CenturyLink vs Utopia – Which Internet Provider Should I Choose if I Live in Utah?

If you happen to live in Utah, you will notice that its internet speeds are among the highest in the country, due to the presence of many internet service providers such as CenturyLink and Utopia.

Although Utah is well-known for its vast desert and mountainous terrain, that has not stopped ISPs from laying down their infrastructure in the area. With a wide selection of providers, the only challenge you have is narrowing down among them, and this is made more difficult as they will not tend to include all their packages when marketing their services to potential customers, or they will try to sell you features you do not need. If you are not technologically-savvy, the choice is even harder.

If you find yourself stuck choosing between CenturyLink and Utopia, this short guide will hopefully help you and give you a place to start when looking for the service that fulfills your needs.


Differences between Utopia and CenturyLink

Type of connection
DSL, cable, fiber
Data caps
Internet plans
Monthly pricing
$64.95 monthly for speeds up to 250 Mbps, and $79.95 monthly for speeds up to 1 Gbps
$50 monthly for the DSL plan, and $65 monthly for the Fiber plan

Utopia vs CenturyLink – How they compare

There are not many differences of note between the two providers, except in their monthly pricing and connection types they offer.

Connection type

CenturyLink has a more extensive connection type variety, as it offers DSL, Fiber, and Cable connections. DSL is the more widely-available choice, as it is available in all the 37 states they are based in, while fiber and cable selections are more limited and you can only get them in specific locations. On the other hand, Utopia only offers fiber connectivity, and is only available in Utah and Idaho, although they are planning to expand to other states.

There is no connection type that is better than the other, although the emphasis on fiber connectivity makes Utopia Internet the better choice, as CenturyLink DSL service is not as efficient.


The pricing gaps between Utopia and CenturyLink are not major, although it is worth noting that Utopia has higher charges due to their high installation costs, while CenturyLink charges some of the most affordable monthly prices among internet providers.

Both ISPs offer two internet plans – Utopia charges $64.95 monthly if you want a maximum speed of 250 Mbps, and $79.95 monthly if you want a maximum speed of 1 Gbps. On the other hand, CenturyLink charges $50 monthly for their DSL internet option, and $65 for their fiber internet option.

CenturyLink is better if you are looking for an internet provider on a budget, so it wins in this category.


A comparative look at Utopia vs CenturyLink

Utopia Fiber

An acronym for the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, Utopia Fiber is an internet connection service that seeks to connect users to an open-fiber network that is free from the restrictions that nationwide internet providers are subject to. Once you connect your home to its network, you can experience download speeds of up to 1 Gbps, less buffering, and a more stable network connection.

It uses symmetrical speeds starting from 250 Mbps (both upload and download), which lets its users access anything they want in real time. The only problem is that installation is pricey, as it ranges between $34.95 and $49.95, in addition to the Utopia Fiber fee. Additionally, its availability is limited outside Utah and Idaho, although this is understandable because of the high installation fees.


  • Very high speeds in both upload and download
  • No buffering in the connections, as they are very stable


  • Limited availability outside Utah
  • Its installation and internet packages are quite pricey


CenturyLink Internet

When signing up with CenturyLink, you get the option of installing DSL or fiber-optic internet, with the fiber option being much faster than the DSL option. Its availability is also wide as well, as it is available in 37 states, with the fiber option being available in 25 of them.

Additionally, they allow you to do self-installation if you live in certain areas, but if this is not possible, they will charge $99 for a professional installation, as well as a one-time activation fee of $20. The benefit to all this is that there are no data caps, regardless of the plan you choose.


  • No contracts required
  • Unlimited data
  • Very affordable plans and widespread availability


  • The DSL speeds are inconsistent, as they depend on where you live
  • Overall selection of plans is limited based on your location



It is a tough call choosing one of these providers, but we will go for Utopia as they offer more stable internet and have better quality of customer service, although their limited availability may force you to wait for them to bring their services to your area if they are unavailable.



What Wi-Fi is better than CenturyLink?

If you want value for your money, as well as speed, reliability, and affordable equipment, Xfinity is the best option to get for all these goals. CenturyLink experiences limitations due to its mixed customer service and DSL plans, although its fiber plan is great if you can get it in your area.

Is Utopia better than Xfinity?

In terms of speed, yes it is. It has upload and download speeds that are up to 100 times faster than the cable internet speeds Xfinity offers.

Who owns Utopia internet?

It is an open internet provider that is co-managed by 16 Utah cities, as it aims to deploy and operate fiber network services within its footprint.

Is CenturyLink a good internet provider?

Yes, they are a good provider, as they offer good internet speeds at affordable price points. The speeds are not poor either, as its DSL speeds range from 15 to 100 Mbps, while its fiber speeds reach a maximum of 940 Mbps.

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