DIRECTV vs Cox Contour TV – Which is the better TV service provider

DIRECTV vs Cox Contour TV

I can’t imagine how life would be without TV. I mean, some of us literally depend on TV as our main source of entertainment. Well, I do!

Without doubt, DIRECTV and Cox Contour TV are among the most preferred TV service providers in the land. And this is definitely due to efficiency in their services. You’ll definitely be able to enjoy your favourite shows without any disruptions if you subscribe to either of these TV service providers. In addition to this, they also offer you a variety of TV packages which will definitely satisfy all your TV needs at home.

When to use DIRECTV TV service provider

For sure, you will be really impressed by the number of sports channels that are offered to you by DirecTV. Whether you love watching NFL on Sundays or MLS during the weekends, this TV service provider will always get you covered throughout the month. They also provide you with a variety of other premium channels that you and your family will enjoy.

When to use Cox Contour TV service provider

Cox Contour TV services will be good value for your money especially if you are intending to subscribe to TV services for general family use. This is because they provide you with TV packages which consist of a wide variety of channels that will satisfy everyone’s taste. And this is not all, as they also offer you with internet bundle packages that combine your cable TV with Internet services.

DirecTV and Cox Contour TV Feature Comparison

Cox Contour TV (Winner)
Type of Service
Equipment fees
Included in package price
Channel Count

How we Evaluate DIRECTV and Cox Contour TV

DIRECTV and Cox Contour TV are both TV service providers who will guarantee you reliable TV services throughout the year. However, there are a number of key features that we have taken into consideration in order to come up with an accurate evaluation:

  • Contract – This is an agreement which you have with your TV provider. It varies depending on each TV provider and the plan you pick.
  • Channel count – The number of programs a provider has will definitely play a huge role when you want to purchase. A TV provider with more channels is definitely better as you get more options to pick from
  • TV Plans and Cost– This is the package you are going to choose from. A good package at a reasonable price is definitely what you need.
  • Customer Service – we look at how efficient their customer services are.

DIRECTV vs Cox Contour TV- A comparison overview

DIRECTV review

DIRECTV is a TV service provider who are well known for their awesome customer service. For sure, this is one of their major selling points and among the reasons they are able to keep their clients locked in on their services. In addition to this, they also offer you with 6 TV packages that you can subscribe to depending on your budget.

TV Package
Number of channels
Price per month

One benefit about subscribing to DIRECTV is that all their TV packages come with a Genie HD DVR at no extra cost.  Their lowest package is the select package which has over 155 channels and will only cost you $59.99 a month. Pretty affordable, yeah? However, it is advisable that you opt for their Premier package if you are looking for a package that will satisfy everyone’s TV needs at home. It is also important to note that you are required to subscribe to the choice package or higher packages if you want to access the NFL Sunday ticket exclusive package.


  • They provide a variety of TV packages.
  • TV services are widely available.
  • Comes with a number of programming options.
  • Showcases a variety of sports channels.


  • Increase in prices after the first year.

Cox Contour TV review

With the stiff competition in the market, Cox Contour TV have really done well to establish themselves especially due to their Stand-alone TV packages. Their services are also widely available making them a very good option to consider. In addition to that, they offer you with twoTV packages that may be of interest to you.

No. of channels
TV starter
Contour TV

The number of TV packages should not deceive you as Cox contour TV will stilloffer you a variety of popular TV channels throughout the year. In addition to that, they also have Contour Application which enables you to watch all your cable content on your smart phone or tablet comfortably. This is a very cool feature because you will never miss an episode of your favourite TV shows. Even if you do miss your best shows, Cox’s still got you. The DVR it gives you will allow you to record shows as well as browse the channel guide up to one week ahead. Unfortunately, the Contour App doesn’t allow you to watch live channels.

For your DVR options, there are two you can choose from; either the Contour Record 6 or the Contour Record 2. The Contour Record 6 is a smart DVR and can therefore give you recommendations based on your watching patterns. It also gives you a better storage capacity meaning it can record more hours. The other DVR however is a more basic option with less storage capacity and doesn’t come equipped with the smart feature.


  • Superior DVR options.
  • Very affordable TV packages.
  • Voice operated remote.
  • Their Services are widely available.


  • It does not support 4K resolution.

How does DIRECTV and Cox Contour TV compare?

Number of TV channels

Cox contour TV provides you with TV packages that consist of more channels as compared to DIRECTV TV packages. This is because it offers you up to 380+ channels which you can tune in to at the comfort of your couch. DIRECTV on the other hand, provide you with up to 330+channels. The difference may be quite minimal, however Cox still guarantees you a wider variety of TV channels.

Customer Services

This is a key area when it comes to provision of services. Here, DIRECTV will offer you more reliable customer care services as compared to Cox contour TV.Without doubt, DirecTV has always been in the top of the charts when it comes to customer service. Therefore, you will always find help almost immediately whenever you experience any problem with your TV connection. Cox contour TV on the other hand, offer quite decent services but are still not as good as DirecTV.

Monthly costs

It is very easy for you to gauge which TV service provider will suit your needs best by simply looking at the monthly costs of their TV packages. In this comparison, DirecTV TV packages are more budget friendly as compared to Cox Contour TV packages. The starting price of DirecTV is $59.99/mo., with an activation fee of $35.00. You might think this is much but Cox TV are much more expensive. Its smallest plan goes for $64.99/mo. with an installation fee of $25.00. Also don’t forget that you have to pay for equipment fees at a monthly rate of $19.99.


For sure Cox Contour TV will offer you a wide variety of TV channels that you’ll be able to tune to when you subscribe to their TV services. However, DIRECTV is the overall winner as compared Cox Contour TV. This is because they guarantee you great customer services and TV packages that are more budget-friendly.


How do I report a Cox Cable TV outage?

This can be done by either customer service helpline, email your issue or reach out through social media

Does DirecTV offer Internet services?

No, they don’t although if you want an internet bundle DirecTV outsources its internet services from AT&T.


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