When to Cancel CenturyLink Internet?

If you want to cancel your CenturyLink Internet service and have a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can do so within 30 days from the order date by calling CenturyLink agents at 800-244-1111 between Monday and Friday at 8 am to 6 pm. The only time you will pay cancellation fees is if you have an unfulfilled contract with them.

CenturyLink is quite pricey in their monthly fees compared to most networks, and it may prove to be a hassle to you – in this case, cancellation seems like a viable option. However, this may raise questions on when it is the best choice to make, or whether you can consider alternatives to cancelling your account.


When should you consider cancelling CenturyLink internet?

When to cancel
You only use Netflix or Prime
If you do not have time to binge TV shows and movies, then CenturyLink Internet is not work the cost as you do not need cable or Wi-Fi.
There are better prices from the competition
If you notice other internet providers offer better prices compared to CenturyLink, then it is worth switching to them.
You do not require bundles
CenturyLink is quite advantageous because they provide you with bundles that reduce subscription costs for all their services. However, this only works if you use all the services in the bundle, so you can cancel it if you do not require one.

How you can cancel your CenturyLink Internet account

The easiest and fastest way to cancel the Internet package or any other service is through calling their customer service number on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Keep in mind that chances are high the waiting to speak to a customer representative will be quite long, and you will have to be on hold. CenturyLink also does not want to let go of their customers, similar to any internet service provider, so they will take a slightly different approach when you want to cancel your account compared to if you wanted to renegotiate for cheaper monthly bills.

There are four steps to take when you want to cancel the service:

Call them

The first step to take is calling the customer service and talking to a representative directly – any other method of contacting them will lead to delays.

Chat service

If the prospect of calling customer service and holding up the call for a long time or talking to an agent is less than exciting, you can opt for their Live Chat option. This is a popular method, and all you need to do is go to the chat function, ask your questions, and they will direct you.

Demanding cancellation

Regardless of the method you use to talk to the customer service agents, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Inform the agent that you want to cancel your account
  2. The agent will ask you to give your name, record number, and phone number. This is simply for verification, as they want to make sure no one else is calling using your identity.
  3. They will then give you the ‘confirmation number’ that you will retain for future use. You will then need to resolve any outstanding bills before closing the account.
  4. If CenturyLink does not close your account after a considerable period, you will then contact their customer agents again and use your confirmation number as reference. This will allow them to tell you the reason for any delays, as well as when they will close your account.

Returning the device

After submitting your cancellation request, you must return the device within 30 days after making the request. When doing so, the wires and cords are also included in the returns, or else you will face extra costs when you fail to do so.

Confirm the cancellation

After a few days of submitting your request, you can call CenturyLink again to confirm the cancellation is underway. They are unwilling to let you go, so being proactive and making calls is best in ensuring you achieve the goals you want.


Some things to note that are related to cancelling CenturyLink internet service

Before cancelling your account, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Modem returns – If you are leasing a router or modem from CenturyLink, you must return the router or modem within 30 days after cancelling your account, as this will prevent you from paying the equipment charge penalty that can go up to $200.
  • Bundling services – If your Internet service is part of a bundle and you cancel it, note that it may change the discounts available to you.
  • TV services – since DISH and DIRECTV manage satellite subscriptions, it is best to contact them directly at 1-800-531-5000 between 8 am and 10 pm if you want to cancel your TV service as well.
  • Deposits – If you paid a deposit when signing up to the CenturyLink service, your final balance will consist of your deposit as well as any interest you have earned. CenturyLink will confirm any amounts you need to pay through mail.
  • Cancellation fees – If you have a contract with CenturyLink, it is likely you will pay a cancellation fee before you can close the account. The fees change regularly, so it is best to call them and ask how much you must pay.


Some alternatives to cancelling your CenturyLink account

Lowering the bill

You can choose a bundle set to reduce the fees you pay on each service, including internet. If you are a long-time customer, you can also get better rates or new promotional deals.

Transferring the service

If you are moving to a new address, you can opt to transfer your CenturyLink Internet service to the new home. In this case, you will not need to pay deposits, set up new profiles, or enroll in AutoPay, as CenturyLink will treat you as an existing customer.

Temporary holds

This option will work if you are moving away for a short time, as it suspends your subscriptions and you pay reduced rates until you actively begin using them again.

Support center

If you are frustrated about your service and are experiencing issues with the internet or home phone packages, you can explore the various online guides to get some help.



Getting to cancel your CenturyLink service is a challenging task, but it always helps to know what to expect as well as any alternatives you can explore.



How much does it cost to cancel CenturyLink Internet?

If you have a contract, you will either pay $200 if it is a 24-month contract, or $300 if it is a 36-month contract. However, it is free if you do not have a contract.

Is it easy to cancel CenturyLink?

Yes, it is – as long as you call them as soon as possible.

Can CenturyLink disconnect Internet?

Yes, as long as you place a request to cancel your account.

Do you have to sign a contract with CenturyLink?

No, as they also offer some plans that do not require such commitments.

When does CenturyLink shut off service?

They shut it off immediately the due period lapses without you making a payment.

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