Words Xfinity vs Roku – Which is better at streaming videos and TV channels

I love binge watching so much that I can’t even imagine how I’d survive on this planet without movies and series. I really appreciate how Words Xfinity and Roku go through extreme lengths to ensure that people like you and me enjoy streaming videos 24/7. 

Firstly, Words Xfinity and Roku are both companies that enable us to have access to TV channels and series online but work differently. Words Xfinity is an internet service provider that offers you both great internet connection and TV packages. Roku on the other hand are not Internet service providers. They offer you various streaming devices that you connect to your internet so that you are able to access the TV channels.

When to use Words Xfinity Internet Service Provider 

Are you tired of receiving lower data download speeds in comparison to what you were guaranteed before subscribing to your current internet service provider? Well, I have good news for you because Words Xfinity not only just advertise, but also fulfil what they guarantee you. They are a very good option to consider, especially if you are looking for an internet Service Provider that provides you reliable internet connection throughout the month. And not only internet alone, but also reliable TV packages.

When to use Roku Streaming devices 

This company will provide you with streaming devices that will enable you to enjoy high quality streaming throughout the month. You are supposed to connect their devices to your Wi- Fi in order for you to fully enjoy the services of Roku. And this is not even all as you’ll have access to over 4000+ channels when you buy their streaming devices.

Words Xfinity (Winner)
Number of channels
Support HD videos
Support 4K videos
Connection type
Cable/ Fiber
Wi- Fi network

How we evaluate Words Xfinity and Roku 

These two are both great companies that enable us to watch the TV channels of our choice with very affordable rates. However this is not enough as we follow specific criteria in order to evaluate both Words Xfinity and Roku. There are a couple of things that we look at for us to deliver accurate feedback to you. And they are as follows:

  • of channels– this is how many channels you will be able to access.
  • Video quality– this is the clarity of the picture images showing on your screen.
  • Connection type– the data transmission method preferred by either company.
  • Cost– we look at the affordability of both services offered to you.

Words Xfinity vs Roku- A comparison overview 

Words Xfinity Review

Words Xfinity vs Roku

You’ll agree with me that we all enjoy an internet service provider that delivers great internet services reliably. Words Xfinity is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to delivering internet services in the land. I am saying this because it is among the few internet service providers that provide you with the data download speeds that they actually advertise on their site. Yes that’s right, they don’t rip off their subscribers which makes it a very convincing choice for anyone willing to make the most out of their money every month on internet. In addition to this, they also offer you a variety of data plans which you can choose from depending on your budget and functionality.

Data plan 
Download speeds 
Price per month
Connection Type 
Performance starter
Performance Select
Performance pro
Blast! Pro
Extreme Pro
$74.99 / $60 for 2 years
$84.99/ $70 for 2 years
Gigabit pro


It is very important to note that you have to pen down a contract in order to enjoy the services of this Internet Service Provider at good prices. However, you could also opt to skip signing the contract and paying an additional $10 every month for the data plan you have settled on. In my opinion, you’d rather save that $10 and use it for other important things that you need to do. In addition to this, the Gigabit Pro data plan requires a 2 year contract agreement and not a 1 year contract. Words Xfinity provides you with their Performance starter data plan that is good for use if you live by yourself. This is because it provides you with data download speeds of up to 25Mbps which is able to efficiently support a maximum of 2 connected devices. The data download speeds become slower when you connect more than 2 devices which cause buffering when you stream videos or browse the internet.

On the other hand, if you intend to purchase a data plan that supports multiple devices efficiently, then you should definitely consider the Gigabit pro data plan. It has data download speeds of up to 2000Mbps which can sustain up to 25 devices efficiently without compromising on the internet connection quality. Words Xfinity also has a 1TB data cap on all their data plans which is the monthly data limit. In addition to this they also offer you with TV bundles separately that will allow you to stream TV channels comfortably throughout the month. This package starts at $70.99 per month.

TV plan 
Digital starter
Digital Preferred
Xfinity Limited Basic
$34.99- $39.99
Xfinity Starter


However, if you sign the yearly contract, then you will only pay $49.99 per month for the Digital Starter TV plan and $59.99 per month for the Digital preferred TV plan. Another requirement that comes with Words Xfinity is that you will have pay additional monthly fees for some things such as new channels, sports channels and even a TV box. This may prove to be costly especially if you love to watch sports. Well, the good news is that you are able to access all the 21 major sport channels in HD if you subscribe to the Digital preferred package. Words Xfinity also comes with a streaming app that is compatible to specific devices such as the Samsung and LG TVs.


