Do I need CenturyLink @Ease?

If you prefer doing data-heavy activities or live in a rural area and are using CenturyLink, it is a good idea to get their At Ease service as well to ensure your internet security, although it is not necessary. However, as the service has been discontinued since 2020, it is only available to CenturyLink users who joined the service prior to that.

CenturyLink is among the largest service providers within the US. Although their internet packages come at a fair and consistent price, this is only because they stick to providing fiber and DSL internet services. They manage their internet networks actively, with all their plans allowing you to lease or purchase their modem, or choose to use your own modem as long as CenturyLink approves it.

This is where their At Ease plan comes in: it is under their Internet plans, which you purchase separately depending on your needs. The ISP also provides alternative plans to use alongside their internet service, so your choice will largely depend on your consumption requirements.


What is the CenturyLink @Ease package?

This is a high-speed internet protection service agreement between CenturyLink and McAfee Antivirus security.

Plans under CenturyLink @Ease

The @Ease is an extra service that you can get through a monthly subscription system. it comes in form of three price tiers – the $9.99 monthly Standard package, the $14.99 monthly Advanced tier, and the $19.99 monthly Ultra plan.

What it offers
Standard plan – costs $9.99 monthly
Online backup storage of up to 5 GB, Inside Wire Maintenance Services, PC protection plan, PC support services that include phone support, optimization, and health checks, as well as internet and desktop security
Advanced plan – costs $14.99 monthly
All benefits in the Standard plan. Additionally, it also includes ultimate PC protection that includes guarding against hackers and spam, as well as support for any operating system problems, 50 GB cloud storage, and an extra extended modem warranty.
Ultra plan – costs $19.99 monthly
All benefits in the Advanced Plan. Additionally, it also has virus removal services, identity theft protection, and 200 GB of cloud storage.

What are some alternative CenturyLink internet plans?

Internet security

Basic levels of internet security are automatically included in all CenturyLink internet packages, as this is the standard expected to guard users against malevolent incidents.

CIPP (CenturyLink Customer Internet Protection Program)

This aims to reduce the speed of malicious software such as malware and viruses, and is incorporated into all small business and residential broadband internet packages.

If you use it and it detects the presence of malware or a virus, CenturyLink will notify you and help in solving the problem, as well as giving tips on avoiding future infections through self-help tools and guides.



CenturyLink’s @Ease internet security plan is one that you do not need in most cases, especially if you are looking to save your monthly budget on internet costs. While you may not access it post-2020 since the ISP discontinued it, you can still use it if you were a prior subscriber to the service.



Does CenturyLink internet come with antivirus?

Yes, it does, as it is a partnership between McAfee Security and CenturyLink Internet services.

What is CenturyLink’s fastest Internet speed?

Their fiber internet speeds go up to 940 Mbps, while their DSL internet speeds go up to 100 Mbps.

How do I cancel my CenturyLink @Ease?

For any enquiries about cancelling any services relating to your CenturyLink account, you can call their customer service on Mondays to Fridays between 8 am and 6 pm on their number 800-201-4099.

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