Roku streaming stick vs. amazon fire stick – How to save some cash while choosing a streamer

Are you on the lookout for an affordable streaming device that you can use with your TV? Some of the options that you should focus on include the Roku streaming stick and Amazon fire stick.

Both streaming devices can help you access so many services, including Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix. Though Roku has been quite popular for a while now, the Amazon fire stick is gradually gaining ground. These two streaming devices have many similarities and differences that every potential buyer should be aware of. Find out how they compare.

What are the differences between the Roku stick and Amazon fire stick?

Roku streaming stick
Amazon fire stick
Easy to navigate
Hard to navigate
Voice control functionality
Basic voice control
Enhanced voice control
0.8 ounces
1.5 ounces
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Roku streaming stick vs. amazon fire stick- How do they compare?

Ease of use

When you want to buy a streamer for the first time, you should consider ease of use during shopping. The manufacturer of the Roku streaming stick maintains a simplistic approach while making this device. Most Roku users are impressed with the beginner-friendly menu, which is well organized. This makes it easy to find any app. The Amazon fire stick has a cluttered menu that is hard to navigate. Roku streaming stick is, therefore, easier to use compared to the Amazon fire stick.


Though both Amazon fire stick and Roku offer the major streaming services, Roku can give you access to more content than Amazon fire stick. Most Roku users are impressed with the Roku channel, which has so many TV shows and movies. The company also keeps on adding more content on this channel to give viewers extra options. Amazon fire stick lacks certain streaming services such as Google Play music and Vudu. It can, therefore, be a bit limiting.


When it comes to control options, the Amazon fire stick has more to offer compared to the Roku stick. This is because it not only comes with a voice remote but also works with Alexa.  You can even pair Amazon fire stick with an Echo speaker to launch TV shows without touching the remote. If you own different smart home devices, you can control them with the help of the Amazon fire stick. The Roku streaming stick does not have such enhanced voice control functionalities.

Roku streaming stick vs. amazon fire stick- A comparison overview

Roku streaming stick

Roku has managed to produce more than seven different types of streaming devices. The Roku streaming stick is one of the simplest devices that you can choose from this company. It is a small device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port at the back part and equips the TV with so many features. This device can help you TV connect to the web through wifi.

Thanks to its portable size, you can even carry the streaming stick with you when traveling and connect it to the TV in your hotel room. Choosing a Roku streaming stick can help you enjoy reliable hardware and a straightforward interface. It exposes you to more than a thousand streaming services. Once you have set up the device, the home screen will show you the Roku menu and some pre-installed apps. It gives you the liberty to download more apps based on your preference.

The Roku streaming stick features a remote that you can use to control it. It also comes with a microphone that facilitates voice control. You should notice dedicated buttons for services such as Netflix on the remote. This streaming stick supports 4K and HDR content. It, however, fails to offer Dolby Vision support.


  • Portable size
  • It is simple to use and set up.
  • Offers a wide range of channels
  • It is affordable


  • Does not offer Dolby Vision support

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Roku Specs

Operating system
PBS, ShowTime, the Roku channel, HBO, Google Play
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality

Amazon fire stick

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote | Dolby Vision | 2018 release
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  • Watch favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and more. Stream for...

Choosing a streaming player that can deliver a fast performance should be every buyer’s priority. Amazon fire stick is one of the devices that does not disappoint. This is also a portable streaming device that is equipped with quality features that can fulfill your entertainment needs.

One of the features that make many people consider Amazon fire stick is the voice remote. This contains not only playback and menu controls but also a microphone button. The remote can help you do different things, such as adjusting the volume, switching channels, or muting your TV. You can even give it voice commands instead of always pressing buttons when you want to customize viewing. Alexa makes the voice search functionality more convenient since it can help you shop or even check weather updates. Feel free to pair the device with Echo speakers when you want a hands-free control experience.

Apart from using the remote, the manufacturer of this streaming stick also gives you the option of control it through a tablet or smartphone. To achieve this, you need to access the remote app on your iOS or Android device. Since this streamer supports Bluetooth, you can easily pair Bluetooth headphones when you want to enjoy private listening.

Your package also includes additional features such as the HDMI extender cable, USB power adapter, batteries, and micro USB cable. These are all the accessories that you require to begin streaming media. Some users are, however, not impressed with the interface since they find it to be cluttered.

Instead of using Google Play, this streaming payer utilizes Amazon’s app store for its services and apps. Some of the streaming services you can access using it include PlayStation Vue, HBO Now, Sling TV, and Amazon. The problem with this streaming player is that it lacks some prominent services that are available on other devices such as Vudu, Google Play Music, and Google Play TV and Movies.


  • Has a highly performing voice remote
  • It is affordable
  • You can pair it with an Echo speaker


  • It lacks some streaming services.

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Amazon fire stick specs

IMDB TV, Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality
Operating system
Fire OS


Roku streaming stick and Amazon fire stick are both budget-friendly streaming devices that plug into the back part of a TV.  They are both reliable models that can connect your TV to the internet within seconds. Though these devices have such similarities, their differences are what makes them attract different target markets.

Verdict: So, which is better? Roku streaming stick or Amazon fire stick

We realized that both the Roku stick and Amazon fire stick have a lot to offer during our comparison. Despite this, we liked Roku more than the Amazon fire stick since it is easy to navigate and has more content. Though the voice control is a bit limiting, choosing a Roku streaming stick can give you an excellent streaming experience. You don’t need to learn how to use a streamer when you choose Roku. This made us choose the Roku streaming stick as the clear winner.


Can I access free channels on Roku?

Yes. Some of the free channels that the Roku player offers include Crackle, Tubi, Xumo, and Stirr. You can also pay for better services such as YouTube TV

Should I have a smart TV to use Amazon fire stick?

This is not a requirement since you can connect the Amazon fire stick to a non-smart TV. Your TV should, however, have an HDMI port.

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