Everything you should know about the Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods ( A Review )

Purchasing a Wi-Fi extender would be among the long term solutions to extending your Wi-Fi signal. The Xfinity pods have been designed and manufactured to eliminate dead spots and strengthen your network around your household. Here, we look at the overall performance and features of the XFi pods.

Owning a router whose network coverage ends in one room has got to be one of the most exhausting things to deal with. Sometimes, I could be on a long phone call and would like to pick a snack from the kitchen; then start to lose connection and I have to restart my call.

Or maybe, I would like to surf the internet from the comfort of my bed but the Wi-Fidoesn’t reach my room and I have to take a whole trip to the living room where the router is placed. Being in such a situation, has taught me to embrace the value of the Xfinity Comcast XFi pods in fixing my connectivity-related issues.

Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods review and breakdown

The Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods have been designed to increase Wi-Fi coverage for homes that are troubled with connectivity issues. It helps you put an end to deadspots and gives you a chance to make the most of consistent network coverage in your house.

XFi pods work together with your XFi gateway to establish a mesh Wi-Fi network meaning that you are able to enjoy a subtle speed of internet no matter how long the range is. It is equipped with a self-optimizing software that allows you to utilize your internet without a lag even if your connection log has many devices.

With the XFi pods, you are able to keep track of your Wi-Fi activity on your home network through the XFi app.

What we like

  • Good network coverage and consistent internet- the XFi pods help cover almost all dead spots in big homes with more than three bedrooms and a connectivity experience without continuous lag.
  • It is easy to install and convenient to use- it’s all about a plug in and it self-installs.
  • You can easily control your home network activities through the XFi app.
  • Portability of the pods so you are able to interchange them across different rooms.

What we didn’t like

  • The XFi pods are only compatible with residential accounts but is not suitable for Comcast business accounts.
  • THE XFi pods only work with Xfinity Comcast equipment- they are not universally compatible as they do not connect to other consumer owned routers.

Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods specifications

Wi-Fi capacity
Power supply
5W maximum
Size (DxWxH)
Single Gbe Ethernet
Throughput Speed
300 Mbps (maximum)
Standard compatibility
Not universal
800 square feet

Watch this video for more on the Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods

Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods Features

Xfinity Comcast xFi Pods WiFi Network Range Extenders - Only Compatible With Xfinity Rented Routers, Not Compatible With Customer Owned Routers (1-pack (Single Pod), White)
  • Only compatible with Comcast rented routers/modems. Not compatible with consumer owned routers....
  • Compatible with the following Xfinity Gateway model #s: 👍 DPC3941T, TG1682G, TG3482G, CGM4140COM,...

Speed and performance

XFi pods need to be paired with a compatible XFi gateway for it to establish a mesh Wi-Fi network around your house. You should plug each device into a wall socket and it self-installs to extend your gateway’s network. This way the Wi-Fi network is able to reach areas that have a poor signal and those that the Wi-Fi couldn’t previously reach.

Additionally, the pods come with an Ethernet port which allows you to hardwire your electronic devices to your pods when they are properly installed and showing an online status. The advantage of this is that you are able to access faster internet speeds when you use an Ethernet cable to your devices than when you directly connect the network over Wi-Fi.

These pods have been made to expand your network coverage but not tamper with the speed tier of your already existing internet service. In the event that you have a speed tier that is able to deliver download speeds of up to about 200Mbps, pods will not increase the speed throughout all parts of your home.in some areas it may be slower.

Standards Compatibility

The Xfinity Comcast XFi pods only work with an internet service that is powered by Comcast and it only provides extended network coverage when you pair it with either the XFi advanced gateway or the XFi wireless gateway.

If you own a different modem or router, the pods will not work because of compatibility issues. At the same time, you cannot switch providers otherwise the XFi pods stop working. Additionally, the SSIDs for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz need to be the same and it does not allow you to have Wi-Fi guest networks.

Range and capacity

The Xfinity Comcast XFi pods cover a range of 800 square feet which makes it suitable for 3 to 4 bedroom houses and has a capacity of connecting up to ten devices. Because of this, you are able to connect your laptop, gaming monitors, television, mobile phones and any other device all at the same time and expect proper performance without frequent lags.

Design and packaging

The Xfinity Comcast XFi pods have been made to fit in all spaces across your household. Each pod measures 2.05 x 2.52 x 2.227 inches which makes them portable and you are able to easily interchange them across different rooms in your home.

Additionally, the XFi pods come in a white color and an elegant hexagonal design which adds the aesthetic fabric of your household and at the same time, you are able to keep them hidden without worrying about how much space they would consume.


XFi pods use WEP security protocol and through advanced security by XFi, you are prevented from accessing malicious sites, it monitors your network activity in good time to detect the behavioral activity of your devices and it blocks remote access from other devices from unknown users.

When using XFi pods, you are unable to make use of open security mode means that your devices are kept secure at all times. Open security mode has the potential of putting your private information from your smart devices at risk because the security settings are eliminated and anyone who is within the range of your network is able to access it without a password. XFi pods have simply been designed to protect you from this.

Setting up the XFi pods

By the time you are purchasing the Xfinity XFi pods, you should have an Xfinity ID. The first step would be to log in to your account using your Xfinity ID on your mobile up.

The next step would be to scroll through the bottom right and select the option written ‘more’. Once you do this, a pop up to add a new device will come up which you should click on. Select the XFi pods option and tap the option to get started. Once all this is done, your XFi pods are activated and ready for use.

Who is it best suited for?

The Xfinity Comcast XFi pods are suitable for homes that have three to four bedrooms and also for homes with multiple stories and are using XFi gateways. Considering the fact that it covers a maximum speed of 200 mbps and covers a range of 800 square feet, it works best in houses of this kind.

Are there any alternatives to the Comcast XFi pods?

Aside from the Xfinity Comcast XFi pods, you can use the  TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender ,  theNETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 or the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX8000 with both your Xfinity gateway and other routers.

Features of alternative Wi-Fi extenders

TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender
NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700
NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX8000
Single band up to 300 Mbps
Dual band up to 750Mbps
Tri band up to 3000Mbps
Added Wi-Fi Coverage
800 square feet
1000 square feet
2500 square feet
Connection log
Up to 15 devices
Up to 20 devices
Up to 50 devices
Standard compatibility


Verdict: Should you get the Xfinity Comcast XFi Pods?

When compared to other brands like TP-Link and Netgear it is difficult to justify and establish the overall efficiency of the Xfinity Comcast XFi pods. Both TP-Link and Netgear support business accounts and you can use them for bigger houses and offices. Additionally, the fact that they both universally compatible makes it more hassle free as compared to the XFi pods. Lastly, in terms of speed and performance, Wi-Fi extenders from Netgear and TP-Link take the upper hand.

However, if you are an Xfinity customer with already existing Comcast equipment in your house then the XFi pods might just be right for you.


How do I identify whether my pods are working or not?

When your XFi is connected and is working well, it has a green light. However, in cases where you need more assurance, you can used the XFi mobile app or quickly get into the Xfinity website which will directly tell you when your pod is offline and it will give you a troubleshooting guide.

Are XFi pods suitable for outdoor usage?

No they are not. The XFi pods have been designed for indoor use. If you would like to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to your backyard or towards another outdoor location, then you should connect your pods to a wall outlet inside your house that is close to the outdoor part that you would like your network coverage extended

Do XFi pods work?

Yes, the XFi pods works best when paired with Comcast’s internet service to give you an extended Wifi coverage.

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