Hargray vs CenturyLink – Which DSL Internet Provider Should I choose?

Hargray and CenturyLink are quite challenging to compare, as there is not much information on both of them – however, we will do our best to do a comprehensive review to help you make a comprehensive choice.

Gathering information on both Hargray and CenturyLink is a challenge, especially in the case of Hargray. They share many similarities though, such as their focus on DSL internet connectivity, but the differences are still there and make choosing between them very important if you want to maximize your internet usage experience. We will do a comparison between the two, and help you make a more informed choice.

Differences between Hargray and CenturyLink

Number of tiers
Monthly pricing (for the first year)
·         $55 monthly (Starter pack for 200 Mbps)

·         $75 monthly (Internet and TV for 200 Mbps)

·         $95 monthly (Internet, TV, and Phone)
·         $50 monthly (DSL option with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps)

·         $65 monthly (Fiber option with a maximum speed of 940 Mbps)
Setup fee
$50 (includes professional installation)
$99 for technician installation (although you can self-install)
Yes (last for one year)

Hargray vs CenturyLink – How they compare

Contracts and pricing

CenturyLink does not offer contracts, which results in their prices remaining quite low compared to most ISPs – even after removing their Price for Life guarantee. They do aim to give you plenty of value for your money, although there are some disadvantages with their service such as confusing download speed availability. On the other hand, Hargray has contracts that you get when joining any of their plans, with all plans lasting for a year. The disadvantage though is that their plans are quite expensive, with payments starting from $55 monthly.

CenturyLink wins in the area of pricing and contracts, as you can sign up for their plans without any commitments necessary, as well as paying lower fees.

Setup fees

The setup fees if you choose professional installation are also different, although CenturyLink gives you the opportunity to self-install your own modem, while Hargray does not allow for self-installation. Hargray charges you a total of $50, while CenturyLink charges you $99.

CenturyLink is the more expensive option, but their allowance for self-installation makes them a better choice for your ISP.


Hargray vs CenturyLink – A comparison review

Hargray Communications review

Hargray Communications offers their internet services in the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, with an estimated 170,000 to 200,000 people accessing their fiber optic internet option. Their internet connections are in Copper internet, DSL, Cable, Fiber, and fiber broadband, making them similar to CenturyLink in this area.


  • You can access their services and apply for internet connection in some remote parts of the country
  • The phone and online customer services are good


  • Poor internet speeds
  • Repeated incidents of sudden decreasing speeds and loss of phone service
  • Relatively expensive, considering the limited services it offers
  • Tend to raise monthly fees without warning


CenturyLink internet review

CenturyLink is well-known for giving both DSL and fiber internet, and the best aspect is the lack of contracts and commitments. This frees you from expensive monthly fees, and keeps your fees down despite their removal of their Price for Life guarantee.


  • Very affordable compared to most providers
  • Unlimited data available


  • The speeds you get can vary according to your location
  • You get limited selection of plans based on your address


Verdict: So, who is the winner? Hargray or CenturyLink?

CenturyLink emerges as the winner of this review because of their commitment to offer internet and phone services at affordable costs, without burdening you with contract commitments. They are also more widely available, which is a plus for them as they get to reach a wider customer base.



How can I cancel Hargray Internet services?

To cancel their services, you can call their customer support team on HAGRAY (877.427.4729).

Can I get a discounted rate from CenturyLink when bundling services?

Yes, although this will apply when you bundle certain services. CenturyLink specifies all relevant bundles on their website.

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