What kind of modem do I need for CenturyLink?

You will need a modem that is compatible with relevant technology of the service provider. For CenturyLink they use cable, DSL, and fiber. CenturyLink comes with an all-in one modem/router called the Gateway. The latest you can use include Actiontec C3000A, Zyxel C4000LZ, C3000Z, and Greenwave C4000.

CenturyLink offers its modem for rental at $15/month and a new one for $150-$200. You should look for CenturyLink certified modems as the company has tested them. You can also go to their website and check compatible modems. The benefits of using a CenturyLink modem is that you get to enjoy free 24/7 tech support.

CenturyLink offers the greatest coverage to States like Colorado, Arizona, and Washington. The company provides internet to over 59 million in the US. The company offers its internet via fiber, high-speed DSL, and fixed wireless internet service in some areas.

The company does give you the option for renting a modem. You also get some additional fees like equipment shipping and handling of $49.99, self-installation fee of $9.99, internet gig installation of $199.99 and Wi-Fi activation fee of $9.99. The company does not have contracts and this makes it easy for you to move from one service provider to another.

To rent the gateway modem/router you pay $15/month. The benefits of renting play out when you are one who switches service providers. Not all ISPs use the modems and the cost of purchasing a new one every time you switch providers can be costly. However, if you plan on sticking it out with CenturyLink then it makes more sense to purchase a new modem than renting one out.

Monthly cost
Connection type
Download speed
Upload speed
CenturyLink internet
From $50
Fiber Gigabit
From $65

CenturyLink offers two main types of internet – DSL and fiber. DSL uses telephone lines for transmission of voice and internet. It is widely available as it uses an infrastructure that is already existing. However, this does some problems as the existing infrastructure is rarely updated and can become obsolete. DSL has various types of internet plans ranging from 10 to 100Mbps. These plans are ideal for a number of households. Note that the speeds will vary with region and you may not necessarily get the advertised speeds. The speeds are ideal for normal browsing but you may experience some sort of congestion and lag during peak hours. To know which plan to go with check your household needs.

 If you have multiple devices using the internet then go with the 100Mbps. This will give you support multiplayer games and HD streaming. For households with five or six devices and average internet consumption go with the 40Mps. For light internet use and places where you are using one or two devices go with 10 to 20Mbps plan.

Fiber is the in-thing when your internet demands is high. At 940Mbps you are able to enjoy fast internet downloads. However, fiber is not as readily available as DSL, you will find it in around 19 cities.

CenturyLink also offers bundled plans that combine internet, TV and phone line. The benefits of the bundled packages is that they tend to be promotional meaning you get a very good price for them. The prices and promotions vary with region. On the downside you may end up paying for something you do not need every month, like phone lines or TV. The company also offers its secure Wi-Fi which allows you to access the internet on multiple devices. The network is secure from malware and cyber attacks. You can extend your Wi-Fi network though the use of Wi-Fi pods. These are small devices that are used to extend the Wi-Fi beyond dead zones. You can setup and monitor your Wi-Fi via the CenturyLink app. The app is available on iOS and Google App store. It allows you to check your speeds and add parental controls.


It is mandatory to own a modem if you want to access the internet. Modern equipment come as a combo of modem and router. The question of whether to rent one or purchase will depend on how long you want to be with the service provider. If you are going to be switching ISPs then you may want to rent one however, if you desire to stick with a provider for a longtime then purchasing your own would be ideal.


Do Netgear modems work with CenturyLink?

Yes, they do. You can use your Netgear Nighthawk for this by first getting your PPPoE password and then plugging it in and following the setup prompts. The only thing the Netgear modems won’t support are the bonded DSL

Does CenturyLink modem need a router?

Yes, you do need one as the two devices are different but the company does offer you a combo router/modem in terms of the Gateway

How much does a CenturyLink modem cost?

The cheapest model – CenturyLink wireless modem – goes for $200

Are CenturyLink modems compatible with xfinity?

It depends on what technology you are using with xfinity internet. You will need to check the xfinity website for compatible modems

What modems are compatible with CenturyLink?

Actiontec C3000A, Zyxel C3000Z, Greenwave C4000 among others

What is the best router for CenturyLink?

TP-Link TL-WR841N, Linksys E1200 Wi-Fi router, Asus RT-N12 D1, Netgear WNDR4300, and Apple Airport

Can you use any router with CenturyLink?

Yes, but you will first need to ensure that it is using the same technologies as the service provider

What modems can be used with CenturyLink?

Actiontec C3000A, Zyxel C3000Z, Greenwave C4000, and Zyxel C4000LZ

Where can I get a CenturyLink modem?

You can purchase the modem from the service provider

Can I get a new modem from CenturyLink?

Yes, you can. They have a variety of modems to suit various needs

Can I use my own modem with CenturyLink fiber?

Yes, but you need to check with the company to see whether they compatible

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