What happens when you don’t return Comcast equipment?

If you are moving houses to a different location, upgrading leased equipment or when you are cancelling any of Comcast’s services, Xfinity/ Comcast expects you to return all their equipment within exactly 10 days of disconnecting service. Let us take a look at what happens in the even that you do not return Comcast equipment.

Sometimes, you may get too caught up when moving houses to an extent that you may forget to return Comcast equipment in time. Other times, you may misplace parts of Comcast’s equipment therefore you are unable to return it in good time. There are also times when you may have lost track of your equipment when trying to ship it back to Comcast and you have completely lost it along the way. Or maybe, you may be subjected to returning damaged equipment because they weren’t properly maintained during lease. Whatever the reason, at the end of the day, Comcast’s equipment should be returned to their respective offices.

In the event that you do not return equipment, Comcast will either charge you a fine for unreturned equipment or turn the matter over to a collection agency. Let us expound this further in the other parts of this article.

So, what really happens if you do not return Comcast’s equipment?

When you do not return Comcast’s equipment, they will bill you for it. Unfortunately, this will be the full amount for a brand new device, even if at the time the router, modem or TV box was quite obsolete and could not be reused. It gets even more frustrating, because you will still be charged the full list price for brand new equipment even if they are the ones who failed to log it back into inventory.

Aside from that, if you do not return equipment, Comcast may end up turning the matter over to a collection agency. Once they do this, the collection agency becomes responsible for the collection of money for the unreturned equipment. It eventually goes against your credit score when you do not pay in time or when you do not pay for it at all. Unfortunately, it will always show up when anyone runs your credit history. So, you rather just pay for it and get it over with.

In this case, the total amount that you end up paying depends on what exactly the unreturned equipment is. Modems, DTA boxes and routers are much cheaper than DVR and HD boxes.

So, where can I return Comcast equipment?

Once you disconnect Xfinity services, you have only 10 days to return all equipment. The equipment should be in good working condition and should not have any missing parts. You would need to return converters and remotes to the local Comcast office.

To return Comcast equipment, you need to visit an Xfinity store or a Comcast Service center. Here, you would need to drop off your equipment, wait for it to be deleted from your account and then take the receipt that confirms return. This is the safest and most recommended method as you can physically prove the return of your equipment to Comcast.

You also have the option to drop off your Comcast equipment at a UPS store near you because Comcast/ Xfinity has partnered with multiple UPS stores across the country to accept and deliver Comcast equipment returns. Here, you would need to access the package codes and receipt to help you track the package and confirm equipment return.

Aside from that, you also have the option of using a pre-paid UPS shipping label to return equipment. However, you would need to continually follow up so that it doesn’t get lost along the way. You should receive a receipt that confirms equipment return.

A summary table for returning Comcast Equipment

Issue How to return equipment Aftermath



Returning Comcast equipment

Send the equipment to Xfinity via the prepaid UPS shipping label You will receive a prepaid shipping label to use on your package and expect a full response within 14 days
Visit an Xfinity store or Comcast Service Center You would get a receipt to confirm return and the device would immediately get deleted from your account
Stop by a local UPS store You would receive a receipt to confirm shipping and wait for about 14 days for any changes to be posted on your account

Final Thoughts

To save a ton of money when returning Comcast equipment, you need to take good care of any device that you find yourself leasing from their stores.


  1. Am I risking my credit history when I do not return Comcast equipment? Will this always show up on my credit?

Yes, you are. Unfortunately, when you do not return Comcast equipment, your dues are reflected in your credit history. Any time anyone runs your credit history, they will access the fines for your unreturned equipment.

  1. What does Comcast/ Xfinity do with returned equipment?

When you return your Comcast equipment in good condition, it is sent to a Comcast warehouse where it is cleaned up and refurbished and then they go back out to consumers through self-install kits, Xfinity stores or through techs. When you return older or damaged equipment, it is sold to other cable companies or to recycling companies.

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