How to get Xfinity 4k box


4K can give you a more immersive experience than most of the standard resolutions available. Many people are always looking for ways to view 4K content on their devices.

For you to get Xfinity 4K box, you first have to subscribe to the Xfinity cable service. You can rent an Xfinity cable box that is 4K compatible from Comcast. Some of the Xfinity cable boxes that can help you access 4K content are XG1v4 or Xi6 TV Box. Since these boxes are difficult to find online, you should visit an Xfinity store to get one. You should also have an HDMI cord and 4K TV to watch 4K programming.

What is UHD 4k content?

Before we discuss how you can access 4K content from an Xfinity box, it is important that we introduce the 4K resolution. 4K UHD is a standard resolution that can help you enjoy clear and vivid pictures. Most modern televisions use this type of resolution. 4k UHD is believed to be better than the regular HD resolution that was commonly used a few years ago. Unlike HD resolution that offers 1920 pixels, 4K technology has 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels.

Choosing 4k can help you enjoy enhanced brightness levels and greater color depth. Many people choose to watch TV shows in 4K to get a more real-life experience. Though most smart TVs have adapted 4K, not every cable provider embraces this standard resolution. Xfinity is, however, an exception since it offers 4K content in some of its boxes.

How to start viewing 4K content using an Xfinity 4K box

If you want to start enjoying 4K content, you have to subscribe to Xfinity then rent the box. This can help you start accessing 4k content in different ways. Comcast offers at least two content sources. For instance, it allows you to start streaming Netflix 4K content via the internet. This is similar to the way people plug in media streamers into their 4k compatible smart TVs. As you stream 4K content from the internet using an Xfinity 4k box, you can still enjoy the same programming selection.

Ensure that you already have a paid Netflix account to enjoy this service. Comcast also gives you the option of watching 4K content via on-demand. Once you have subscribed, you can pick from several TV shows and films. Since the 4K programming keeps on changing from time to time, you should watch the shows you like without delay since they may not always be available.

You can also access some special events in 4k, such as sporting events.  Some of the 4k events you can follow up using this Xfinity box include college football, MLB World Series, and English Premier League. The XG1v4 box is one of the options that can give you access to 4k content. As soon as you set up this box, you can set it up to a high output resolution, such as 4K UHD.

For you to achieve this, utilize the Xfinity voice remote to navigate through the device settings. Ensure that you select the section labeled video display. You will see different icons at the top of the page, which identifies 4K capability in the box. Click on video output resolution, then select the section that is labeled yes so that you can start using the box to play 4K content. If, for instance, you would like to adjust the video resolution after the setup, you can do this through the settings menu. The box enables you to start viewing different kinds of content available in 4K.

You can either choose free on-demand content or purchase it based on your specific needs. If, for instance, you are watching a particular TV show in HD, the Xfinity box allows you to convert it to a 4K version. Since it features built-in tuners, it can give you flexible viewing as well as different recording options. If you enjoy recording videos, you should consider choosing this box since it 500GB hard drive. It, therefore, allows you to store 4K videos and watch them later during your free time.

It also contains an Ethernet port that can help you connect a network router so that you can access internet-based features such as Netflix. If you prefer streaming audio from devices such as your smartphone, you can do this through this Xfinity box. Since this box offers Bluetooth support, it can help you stream music to speakers or Bluetooth headphones. Accessing 4K content through the Xi6 TV box is also a straightforward process.

The process of accessing 4k content with Xfinity box



·         Xi6 or X41v4

·         4K TV

·         HDMI cord

·         Use the voice remote to say 4k

·         This takes you to the landing page, which contains the 4K programming available

·         Go to device settings

·         Choose video display then video output resolution

·         Decide whether you want to access the free or buy on-demand content

·         The playback will be set automatically to 4k color depth, depending on your TV’scapabilities.


Since the introduction of 4K TVs, the demand for these devices keeps on increasing each day. Those who subscribe to cable services are always wondering if they can also access 4k content. 4K over cable is still limited since only a few cable providers offer it. If you want to access 4K content via cable, you should work with Comcast/ Xfinity. This is one of the cable providers that offer 4k through boxes such as XG1v4 and Xi6. You have to subscribe to the service then get the box to enjoy 4K content. Since Xfinity 4K boxes are not always available online, make a point of visiting an Xfinity store to get one.


Does cable offer 4k content?

Not every cable provider offers this type of resolution. If you still want to stream content in 4K, you should find an Xfinity box.

What services can I access from an Xfinity box?

Good Xfinity boxes offer 4K programming from streaming services like YouTube, Amazon prime video, and Netflix.

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