Where to return CenturyLink equipment

If you have leased a modem and decide to cancel the service then you have 30 days to return it to CenturyLink otherwise you are charged with an equipment charge of $200. The first thing to do is to enter your name and address on the CenturyLink return site. You will then be given three options: print and email your return label, request a QR code, or have a return label emailed to you.

Cancelling CenturyLink service

CenturyLink does rent out its modem to clients. Renting a modem is cost effective if you are not using the service for long. But, if plan on being with the service provider for more than a year it makes more economical sense to purchase your own device rather than rent it.

Once you decide to cancel your CenturyLink subscription you have 30 days to return the modem. If you fail to do so the company will charge for the full rental cost of the equipment. If you had purchased the modem and cancel the service within 30 days then you are refunded the purchased amount of the modem. The company will check the condition of the returned modem to ensure it is new and in good working condition.

CenturyLink return process

While CenturyLink is a respectable company and uses some of the latest modems it is not usual that you may experience some issues with your modem.

The first thing you will need to do when returning the modem is to call the CenturyLink support staff. This will help you raise a return request. Before returning the modem ensure it is in proper working condition. Next, properly package it and ship back to the company within 30 days.

Consumers will return their modems for a variety of reasons that include:

  • All lights are on but you are receiving no internet
  • There is absolutely no evidence of indicator lights on the modem
  • The internet light keeps turning red or the internet is simply not working
  • The internet is constantly slow or it keeps connecting and disconnecting
  • Your Wi-Fi is not working

The reason you should first call the support team is because the problem can be resolved by them. If this does not happen then it’s okay to return the modem.

Important return rules

Before you return the equipment back to the company you need to ensure it follows some important rules like:

  • You should have leased the modem
  • You should close the service within 30 days
  • Product should be in good working condition

Returning of equipment applies to both leased equipment and when you choose to cancel your subscription.

  • The first thing you do during the return process is to package the rented equipment and all accessories into a box. This is to ensure the package does not get destructed while in transit. When selecting the box to send your contents in chose a hard one and avoid using old boxes that are subject to destruction.
  • If you do not want to experience any delays with your shipping remove any other labels on the box.
  • To ensure that your modem arrives in good condition secure it in place with bubble sheets or any other cushioning material. Once done seal your box with high grade tape.
  • Print a label for your box and attach the shipping address
  • Lastly visit any UPS shipping center and your package will be on its way to CenturyLink centers

When returning your modem it is important to get a shipping return label. This ensures that you package gets to the right address. You can access this return label in two ways:

  • The first one is via UPS shipping. You can go to the CenturyLink webpage/Equipment returns login and enter your account name and last business name. Once done you will be taken to the label options and you can then print it for shipping.
  • You can also get a prepaid shipping label from USPS. Once you have filled out your information you will get it from the USPS first class mail.

If you are unable to do the above you can simply head to CenturyLink and return the modem personally. You should contact the CenturyLink staff before doing this so as to be instructed on what to do.

CenturyLink checklist for returning equipment

Check Loose cables
Before concluding that the device is bad make sure you have connected all loose cables to the modem
Is device configured
At times a modem will malfunction due to it not being properly configured
Check Internet outage
The problem at times is not with your modem but there could be scheduled maintenance by CenturyLink
Check Modem lights
You may need to see whether the lights are all working properly
Reset button hit
Ask family members whether they hit the reset button by mistake


During the course of using your modem you may realize it is malfunctioning or outdated. This will prompt you to have it upgraded. Alternatively, you may realize that you need to change your ISP and since you had rented out a modem the need arises to return it. Returning vequipment can be done by first logging to their website and printing out a return label. This you will use for your shipping package.


Can I return modem to CenturyLink store?

You can do so if you have being using the service for more than 30 days and you did pay for the modem. You can return the modem if it is malfunctioning or you want to change service providers

Do I need to return my CenturyLink Modem?

Yes, you do if you cancel the service. Otherwise, you will be charged with the cost of the equipment

Where do I turn in my CenturyLink modem?

You should return it to CenturyLink centers via UPS

What to do with old CenturyLink modem?

You can have it replaced. The ISP often phases out old modems as they may not deliver optimized internet performance

Where can I drop off CenturyLink equipment?

You get a return shipping label through USPS first class mail

Where can I drop off my CenturyLink modem?

You get a return shipping label through USPS first class mail

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