Xfinity vs DirecTV- Which TV service provider will offer you better TV services

Xfinity vs DirecTV

You’ll agree with me that television was one of the best inventions ever to be made. This is because it serves as a great source of entertainment in our homes.

Xfinity Cable TV and DirecTV have come a long way in trying to ensure that their subscribers enjoy TV services throughout the month. For sure it’s in their best interest that we get reliable TV connection at affordable monthly prices. This is because they both come with TV packages that are not only budget- friendly, but also come with a wide variety of TV channels.

When to use Xfinity TV service provider

This TV provider will offer you premium content at affordable prices. Xfinity TV has a variety of package plans that cater for people from different social classes. With a relatively good channel count, Xfinity will give you great user experience. It has lots and lots of content such as live news, documentaries, series, movies and even sports channels.

When to use DirecTV TV service provider

DirecTV is mostly known for its high definition programmes with lots of sports channels. It also has a user friendly app that will enable you to control everything you need. However, all the great stuff that DirecTV offers comes at a huge price and you must therefore budget wisely for these services.

Xfinity vs DirecTV Feature Comparison

Xfinity TV
Direct TV (Winner)
Channel Count
Depends on preference
2 years
Type of Service
DVR Storage
100 hours
200 hours
Maximum Multiple Recordings
Up to 6
Up to 5

How we evaluate DirecTV and Xfinity TV

There are various things which have to be considered before giving a verdict of the better TV Provider. The criteria used to evaluate DirecTV and Xfinity TV is as follows:

  • Equipment– the DVR of each TV Provider is assessed when it comes to their capabilities and user friendliness.
  • Number of channels– this is basically the channel count each TV Provider has to offer in their TV packages.
  • Contract– This is an agreement between the subscriber and TV provider regarding payment of the TV services within a certain time period.
  • Network Coverage- We also look at the availability of TV services in different areas.

Xfinity vs DirecTV- A comparison overview

Xfinity TV Review

Xfinity is able to deliver good service when it comes to both internet and TV plans but not all aspects of the company are highly regarded. Xfinity strives to be the best and therefore it offers quality TV services at reasonable prices.

TV Plan
Channel Count
Price per month
Digital Starter
Digital Preferred
Digital Premier


Xfinity has very good TV packages but they vary slightly depending on your region. This provider offers a decent channel selection even in its smaller plans. With 260+ channels, you will definitely not miss something to watch. Nevertheless, Xfinity uses cable TV. This means you will barely get any interruptions with the network. With a proper internet connection you will always watch all your favourite TV shows seamlessly.

Xfinity definitely wants all of us to get TV services at home because of its affordable prices. Their TV plans vary from $20 to $84.99 per month. These are quite reasonable prices especially if you just moved to your new home as a bachelor. Moreover, Xfinity has flexible contract options. You can either get a 1 year contract, 2 year contract or no contract at all. This is great especially if you aren’t a huge fan of contracts. However, there is a catch for the no contract plan. You will have to add an extra $10 each month on top of the package of your choice.


  • Self-installation option.
  • There are both contract and non-contract options.
  • Great on-demand video library.
  • Download and stream on mobile devices.


  • Too many additional fees.

DirecTV Review

DirecTV is a well-known TV provider. It is especially known for its sport content and high quality resolution. It also has quite reasonable plans. With DirecTV you are assured of 99% reliability and you should therefore not worry about weak signals during heavy storms.

TV Package
Number of channels
Price per month

Do you want to have all the major Sport Channels on your telly? DirecTV may just be the provider for you. With DirecTV you will never miss any live sport game; be it football, basketball, soccer, cricket name it. This provider is the market leader when it comes to sports. It is also the only provider that has exclusive rights to broadcasting the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Other than that DirecTV also has a number of packages you can choose from. Its smallest package being the Select with a total of 155+ channels whereas its best package is the Premier packaged with a total of 330+ channels.  DirecTV also has a highly rated smart app and this is definitely an added bonus if you subscribe to the service. All these great things come at a price though. DirecTV is a prime TV Provider and it really has ridiculous fees and contracts. There are usually great price hikes after your first year of subscription as well as some few hidden costs here and there. You will also have to sign a 2 year contract that will bind you to the TV provider.


  • Nationwide Availability.
  • Exclusive Sports Programming.
  • Wide range of package choices.
  • Better Pricing.


  • Mandatory 2 year contract.

How does DirecTV and Xfinity TV compare


DirecTV DVR has a larger storage space as compared to Xfinity’s DVR. This is because DirecTV Genie DVR has a storage of 1TB, can do 5 simultaneous recordings and its price is included with the service. The Xfinity1 DVR on the other hand, has a storage capacity of 500GB, can do up to 6 simultaneous recordings and costs $10 per month.

HD Channels

A lot of TV service providers offer their subscribers with TV packages that come with HD channels and it is no different with these two TV service providers. However, DirecTV offers you with more HD channels as compared to Xfinity. This is because it comes with up to 190 full-time HD channels. Xfinity on the other hand, offers you with 130 HD channels.

TV services coverage

DirecTV has a more robust coverage as compared to XfinityTV.  You can therefore access you favourite shows almost anywhere. But even if you miss your shows, the DirecTV DVR can still record for you the program you wanted to watch


Xfinity will always guarantee you TV packages that are very budget- friendly throughout the month. However, DirecTV is the overall winner as compared to Xfinity. This is because they offer wider coverage and also don’t compromise on the video quality. You will also enjoy watching all the premium sorts channel when you subscribe to the services of DirecTV.


Does DirecTV have a loyalty discount?

Yes it has a loyalty discount of $15/mo. And it also gives you free HBO

Does Xfinity charge for multiple TVs?

Yes, it charges $5.99 for every extra TV because you will need extra equipment to make this service possible.


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