What is geek squad total tech support?

This is a valuable program from Geek Squad that offers protection from most electronics and home appliances. It can give you protection on such devices for a year. You can renew the membership after the first year.

Smart appliances and tech devices have made life easier. Getting used to such devices or troubleshooting when they experience issues is a headache for most people. Geek Squad came up with a program known as total tech support to help you with such devices.

Introduction to Geek Squad total tech support

Geek Squad supports its customers in different ways. If you have a lot of devices and appliances in your home, you should consider paying for the total tech support program that Geek Squad offers. This is an annual membership program that can help you get assistance in fixing connected devices, home appliances, and computers in your home.

Through this program, Geek Squad can support your tech regardless of where you purchased them from. You have to pay $200 per year to get the total tech support membership. Once you are part of this program, you can start enjoying 24/7 support any day you have a problem.

With this program, you can easily get all the answers to all the questions that you may have regarding one of your devices. Geek Squad offers assistance from Best Buy stores, online or over the phone.

What does my total tech support cover?

Total tech support covers most of the products that Best Buy sells. Some of the items covered under this program include tablets, laptops, home theater equipment, connected car accessories, and televisions.

If, for instance, you would like to safeguard your laptop against spyware, ransomware, or viruses, Geek Squad can help you install internet security software as long as you are a member of the total tech support program. This tech company can also remove malware from your computer remotely and also tune up your PC.

You can also get your TV mounted to the wall by a Geek Squad agent or your video devices or a speaker connected. When you pay for the total tech support, you can also get internet installed in your home.

Once the Geek Squad agents install wifi, they can connect all your smart home devices and even show you how to control your smart gadgets using your voice. Apart from that, the total tech support also goes beyond tech since they can help you install appliances such as your dishwasher or garbage disposal.

Unfortunately, the total tech support does not cover smartphones. If you rely on your smartphone for most activities, you may not benefit from paying for the total tech support.

Why you should consider paying for the geek squad total tech support

Due to its numerous benefits, many Geek Squad customers have been signing up for the total tech support program. You should join them since this can give you product protection on most of your purchases from Best Buy. It even offers protection on Apple products.

Apart from the installation services we mentioned, you can also enjoy free delivery services with this program. Geek Squad also offers an extended 60-day return on Best Buy products so that you can have more time to test them.

Being a member of the total tech support program can help you save more money on repairs. You can also enjoy great discounts on other protection plans. Besides repairs, the total tech support program also includes other valuable services such as computer set up, data backup and transfer, PC tune-up, virus removal, and home appliances installation.

You can enjoy in-home services from Geek Squad at an affordable rate. If you have a large device that is damaged, you can request such service. Geek Squad can send an expert to repair it on-site as long as you pay. House calls cost $50.

Through this program, Geek Squad gives its customers a high sense of confidence, knowing that it has their back if something happens to their devices.

How do I cancel total tech support?

If you have been enjoying the different services of this program but would like to cancel it, you have to call Geek Squad. This tech help company offers a toll-free number that you can use to get in touch with its agents. Take note that you cannot cancel your membership at one of the Best Buy stores.

Membership to this program is renewed automatically after a year. Geek Squad sends notices to total tech support members to inform them of the membership renewal when one year is about to end. If you don’t want it renewed, you can cancel at any time.

A summary of what you should know regarding the total tech support program

How long does it protect your devices
1 year (renewable)
Devices covered
PC, laptop, TV, home theater equipment, connected car accessories, and smart home devices
24/7 support over the phone, in-store or online
Services offered
Repairs, installation, virus removal, and data transfer and backup.


Technology has a significant role in our lives. The demand for smart devices and home appliances at Best Buy stores is quite high. If you have such, you can protect them better by getting the total tech support membership.

This valuable program covers most devices and helps you get assistance whenever you have an issue with either of them. Though the cost of this program may seem high, it can save you a lot more in the long run.


How many devices does total tech support cover?

This program does not set a limit as to the number of devices it covers. It can cover most of the devices and home appliances in your home.

What is the difference between Geek Squad protection and tech support?

Geek Squad protection offers labor and parts protection for a single product that you buy from Best Buy. On the other hand, tech support offers protection for most of the home appliances and electronic appliances regardless of where you got them from.

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