VYVE vs CenturyLink – Which Between the Two is the Better Internet Provider?

There is not much to compare when it comes to internet service providers, as your choices will depend on your needs as the consumer. If you are looking for broadband internet, chances are you have come across VYVE and CenturyLink, and want to compare them to see which will work for you.


Comparison table of VYVE and CenturyLink Internet

VYVE Internet
CenturyLink Internet
Number of tiers
Pricing per month
Ranges from $29.99 to

$79.99 monthly
Ranges from $50 to $65 monthly
Data allocations per month
Between 1 GB and 2 GB per month
Download speeds
Range from 105 Mbps to 940 Mbps depending on plan
Maximum of 940 Mbps, symmetrical speeds

VYVE vs CenturyLink – How they compare

Data allocations

The two providers have similar tiers and characteristics, even down to their internet speeds. However, when it comes to data allocation, CenturyLink takes on a more liberal approach and gives its customers unlimited data, as well as a no-contract policy to attract more subscribers to its platform.

VYVE has a more unclear policy as it is not certain if they offer contracts or not, and they do not elaborate much on their website either. Regardless of that, they do state their data allocations depending on the plan you choose, and you get an allocation of between 1 and 2 GB per month.

Due to their unlimited data and no contract policy, CenturyLink wins this comparison – their platform offers better value for money in the long term.


Both platforms offer three tiers with similar speeds, so there is not much to compare using these criteria. VYVE seems like a cheaper option compared to CenturyLink if we were to consider pricing, with their lowest-priced plan going for $29.99 and the lowest CenturyLink plan going for $50. However, VYVE’s unclear terms make it risky to sign up for their service, as you are unsure of whether the prices will increase unexpectedly or not.

For this reason, we find CenturyLink is a better choice between the two, as it offers more stability in pricing over the long term.


VYVE vs CenturyLink – A comparison review

VYVE Review

There is not much to note when reviewing VYVE Internet, as they do not have a wide base of operations or a wide customer base. Founded by former executives of Bresnan Communications, VYVE offers a range of internet services such as fiber and broadband services as well as connectivity for residential and commercial customers. They are not as popular though, due to their high price points and poor quality of services.


  • Their internet speeds are relatively good
  • Good monthly data allocations for each plan


  • Poor quality of customer service
  • Very limited coverage area
  • Their policies regarding account cancellation and refunds are unclear
  • Very expensive compared to other providers, as they also charge for inactive services and accounts
  • They do not offer discounts to their customers


CenturyLink Review

This internet provider is well-known by many for its former Price for Life policy, but they still aim to offer good speeds at affordable prices. When signing up to their service, you can choose between their DSL or fiber connections, depending on what option is available to you – fiber is only in select areas, while most of the coverage comprises of the DSL option.


  • Both their DSL and fiber plans are affordable compared to most ISPs
  • No contracts needed and they offer unlimited data
  • No worries about sudden overcharges and cancellation fees
  • Select cities have the choice of Gig internet


  • Their DSL speeds can vary greatly, depending on location
  • Your plan selection is limited based on your address


Conclusion: Which is better? VYVE or CenturyLink?

Comparing the two providers, CenturyLink is the clear winner because it offers more in terms of data allocations and speeds, as well as greater availability throughout the country.



Is fiber optic internet better than CenturyLink?

Yes, in many ways it is. This is because fiber internet is more efficient in its operation and has faster speeds, although CenturyLink still offers it in select areas in the US.

Is CenturyLink the worst internet provider?

No, it is not. They may not be the best internet provider (if there are alternative ISPs you can explore in your area, you can do so), but they work well for people living and working in areas where a variety of choices are unavailable. They also offer DSP internet as their main connection, which is quite fast when there is little traffic.

Who is the best internet provider?

Depending on your needs, different internet providers will satisfy different requirements. Overall, some of the best options include Verizon, Xfinity, Cox, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Spectrum internet.

Is CenturyLink good for rural areas?

Yes, in many cases. In many rural areas, the only option is to get DSL speeds, which can range between 1 and 100 Mbps, and CenturyLink provides these areas with the connections they need.

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