Sparklight vs Centurylink – Which one offers more affordable internet services

Having an internet service provider that provides stable internet connection is very essential in every home. Especially now that we live in digital times.

We use internet on a daily basis to perform various tasks at the comfort of our homes. Sparklight and CenturyLink are both internet service providers that will guarantee you stable internet services throughout the year. They not only allow you to use their services without penning a contract, but also offer you great data packages that will satisfy your internet needs at home.

When to use Sparklight Internet Service Provider

Choosing Sparklight as your trusted internet service provider will guarantee you stable internet connection throughout. They don’t offer the best data caps as their lower data plans come with a very low data limit however, there is a solution to this. If you decide to combine your data plan with TV it may actually help increase your monthly data limit.

When to use CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

This internet service provider is a good choice for you if you want great internet connection on a tight budget. CenturyLink offers you a variety of data plans that are suitable for both individual and family use at home. You are also not required to sign a yearly contract when you purchase one of their data plans which is a major selling point. All you have to do is just pay your internet bills at the end of every month and enjoy great internet services.

Sparklight vs CenturyLink Feature comparison

Sparklight (Winner)
No. of data plans
Price range
$30- $125
$49- $65
Download speeds
15- 1000Mbps
15- 940Mbps

How we evaluate Sparklight and CenturyLink

We do follow a certain criteria when we look at internet service providers so that we can be able to deliver an accurate report on the both of them. These are some of the key features that we look at in order to properly evaluate both Sparklight and CenturyLink:

  • Download speeds – how fast data is transmitted in their various data plans.
  • Price range– how much their data plans cost on a monthly basis.
  • Contract– we see if they offer yearly contracts to their clients.
  • Number of data plans– we look at the number of data plans offered by each internet service provider.

Sparklight vs CenturyLink- A comparison overview

Sparklight Review

Don’t you think that re- branding should be a definite indicator of change and improvement? Well, I will be very honest with you, I got very interested when Cable One changed their name to Sparklight.  Initially, Sparklight offered most parts of the states with fast and reliable internet services throughout. However, most of their clients complained that using Sparklight internet services was a bit pricey compared to its competitors. After re- branding, Sparklight revised their monthly data packages and they are actually worth looking at.

Data plan
Download speeds
Upload speeds
Data cap
Lite 15 Plus
Starter 100Plus
Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus
Turbo 300 Plus
GigaONE Plus

These data plans have been placed to accommodate most users who are looking for a reliable internet connection in their homes. I will help you determine the best data plan for you that are on offer by Sparklight because you will always get value for your money only if you choose the right package. In my opinion, you should consider purchasing the Streamer &Gamer 200 Plus data package if you are planning to use the internet for online HD TV streaming and surfing through social media sites.This data plan comes with download and upload speeds of 200Mbps and 20Mbps respectively, with a data cap of up to 600GB. It is basically ideal for you if you live alone and don’t really use internet a lot when you are at home.

However, you should definitely opt for the GigaONE Plus if you have a family back at home and most family members will be banking on using this internet service provider for their internet needs. This is because it comes with download speeds and upload speeds of 1000Mbps and 50Mbps respectively, which allows you to connect multiple devices, stream 4K videos and still experience seamless internet connection. With data cap of up to 1200GB (1TB) every month, it seems like a very tasty deal don’t you think? And to make matters even better, you don’t have to sign a yearly contract to enjoy their monthly internet services. You can also keep track of your data usage through the Sparklight data cap.


  • Very fast download speeds.
  • You can bundle internet data plan with TV.
  • No contract.
  • Reliable internet data services.


  • Data plans are pricey.

Century Link review

CenturyLink have taken steps to ensure that you receive very fast download speeds at really competitive prices. I mean, we all prefer having an internet connection that isn’t problematic otherwise it gets frustrating after some time. CenturyLink guarantees you reliable internet connection to your home which allows you to always use their services with a smile on your face. What I love most about this internet service provider is their price for Life guarantee concept. Basically, once you hop on to one of their data plans, you will pay the same price throughout without an increase in prices during your subscription. However, this doesn’t apply if you choose to subscribe to CenturyLink Fiber internet. You also don’t have to sign any form of contract in order to subscribe to their internet services which I find very convenient. All you have to do is simply pay up your monthly bill and enjoy internet services throughout the years without renewing a “contract” every year.

Data plan
Download speed
Connection type
15Mbps data plan
20Mbps data plan
40Mbps data plan
80Mbps data plan
100Mbps data plan
CenturyLink Fiber internet


I will briefly explain to you the difference between DSL and Fiber connection incase you are asking yourself about the difference between the two. DSL basically transmits data through copper lines while fiber transmits data through thin strands in form of light. The major advantage of using a Fiber connection as compared to DSL is that,Fiber transmits faster download speeds and is more suited to handle multiple devices. That’s why CenturyLink’s best package uses fiber connection as it guarantees you the fastest download speeds at a very reasonable price.

The Century link fiber internet package is best suited for family use as it offers you data speeds of up to 940Mbps. If you don’t use internet services regularly then you should definitely opt for the data plans that range between 15-100Mps because they are all the same price. Installation is also very affordable as you can pay as low as $60 or a maximum of only $125.


  • No contract is required.
  • Affordable installation fee.
  • Fast data speeds.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Customer service is not of high standards.

How does Sparklight and CenturyLink compare?

Download speeds

Even before you settle for a particular Internet Service provider, it is always important to check their download and upload speeds. Sparklight offers you slightly faster download speeds throughout its data plan as compared to CenturyLink.  They basically deliver the same download speeds for their lowest packages however, the difference comes in their premium packages. SparklightGigaONE Plus delivers download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps while CenturyLink Fiber Internet delivers 940Mbps.

Price range per month

We all work for two reasons, to survive and pay bills! I know it’s a hard knock life however, these internet service providers offer us with great data plans that ease our financial pressure monthly. CenturyLink internet services are much more affordable to acquire as compared to Sparklight internet services. This is because their monthly prices range from only $49- $65 while Sparklight prices range from $30- $125. So you should consider looking at CenturlyLink data plans if you are working with a really tight budget.

Number of data packages

The more the data packages offered by an internet service provider, the more the flexibility options offered to their users. CenturyLink provides you with more data packages as compared to Sparklight. They offer you 6 different data plans that you can choose from depending on what you are looking for. On the other hand, Sparklight offers you only 5 data plans that you can choose from.

Data Cap

Internet Service providers set different data usage limits in order to keep control of data usage by their clients, as it enables them to maintain quality download speeds to each user in their sharing network. CenturyLink has a higher limit throughout its data plans as compared to the Sparklight. This is because it provides you with a 1TB limit an all of its data plans. Sparklight data plans varies depending on the data plan as it ranges from 100GB on the lowest data plan to 1.2TB on their premium package.


Without doubt, Sparklight guarantees you very fast and reliable download speeds throughout their data plans. However, in this comparison CenturyLink is the winner as compared to Sparklight because their data packages are more affordable. In addition to this, CenturyLink also comes with more data packages that you can choose from which makes it a very flexible choice for you.


What connection type is used by Sparklight?

They use Copper cables that transmit data throughout their networks.

Does CenturyLink have a constant data cap on allof its data packages?

Yes, they do have a constant data usage limit of 1TB on all of their data plans.

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