What is CenturyLink Simple Pay?

Currently known as the CenturyLink Prepaid Internet service, CenturyLink Simple Pay is a plan that conveniently gives you the advantage of month-to-month pricing without the hassle of deposits or credit checks, as well as no long-term contracts.

When signing up for the Simple Pay service, you will pay your internet bills on a prepay basis, and CenturyLink will bill you automatically each month through your debit or credit card of choice. Since the service uses an auto-renewal system, it will continue billing you until you decide to cancel it.


How you can enroll in CenturyLink Simple Pay

Once you complete enrolling in My CenturyLink, it is possible to manage your Prepaid account online. After confirming a New Service order when visiting the website, the notification system will send you an email that contains a unique link that allows you to create an account.

Clicking the link will redirect you to the registration page on the website, and your email address will autofill on the site. You will also enter your service zip code, and wait for the site to verify your account.

Once the verification is complete, you can then create your password, and acknowledge the terms and conditions.


The process of installing CenturyLink internet

You can do this in two ways:

  • Self-installing the service – this will involve you requesting a CenturyLink modem and the company delivering it before or on your activation date. The modem will come with installation instructions, so you will follow the guide to install the service. Additionally, note that you can plug in the modem on the start date of the service from 5 pm.
  • Technical installation – this will involve a CenturyLink technician installing the service, including bringing the modem to your home. If this is your preferred route, you or a person over the age of 18 must be home when the technician comes to install the system.


Managing your prepaid account


To know if your account is a prepaid one, you can look at your account number at the top right corner of the homepage and see if it displays the initial letters ‘PPB’ – if it does, then it is a prepaid account. Note that using the Quick Bill pay service and the MyCenturyLink website will attract a convenience fee when you pay using a debit or credit card.

If you want to avoid the convenience fee while enjoying the online payment systems, you can do so in two ways:

  • Enroll in CenturyLink’s AutoPay and pay fee-free through a checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card. This means that you will pay your bill automatically from the payment source you choose without paying convenience fees.
  • Using a bank account when you are making one-time payments through Quick Bill Pay or MyCenturyLink.

There are three options you can use when paying your bills online: MyCenturyLink app, MyCenturyLink website, and the Quick Bill Pay system.

Using MyCenturyLink app

You can use the app to pay and view bills, apply for and get technical support, updating your account information, and manage your services and products. The procedure is the same as the other two MyCenturyLink methods.

Using the MyCenturyLink website

Visit the CenturyLink website and log in to handle the account management and bill payment tasks. It will also allow you to save your payment information, sign up for paperless billing, setting up the AutoPay feature, as well as paying and viewing your bills.

The payment methods are also the same as Quick Bill Pay and the smartphone app. Additionally, it can make payments faster due to its ability to store your information. You can use a tablet, computer, or smartphone to pay through this method.

Using the Quick Bill Pay system

This is the easiest method to deal with your bill payments without logging in to the CenturyLink website. You will only require some information regarding your account, as well as your account number – the information can range from your credit card, savings account, or money market account.

This makes the Quick Bill Pay system a very good option if you are nearing your bill’s due date or when you are in a hurry, as the payment is registered in the systems on the same day. It is also convenient, as you can use a tablet, computer, or smartphone.


Paying by phone

To pay through this method, you will require your payment information and your CenturyLink account number. You will then call the customer care number on 800-244-1111 to speak to an agent or pay through the automated phone system. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, as we will show in the table below.

Customer agent
Automated system
Paying through a savings or checking account
$3.50 convenience fee
No fees
Paying through debit or credit card
$3.50 convenience fee
$3.50 convenience fee

Other payment methods

Aside from paying online and over the phone, you can also pay by mail or in person.



CenturyLink offers users a Simple Pay system, which allows you to pay for your internet connection easily through their pay-as-you-go option. Because of this, there are no contract commitments, cancellation is easy, and you will not need to do credit evaluations or pay early termination fees.



How do I cancel my CenturyLink simple pay?

To cancel your Simple Pay account, call the CenturyLink customer support at 800-201-4099 on Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

How do I contact CenturyLink simple pay?

If you want to speak to their customer service representatives on any issue, you can call them on 800-201-4099.

How much do you pay in CenturyLink?

For any payments you make through an agent on a one-time basis using a debit or credit card, you will pay a convenience fee of $3.50. Making payments through the automated system is free, and available any time.

How do you pay your CenturyLink bill?

You can pay by phone by calling 800-786-6272 and then following its prompts to make the payment through an agent or the automated system.

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