  • It supports both HD and 4k videos.
  • It has great data plans.
  • It offers TV bundles as well.
  • Fast download speeds.


  • Poor customer service.

Roku review 

Words Xfinity vs Roku

This is a slightly different concept as compared to your usual internet service providers, as Roku provides you with streaming players that you use to stream videos. Well to be honest, this is a slightly cheaper option as compared to most internet service providers in the market. This is because all of the streaming players that are provided by Roku are very affordable and you just buy it once with no monthly charges. However, you have to pay monthly charges for some video channels that you will be streaming such as Netflix. The good news is that Roku always has offers through the months for the channels that they offer you.

Stream player 
Roku Express HD streaming Media player
Roku Premiere HD/4K/HDR streaming media player
Roku Streaming Stick+ HD/4k/HDR  streaming device
Roku Ultra streaming media player 4K/HD/HDR with premium JBL headphones


As you can see, Roku provides you with streaming players that are very affordable and suitable for anyone who is on a tight budget. So, if you are a person who doesn’t worry too much about the quality of the video then you can consider buying the Roku Express HD streaming Media player. This is because it efficiently supports streaming of HD videos which to be honest, isn’t too bad either. However, you should opt for the Roku Ultra streaming media player if you love to stream videos on a daily basis and enjoy high quality videos. This streaming player efficiently supports even 4K videos which is the highest offered video quality by most streaming sites and channels. Another feature that may convince you to get the Roku Ultra is that it comes with high quality JBL earbuds. You can put on these earphones whenever you want and enjoy watching your videos privately without everyone else listening to what you are watching. In addition to this, Roku devices are actually very easy to use and set up as all you have to do is just connect it to the internet and enjoy  streaming videos from the word go!


  • Streaming devices are affordable.
  • Provides 4000+ channels.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It doesn’t have monthly equipment charges.


  • Devices don’t support Dolby Vision HDR.

How does Words Xfinity and Roku compare?

Connection type 

The method which data is transmitted through a network plays a very big role when it comes to data download speeds. Here, Words Xfinity is much faster than Roku because it uses a cable/ fiber connection to transmit data through its network.  Roku on the other hand, provides you with streaming devices that connect to Wi- Fi in order for them to operate properly. Ethernet (wired) connection is also more reliable than wireless connection.

Number of channels 

Roku offers you more channels as compared to Words Xfinity. This is because it comes with 4000+ channels while Words Xfinity’s premium TV data plan package only has 140+ channels. Another downside with Words Xfinity is that you are required to pay additional fees in order to get access to some of the sports and exclusive channels.


This is also a very key aspect that we always look at when it comes to streaming of videos and TV channels. Here, Roku is compatible to a lot more TV devices as compared to Words Xfinity. This is because the Roku streaming devices can connect to any TV and enable you to stream videos at the comfort of your couch 24/7. On the other hand, Xfinity’s Stream app requires a TV to have specific requirements in order for it to be compatible with the app. Unfortunately you can’t be able to access the Words Xfinity TV packages if your TV is not compatible.


Both Roku and Words Xfinity use different concepts to enable you to have access to TV channels and streaming of videos. However you’d rather opt to get more affordable Roku services as compared to Words Xfinity services. This is because with Roku, all you have to do is buy the streaming device, connect to your internet and enjoy free channels. No monthly subscriptions and no additional fees. The devices are very affordable as well. Words Xfinity on the other hand have TV packages that come with additional fees which makes it a bit pricey.


Words Xfinity is a really good choice to consider if you are looking for an Internet Service Provider that will also offer you TV packages. However, the winner is Roku as compared to Words Xfinity Services when we talk about streaming videos and TV channels. This is because they use a more affordable concept and also offer you access to more TV channels.


Can I watch HD channels on Words Xfinity TV packages?

Yes you can, as most channels across their data plans can be watched in HD.

Do Roku have internet services?

No they don’t offer internet services as their streaming players mainly focus on streaming movies and TV channels.

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