Geek squad vs. dell support – Which one should you choose?

Are you a dell user and are searching for support for your system? If yes, you can either choose to work with dell support or Geek squad.

Dell machines are available at both Dell and Best Buy stores. Both sources support their dell customers in different ways. You should find out how they differ to choose the option that can give you a great experience. Read on!

What are the differences between Geek squad and dell support?

Geek Squad
Dell support
Not always reliable
Quite reliable
Cost of extended warranty
Take long
Take a short time

Geek squad vs. dell support- How do they compare          


According to most customers, dell support is more reliable compared to Geek Squad. Dell support has experts that are always at your service 24/7. If you have any issues with a Dell laptop, you can get in touch with the company through social media, phone, or live chat.

This company offers not only quick but also accurate answers to questions. It even offers how-to advice to new dell customers. Though Geek Squad tries to keep up with this, some customers reveal experiencing delays.

Cost of extended warranty

Both Geek Squad and dell support give you the option of paying for an extended warranty. Dell support has more affordable rates than Geek Squad. The cost of dell support extended warranty is $99, while Geek Squad extended warranty is $129.


If your dell laptop has problems, you can either get it repaired through dell support or Geek Squad. Both have experts that can handle different kinds of repairs. Geek Squad customers, however, reveal that this service provider is slow when it comes to repairs. On the other hand, Dell support handles repairs fast so that you get back the device as soon as possible.

Geek squad vs. dell support-A comparison overview

Geek squad overview

Best Buy has been selling Dell systems for a while now. If you buy a dell computer from Best Buy, you can enjoy Geek Squad support. This offers tech support on dell systems to help you enjoy using your device for a long time without experiencing lots of issues.

If, for instance, your Dell system has a problem, you can take it to a local Best Buy store and let the Geek Squad agent work on it. Taking the system to a Best Buy store can help you get fast assistance as long as you make an appointment. Geek Squad also provides online assistance and in-home help to dell users. It can help you set up your computer or troubleshoot issues.

You can chat with an agent through the live chat feature when you have issues with the device. They can help you address the issue if it is minor. Geek Squad also offers a toll-free number that you can call if you wish to talk to a professional at no extra cost. All the dell products available at Best Buy stores come with a standard warranty that lasts for one year. According to the company policies, customers have at least 14 days to return a product if they are not content.

When you buy a dell product from Best Buy, you can choose to pay for an extended warranty. This can protect the dell device for longer than the standard warranty. During this period, you should be able to receive great support from Geek Squad.


  • It sells different dell products
  • Can repair most dell models
  • Offers different support options that you can use
  • Has various protection plans


  • Higher cost of extended warranty

Dell support overview

If you get your laptop from dell, you can get support from the company. You can contact dell through different methods such as online chat, email, or telephone. If you cannot reach out to a dell agent, you can also try contacting them through social media. According to most dell customers, the company agents offer quick and accurate answers to their questions.

Dell support offers remote tech support for any software or hardware issues that you may have with the device. For instance, dell support can help with issues to do with operating systems, applications, networking connection, and antivirus software setup. It offers phone-based and online support round the clock. You can even get assistance from Dell during the holidays. With dell support, you can also enjoy on-site repairs.

The dell trained experts can also give you different kinds of advice. For instance, they can help you figure out how to conduct data backup, personalize your computer, connect to the internet or install peripherals. When you buy a laptop from Dell, it should come with a one-year warranty. Dell, however, offers an extended warranty that you should consider to protect your device for longer.


  • It can help with hardware and software issues
  • Offers on-site repairs
  • Affordable extended warranty


  • It does not offer lots of protection plans.


If you depend on your PC for most things, you should ensure that it always performs well. Geek Squad and dell support can help you achieve this. They can both give you personalized support round the clock. They both have experts that help with different computer-related issues.

Verdict: So, which is better? Geek Squad or Dell support

After comparing the two, we discovered that Dell support is more reliable than Geek Squad. This is because it has experts that understand everything regarding dell machines and can therefore be of great service to dell customers. It also offers support through numerous methods and has an affordable extended warranty. We, therefore, choose Dell support as the clear winner.


What does the Geek Squad standard protection plan cover?

This can cover your device against failure caused by normal wear and tear or a power surge.

Does Best Buy sell Dell laptops?

Yes. You can get a dell laptop from a local Best Buy store near you. Once you buy this device, you can enjoy Geek Squad tech support.

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