV connection type now. Therefore, it is a very good option to consider if you would like reliable TV services throughout the year. They also deliver you with great TV packages that will keep you glued to your seat.

When to use Dish TV service provider

This is a good TV service provider to consider if you enjoy having access to a wide variety of channels. Dish TV always provide TV packages that come with a large number of channels that their subscribers enjoy throughout the month. And what makes them competitive in this industry is the fact that they also set decent prices on their packages.

When to use DIRECTV TV service provider

Are you a big fan of NFL? If yes, this should most definitely be your go- to TV service provider. This is because DIRECTV have an exclusive package that consists of the NFL Sunday Ticket. This TV package will allow you to enjoy full coverage of the NFL season at the comfort of your home which is what any NFL fan dreams of.

Cable vs Dish vs DIRECTV Feature comparison

DIRECTV (Winner)
DVR video quality
SD and HD
SD, HD and 4K
No. of TV channels

How we evaluate Cable, Dish and DIRECTV

There is a specific criteria that we follow in order to properly assess Cable, Dish and DIRECTV. This includes:

  • Contract– we look whether you are required to sign a contract in order to subscribe to their services.
  • Connection type– they use different connection types which include coaxial cables and satellite.
  • DVR video quality– this is the quality of images that can be recorded by the DVR.
  • of TV channels– we also consider the number of channels that come with the various TV packages.

Cable vs Dish vs DIRECTV – A comparison overview

Cable review

There are a number of Cable TV service providers in the market now that actually deliver reliable TV services throughout the month. These includes the likes of Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox and Frontier. However, in this review we shall look at the best Cable TV service provider in order to get an accurate comparison. The best Cable TV provider is most definitely the Spectrum Company. Without doubt, Spectrum offer you with TV packages that are very affordable.

TV package
No. of channels
TV Select
TV Silver
TV Gold

The TV Gold may be the pricey TV package however it is best suited for you especially if you love movies and sports. It comes with up to 200+ channels that contain a variety of premium channels that you will enjoy throughout the month. One of the major benefits that come with Spectrum TV is that you can actually watch live TV on your smartphone. All you have to do is subscribe to any of their TV packages and connect your mobile devices. One disadvantage with this Cable Company is that their DVR doesn’t record videos in HD quality. However, they don’t require you to sign a contract which serves as a big plus to their subscribers. This is because they are not required to pay any fee when they decide to change TV service providers.


  • Has a variety of TV channels.
  • Budget- friendly.
  • Compatible with a lot of portable devices.
  • No contract.


  • DVR doesn’t record HD videos.

Dish review

This is one of the TV service providers that have been providing reliable TV services for quite some time now.  They use satellite which is a very reliable connection type and will guarantee you high quality connection throughout the year. In addition to this, they also offer you with all the premium sports channels which includes channels that fully cover tennis and golf. I mean, whats not to love about Dish especially if you are a huge sports fan? And this is not all as they will provide you with these channels in TV packages that are pretty affordable.

No. of channels
America’s Top 120
America’s Top 120+
America’s Top 200
America’s Top 250

You should definitely have a look at the America’s Top 120 TV package if you are looking for a package that is budget- friendly. This is because you will be guaranteed up to 190 channels at only $59.99 per month. You’ll have access to a variety of channels which both you and your kids will be able to enjoy which include HGTV and Disney. The America’s Top 250 TV package is the premium TV package that will be ideal for you especially if you love movies.  This package not only grants you access to up to 290 + channels, but also comes with premium movie channels such as MoviePlex and EPIX Drive-In among others. However you are required to sign a two year contract in order to subscribe to their services.


  • Wide variety of channels.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • TV packages consist of premium movie channels.
  • Compatible with Google Alexa.


  • It doesn’t showcase HBO.

DIRECTV review

I’m pretty sure you have heard about DIRECTV especially if you are a huge NFL fan. This is definitely because DIRECTV offer their subscribers with an exclusive package that is called NFL Sunday Ticket. This allows you to enjoy exclusive coverage of NFL throughout the season. Yes that’s right! In addition to this, they also offer you with a number of TV packages that you can choose from depending on your budget and also what kind of channels you’d love to watch.

TV package
Cost per month
No. of channels
View plan
View plan

You should subscribe to their SELECT package if you are looking for a package that will deliver a decent number of channels. This package is actually pretty affordable and you will still be guaranteed a couple of the popular channels that both you and your family will enjoy. However, you should opt to spend more and get the PREMIER package if you are a movie lover. This is because this package consists of most of the premium movie channels including HBO. For sure, you will always have the luxury of watching your favourite movies at the comfort of your couch when you subscribe to this package. DIRECTV also don’t charge you any installation or DVR service fees which is a big plus as you will be able to save on this cost.


  • It offers a wide variety of TV packages.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket package.
  • No installation fees.
  • Supports 4K video quality.


  • Prices usually go higher after the first year of subscription.

How does Cable, Dish and DIRECTV compare?


Sometimes contracts are seen to be an advantage but more time than not they serve as a slight disadvantage to subscribers. Cable TV doesn’t require you to sign a contract as compared to Dish and DIRECTV. This means that you won’t have to pay any extra fees when you decide to change TV services as compared to Dish and DIRECTV.

DVR video quality

You’ll agree with me that we are normally busy during the day and can’t have the luxury of watching all our favourite shows during the day. That’s why most TV service providers give you a DVR which you can use to record shows and watch them later. However, DIRECTV has the best DVR as compared to Cable and Dish. This is because you’ll be able to watch SD, HD and 4K video quality recordings. Cable only supports Standard definition while Dish only supports SD and HD.

No. of TV channels

DIRECTV has a lot more channels as compared Cable and Dish. This is because they provide you with up to 330+ channels on their premium package. These include all the premium channels that you’d love to watch. Cable comes with 200+ channels while Dish comes with 290 + channels on their premium packages.


Without doubt, Cable has the fastest connection type and will guarantee you reliable TV services throughout, while Dish offer you a variety of TV channels. However, the overall winner in this comparison is DIRECTV as compared to Cable and Dish. This is because you will be guaranteed TV channels that come with high definition and also a wider variety of channels.


Do I have to sign a contract to subscribe to Dish TV services?

Yes, you are supposed to sign a contract in order to subscribe to Dish services.

Which TV service provider has better connection between Cable, Dish and DIRECTV?

Cable have a faster and more reliable connection as they use coaxial cables. Dish and DIRECTV on the other hand, use satellite.



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