CenturyLink vs MetroNet – the Battle of ISPs Offering Similar Services

CenturyLink and MetroNet are both rising in popularity, as many people get connected to the internet and are seeking ISPs to help them achieve that.

CenturyLink and MetroNet share many similarities in their service setup and quality: they both offer unlimited plans, both do not have contract commitments on their plans, and both offer plenty of value for your money. However, they do have their differences, which we will compare in this review and see which one fits your needs better.


Differences between CenturyLink and METRONET

Connection types
DSL, cable, fiber
Monthly pricing
Ranges between $49.95 and $69.95 (only for the first 6 or 24 months, depending on plan)
Ranges between $50 and $65 (depending on whether you choose the DSL or fiber option)

CenturyLink vs MetroNet – How they compare

Internet setup

CenturyLink is well-known for their mostly-DSL networks, which are present in all the states they are currently in. Aside from their DSL option, they also offer Fiber internet in select cities, and cable internet for people who wish to choose this option. This also means that their speeds and plans will vary according to your location, which is a disadvantage if you live in an area where you can only access their DSL plans, despite the relatively affordable pricing.

On the other hand, MetroNet only uses a fiber system to connect their customers to the internet. This has a major advantage, as it will make your download and upload speeds more reliable, alongside the benefit of unlimited data. They also offer a wide range of download speeds, which increases your chances of getting a deal you want and not pay extra money for extra speeds.

Between the two providers, MetroNet wins in this area of internet connectivity and reliability, as they use fiber connections that are more stable.


MetroNet offers excellent internet services, although these benefits come at a cost: the pricing. Many users may not see the fine print in their terms, but looking at it reveals that their promotional prices are available for all their plans except the 100 Mbps plan. The promotional prices also last for a shorter time compared to what many ISPs will give you: while most ISP promotional prices last for a year, MetroNet only offers them for 6 months in the Gig plan, and 24 months if you go for the 200 or 500 Mbps plan. After the promotional period ends, you begin paying $10 more per month.

However, CenturyLink prices are quite low, with their prices ranging from $50 and $65 depending on the plan you choose. They do not offer contracts though, so you will not experience sudden increases in monthly payments after a certain period lapses.

The predictability of CenturyLink Internet makes it a better option, as you can plan ahead with your budgetary needs.


The availability of MetroNet is quite limited, compared to CenturyLink’s network. CenturyLink offers their internet connection services in 37 states, while MetroNet is only available in the Midwest – if you want to verify whether their service is in your location, you can call their customer care on (855) 969-7050.

It is always best to choose a widely available internet provider, so CenturyLink is the best option in many areas, although MetroNet is the best choice if you are in the Midwest.


CenturyLink vs MetroNet – A comparison review

CenturyLink Review

CenturyLink is a great provider, although your experience greatly depends on the speeds you get in your area. If you can only access the slower speed plans, you can explore alternative ISPs in your area, while CenturyLink’s fiber internet option is a good bargain and is worth considering – if you can get it.


  • No contracts on any of their plans
  • All plans have unlimited data
  • Select cities have fiber connections available
  • Widely available connectivity


  • Poor customer service
  • Download speeds have confusing availability


MetroNet Review

MetroNet is among the best options if you want high-speed internet with no contract commitments and no data caps, as long as you live in the Midwest of the US. However, its price points may seem too good to be true, as they offer some of the lowest prices we have seen – but there is a catch: it does not last long.


  • Offers unlimited data on all their plans
  • They do not have contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time
  • Full-fiber connectivity


  • Customer service is not good
  • It is only available in the Midwest US
  • The gig plan promotional price only lasts half a year


Verdict: So, which one is better? CenturyLink or MetroNet?

It is a tough choice comparing the two providers, as they are similar in many ways. However, after this comparison, we will say that MetroNet is the winner based on their fiber-only connectivity, as well as stable and reliable internet service quality.



How can I reset my MetroNet router?

You do so by toggling the power switch on and off, which will result in the router rebooting. This process will take a few minutes, and the router network should appear on your device.

Can I get CenturyLink where I live?

If you want to verify whether CenturyLink serves your area, you can call 1-888-781-8044.

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