SuddenLink Vs CenturyLink – Which is internet service provider is more reliable

SuddenLink Vs CenturyLink

We all love internet connection and I can’t even imagine how difficult life would be without it.

SuddenLink and CenturyLink are both superb internet service providers who will guarantee you internet services which will put a smile on your face. For sure, what fascinates me most about these two service providers is how considerate they are to their customers. This is because they offer all their subscribers with awesome data packages at subsidized monthly prices.

When to use SuddenLink Internet Service Provider

This ISP is one of the most reliable in the market.  It offers stable connection thanks to its cable technology.  Moreover, it offers many data plan packages that are quite flexible and you can choose a package based on how deep your wallet is as well as your specific internet needs. Let’s not forget that this ISP also has a good company-client relationship. You will therefore get very good customer service in case you have any queries.

When to use CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

If you are a person that always plans for your finances beforehand, then this might be the ISP for you. CenturyLink ensures that all its rates remain the same year in year out. You therefore won’t have to worry about fluctuating costs after the first year of subscription

SuddenLink Vs CenturyLink Feature Comparison

SuddenLink (Winner)
Connection type
Download Speeds
100Mbps – 1000Mbps
15 Mbps – 940Mbps
Installation Fees
Data Caps
Yes, on certain packages
No data Caps

How we evaluate SuddenLink and CenturyLink

Both Internet Service Providers are equally as good with impressive services. Just like any other ISPs out there, they also have their own strongholds and weak areas. A proper evaluation criterion has been used to determine the better provider.

  • Coverage Area- Simply put, this is the total number of states where the ISP is operational.
  • Customer Satisfaction- The effectiveness and efficiency of their helpdesk is what will determine whether you will be content with the services they offer in case you run into a problem.
  • Data Plan packages- this includes the data plan packages flexible for anyone who is need of internet.
  • Technology- The type of technology used is what is going to determine how practical and reliable the internet service is.

SuddenLink Vs CenturyLink – A Comparison Overview

SuddenLink review

SuddenLink is still relatively new to the market and it seems like it’s going to be a leading internet provider one day. It has a sly strategy of penetrating the market where the best ISPs haven’t established themselves yet therefore making it the dominant ISP in rural areas.

Price per month
Download Speed
Internet 100
100 Mbps
Internet 300
300 Mbps
Internet 400
400 Mbps
Internet 1 Gig
10000 Mbps


SuddenLink offers four incredible data plans at good prices.  If you are on a budget, then the Internet 100 and Internet 300 may be the best packages for you.  They offer relatively good download speeds which let you perform light tasks over the internet. However, these packages have monthly download limits of 250GB and 350GB respectively. This is such a bummer! But it’s also just enough to let you surf the internet, play some few online games and even log in to your best social media platforms anytime you get bored.

Although if you are a frequent gamer or stream a lot then you can look elsewhere or just purchase the higher tier uncapped packages. SuddenLink’s 1Gig package can just do the job for you. It offers you the best SuddenLink has to offer with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps that can allow you to do anything such as 4K video streaming, 24/7 gaming and connecting many devices just to mention a few. In addition to that, once you subscribe to this package, there is a life time guarantee that the cost will remain the same each year.


  • No data caps for highest speed plans
  • No contract required
  • Extremely fast internet connection
  • Offers a Gigabit Internet plan


  • High installation costs and activation fees

Centurylink review

Centurylink offers good internet speeds at affordable prices. However these speeds may fall short of what you expect as it was advertised. It is very disappointing but I guess this is just a common problem for Internet Service Providers who still use DSL. That aside, Centurylink has six data plans from which you can choose from.

Data Plan
Price per month
Download Speed
Connection Type
Price for Life – 15Mbps
Price for Life – 20Mbps
Price for Life – 40Mbps
Price for Life – 80Mbps
Price for Life – 100Mbps
CenturyLink Fiber Internet


These data plans are very budget-friendly and I am sure you might be wondering why five of them have the same price tag. Well, CenturyLink just wants you to have the best internet experience.  Therefore any time you purchase a bundle you simply pay for the fastest speed in your area, anywhere from 15Mbps to 100Mbps. With speeds of up to 100Mbps you can do lots of stuff over the network. To do add cherry on top there are no contracts you have to sign so just put your pen down because you are not about to see those dotted lines on paper.

If you want the fastest speeds an ISP can provide then you can opt for the CenturyLink Fiber Internet. With this package you will be able to attend virtual classes, stream HD and 4K from every device connected and you will also get symmetrical speeds as well unlimited data.  All this will be done on a 100% fiber optic network. Moreover, when you get either data plan, the price is constant throughout your entire time at CenturyLink. For the Century Link fiber internet however, the price is subject to change. If you are a Gigabit fan, I am sorry to disappoint but all CenturyLink is trying to promote is customer loyalty.Let’s not forget that all CenturyLink packages have a data cap of 1TB but this shouldn’t worry you because once you reach your limit you’ll just receive a notification saying that you surpassed the 1TB mark.


  • Their prices don’t hike.
  • No yearly contracts.
  • Gig Fiber internet option.
  • Has a wide variety of Internet plans.


  • Unstable Download speeds

How does SuddenLink and CenturyLink compare?

Connection type

When it comes to technology used, these two ISPs use different types of internet service. CenturyLink uses two different types of connections; fiber optic and DSL. DSL tech is quite outdated as it uses pre-existing telephone lines to deliver internet services. Due to the old age of these lines, your connection will at times be poor and sloppy giving you unreliable internet connection. The fiber optic connection however, is quite impressive although it only comes in the CenturyLink Fiber Internet package. This package is quite expensive.

On the other hand, SuddenLink offers cable internet which runs on the same line as your cable TV. Cable service will give you good and reliable internet speeds as compared to satellite, DSL and dial-up technology. From this, it is evident that SuddenLink uses better technology as compared to CenturyLink.

Data Plans

If you took a glimpse at the tables above, CenturyLink definitely offers more data plan packages as compared to SuddenLink although this might not be the case. In reality, CenturyLink only offers you two packages as it forces you to either buy the 15-100 Mbps data plans for $49.00/mo. or the CenturyLink Fiber Internet package. Without doubt,SuddenLink offers you more data packages as compared to CenturyLink.

Coverage Area

Without doubt, CenturyLink offers better geographical coverage as compared to SuddenLink. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveller be sure to get a lot of CenturyLink hotspots.


CenturyLink Is a good internet service provider that will guarantee you great coverage throughout. However,SuddenLink is the better Internet Service Provider as compared to Centurylink. This is because it provides you with better technology and much more flexible data plan packages which cater for a variety of social classes.


What is the average amount of time CenturyLink takes to install Internet?

Self-installation at the time of your convenience can only take up to 30 minutes of your time.

Does SuddenLink check your credit scores?

No it does not, however new customers are required to provide additional information or make a deposit payment.


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