Android TV vs. Chromecast – How to enjoy a movie theatre experience at home

Google has been developing streaming devices for years now. It is the manufacturer of both Android TV and Chromecast. If you need a good streaming device, you should choose from this company.

As new technologies keep coming up, different companies that produce streaming devices are always looking for ways to remain competitive. Google has managed to achieve this by providing different streaming solutions. Both Android TV and Chromecast are quality streaming devices that can give you access to so many apps. They, however, work using different features. Read this before you choose to buy either of these streaming devices.

What are the differences between Android TV and Chromecast?

Android TV
User interface
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Excellent experience
Poor experience
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2 x 2 x 0.5 inches
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Android TV vs. Chromecast- How do they compare?

User interface

You should go for a streaming device with an intuitive user interface to navigate through the device with ease. While Android TV has a user interface, Chromecast does not. Chromecast lacks this since it replicates content from a phone or computer. You, therefore, have to use the interface of your mobile device. Android TV is, therefore, better than Chromecast since it offers a user-friendly interface.


Since most people spend their leisure time playing games, they look for streaming devices to give them a good experience. Though both Chromecast and Android TV offer this, choosing Chromecast may not give you fun gaming experience. This device is cumbersome since you have to rely on your smartphone for controls.

Most games available through Chromecast also lack an adjustable resolution with a TV screen. You may not enjoy playing games using this streaming device since they tend to get blurry and less visible. Android TV is better than Chromecast when it comes to gaming since it offers a top-notch experience. Most gaming enthusiasts choose this device.


Both streaming devices try to outshine one another in regards to the features available. Android TV wins since it not only has all the features available in Chromecast but also much more. For instance, this streaming device has more connectivity options and higher processing power compared to Chromecast. You should expect features such as an HDMI port, Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, and Bluetooth and wifi options in Android TV. This smart device also contains a remote. Chromecast lacks some of the features, such as a physical remote.


Since Android TV is a standalone device, it can quickly help you access thousands of apps via the play store. The apps can directly connect to your smart TV without necessarily using your computer. Though Chromecast also offers different apps, it depends on your smartphone, which serves as the source of this content. Since Android TV does not rely on a third party to help you play content on your screen, it offers quick access to apps than Chromecast.

Android TV vs. Chromecast – A comparison overview

Android TV

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This is one of the digital media players that attracts a lot of attention. Many people choose it since it is equipped with all the right features. Choosing this device enables you to enjoy a high level of control. Feel free to use your smartphone to play and watch audio and video content from the comfort of your home.

Android TV can help you discover lots of content through different services such as Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. Lots of customers are impressed with the unique presentation of the screen. In Android TV, ribbons are used to display different media apps horizontally.

You can also check all the content you viewed within a specific app. For instance, if you frequently use the Netflix app, you will notice the ribbon of thumbnails that shows you what you have been watching as even some of the recommended movies. Apart from the thousands of apps, you can access from Android TV, Google ensures that you will not struggle to read small texts. Everything is clear to avoid a poor streaming experience. You can also navigate through the apps in a few seconds.

One of the features embedded with this media player is Google Assistant. This gives you the ability to control TV content using your voice. The manufacturer of Android TV also includes Chromecast technology in its making. This can help you enjoy screen sharing via your smartphone. Android TV also has a good performance since it supports different TV features such as Dolby Atmos, HDR, and 4K UltraHD.


  • Has numerous apps
  • It is budget-friendly
  • This can deliver a seamless experience
  • Has casting capabilities


  • Some beginners find the interface to be a bit complicated

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Android TV specs

Operating system
Android OS
Tivimate, Pluto TV, TV player, BBC player, Plex, NBC.
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


No products found.

If you are in search of a streaming media dongle that you can use from different locations, you should consider Chromecast. This is a small streamer that is highly portable. Apart from its friendly price, it is a user-friendly device that connects to your TV through the HDMI port. This allows you to cast content to your TV from different devices such as a laptop or smartphone.

This is not a traditional streaming device. When you plug it into your TV, you will not see a home screen or the regular interface other streamers offer. It displays a black canvas that waits to receive content from your device. You should not expect a physical remote from this streamer. Chromecast is designed to be controlled from a computer, Android device, or iPhone. It can help you cast different content forms such as music or videos, thanks to the Google cast feature.

Many people choose Chromecast since it a fast and powerful streaming player that offers value for your cash. Using it can help you enjoy HDR and 4K streaming. Thanks to the inclusion of enhanced internal components and an Ethernet port, you should expect videos to load in seconds without any lagging issues. Feel free to connect this steaming device to Google Assistant or Google Home.


  • It is small and travel-friendly
  • Affordable cost
  • Includes the Ethernet port
  • Delivers 4K and HDR streaming


  • It lacks the standard interface
  • No remote

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Chromecast specs

Casting feature
Google play music, Fox Sports Go, MLS live, CBS sports, Post TV
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


Every customer that searches for a streaming device has specific needs. That is why Google offers different options to try and fulfill the particular requirements of different potential clients. You may have found some similar features in Android TV and Chromecast, but these two devices are not equals.

Verdict: So, which is better? Android TV or Chromecast

After taking some time to compare these streaming devices, we discovered that Android TV outshines Chromecast in several ways. We were impressed by the excellent user interface, numerous apps, and excellent gaming experience that Android TV delivered. Though Google Chromecast is cheap and portable, the lack of a user interface makes it hard to navigate. It also lacks some useful features that are available in Android TV, such as a remote, and delivers a poor gaming experience. We, therefore, choose Android TV as the clear winner.


Is Android Tv an example of a smart TV?

Yes. This is a smart TV that is based on the Android operating system.

Can I access YouTube TV through Chromecast?

Yes. This is one of the services available here.

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