Why can’t I log into my CenturyLink email?

This can be due to a variety of reasons, which include an internet connection that fails to work properly, using inappropriate email server settings, relying on old passwords to log in, and possible security conflicts such as firewalls and antiviruses.

Similar to other email providers, CenturyLink email has millions of users who use them to send and receive emails, especially due to their add-on protection tools against spam emails and unnecessary junk. It is also easy to access the inbox from any device.

However, there are many instances that make it easy to be annoyed by CenturyLink email problems, like account freezing, mishaps in the configuration settings, and login issues, among many other issues. If these are situations you encounter, do not worry – it is a common problem, and there are methods you can use to solve it.


Reasons for CenturyLink email access issues

If you are experiencing issues with your CenturyLink email, it could be due to several reasons, with some being easier to troubleshoot compared to others. Some reasons are:

  • CenturyLink emails offer a size limit of 20 MB to your emails, and a total storage space of 15 GB. If you exceed the limit, it will begin sending error messages when you attempt to send or receive emails.
  • Using the conversation filter, you can keep track of the messages you send, and you can also create subfolders and folders to organize the mailing inbox and arrange them. If you align the emails incorrectly, you will begin to see error messages in the mail inbox.
  • As the owner of the email account, you have the freedom to configure the settings as you prefer. However, this is also the problem in many CenturyLink accounts; incorrect configuration settings.
  • The CenturyLink email servers may be down at that time you are trying to log in.
  • An antivirus you are using may be creating firewalls that interfere with your login attempts.
  • Internet speeds that are frequently interrupted or very slow
  • Using out-of-date CenturyLink email software
  • Using a web browser that is full of cookies and cache to access your CenturyLink email account.


What can you do to solve the problem?

Email configuration settings

Check if the configuration settings you are using are correct for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Use the following steps to do so:

  • Incoming mail server settings – Check the username, password, server (it should read as pop.centurylink.net), port (it should be 993), and security (it should either be SSL or TLS).
  • Outgoing mail server settings – Check the username, password, server (it should read as smtp.centurylink.net), port (it should be 587/465), and security (should read as SSL/TLS).

Filling the recycle bin with unnecessary emails

Among the easiest methods you can use to solve the problem is by deleting junk emails and spam by moving them to your mail’s recycle bin and deleting them from there permanently. Junk and spam emails are annoying, and easily load in your overall storage, so it is best to remove them quickly and only retain necessary emails.

Reset your login credentials

Sometimes, your login issues may stem from using an incorrect password, which you can choose to reset if remembering it is proving too challenging at that moment.

Reinstalling or updating the CenturyLink software

All email service providers release new versions and updates for their applications and software, and it is essential to keep abreast of these changes, even for CenturyLink. Ensure you get updates from CenturyLink themselves as well to avoid downloading malware.


Checking to see if the inbox is full

It is important to know that CenturyLink email inboxes will not work if they are full, and that is both for sending and receiving mail. To know your inbox size:

CenturyLink Inbox component
Storage size limit
Email box
700 MB
SMTP and Webmail sending limit
35 messages per hour
Email sending size limit
10 MB
Limit for sending CC emails
50 contacts for each message

If you notice you have reached the maximum limit of your inbox, delete some messages to free the space. These can include tips such as:

  • Cleaning out all email folders, which include emails in Outgoing, Drafts, Trash/Deleted, and Sent, as they all count against your size limitations.
  • Filtering or sorting out your emails using attachment size, as this will help when you want to find large attachments. Download the attachments and save them on your laptop or computer, then delete the message.
  • On the other hand, if an attachment refuses to open, ensure you have the software you need to read and open the file extension. File extensions are characters that follow the file name, and are usually 3 or 4 letters in length, for instance .txt to denote a file that can open on most computer systems, while a .docx extension can only open if you have Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software.
  • When opening attachments, be careful as they can cause damage to your computer by infecting it with viruses. If you are uncertain, it always helps to run an antivirus scan before opening attachments, and look up the internet for updates on dangerous file types.


Steps to troubleshoot the issue: A summary

  • Check if the internet connection is working. If it is not, you can fix the issue in several ways, which include considering your bandwidth, checking the router or modem, checking the device settings and adjusting them, as well as verifying whether the wiring is smooth and well-connected.
  • Ensure you are using the correct email server settings, by checking both the SMTP and POP server settings.
  • Check if your password is working by signing in your CenturyLink account. You can also opt to reset the password if it fails to work.
  • Confirm to see if there is no security conflict that is due to your antivirus software or firewalls, because this can happen at times. To verify whether this is the issue, you can disable the security software temporarily, and see if there are issues with receiving or sending emails. Additionally, ensure you should restore the security features once your testing is done.



CenturyLink email services can fail to work due to many reasons, so solving the issue will mainly depend on the cause of the problem. Fortunately, it is easy to resolve the problem, as the points we have outlined will show you.



How do I access My CenturyLink email?

Open the CenturyLink.net website, and on the homepage, click the email button on its top right. Enter your account credentials, and click on the ‘Log in’ button to view your emails.

How do I recover My CenturyLink email password?

You need to reset the password to recover your account. Do this by opening CenturyLink website’s homepage, and on the top navigation, choose the ‘My CenturyLink’ menu. This will open a new browser window that will allow you to reset the password.

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