CenturyLink vs. Spectrum

CenturyLink has an edge when you are looking for incredibly fast fiber speeds, which is what many people want. The plan is also less expensive than spectrum. However, if you are looking for TV service and reliable internet go with Spectrum.

Both service providers offer no contract internet plans. CenturyLink offers its internet fiber, cable, and DSL while Spectrum offers you cable and fiber. CenturyLink is cheaper with its $30-65 per month service while Spectrum offers their internet at $49.99-109.99.

Both service providers offer you high-speed plans, contract-free plans, and phone service. You have download speeds of up to 100-940Mbps for CenturyLink while Spectrum offers you 200-1,000Mbps. You can rent equipment for $15/month with CenturyLink or make a one-off payment of $150. Spectrum offers you an equipment charge of $5.00/month. CenturyLink comes with an installation fee of $125.00 while Spectrum costs you up to $199.00.

Packages and pricing

Spectrums plans start at 200Mbps while those of CenturyLink begin at 100Mbps. Both service providers offer an average price of $50/month. While CenturyLink plans are cheaper, Spectrum plans ensure that your household have sufficient bandwidth which allows them to support multiple users for things like games, streaming movies and heavy downloads.

CenturyLink offers you the simply unlimited internet for $50.00/month and this gives you access to up to 100Mbps. The plan operates on the DSL line. They also have the CenturyLink fiber for $65/month and this gives you access to speeds of up to 940Mbps. With the internet plans you do not need to worry much about data caps. The fiber option is pricier than other plans but does cost the same as Spectrum Internet Ultra.

Spectrum plans start with the Spectrum Internet at $49.99/month and with speeds of up to 200Mbps. You then have the Spectrum Internet Ultra for $69.99/month and with speeds of 400Mbps. The Spectrum Internet goes for $109.99/month and offers speeds of 1,000Mbps. The last option is the Spectrum Internet Assist going for $17.99/month and offering speeds of up to 30Mbps. All the packages operate on cable.

Spectrum offers you faster speeds than CenturyLink and they have more plans for consumers. This gives them great versatility when it comes to individual needs. While Spectrum prices are almost the same as CenturyLink for the first year, it increases once the promotional offers ends.

Internet speeds

While both providers offers plans with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, CenturyLink fiber is more affordable than Spectrum Gig plan. Fiber is also better than cable in offering low latency and reliable internet. However, Spectrum achieves its advertised speeds better than CenturyLink.

When it comes to internet plans you can have it as DSL, cable or fiber. DSL is more widely available in many locations across the country. You will find it in rural areas where major cable companies do not have a reach. The plan uses existing phone lines and you can get speeds of up to 100Mbps. Cable is a bit faster than DSL but it comes with the disadvantage of congestion during peak seasons. Fiber is the most reliable and widely used form of transmitting internet services. It is fast and allows exceptionally fast speeds. Both service providers do not offer data caps with their internet and this means you can stream as much as you want.

Installation fees

Both companies also do not have contracts, which mean you can switch to one service provider without incurring cancellation fees. CenturyLink charges an installation fee of $125 and equipment rental of $15/Month. For declined payment you are charged a penalty of $10-$25 per incident.

Compared to Spectrum, CenturyLink is a bit pricier when it comes to installation fees charging almost five times what Spectrum charges. The Gateway rental is also quite high at $15/month. Spectrum charges you $5.00/month for Wi-Fi rental, $49.99 for equipment shipping and handling, $199.99 for Internet Gig installation fee and Wi-Fi installation fee of $9.99.

Spectrum may look as one that has more prices but comparing them to CenturyLink the company is a bit cheaper.

Renting equipment

Both companies give you the ability to rent a modem/router. For CenturyLink you are charged $15/month which gives you a decent Gateway. Spectrum does not charge for its modems but rents them for free. However, you are charged $5/month if you want to upgrade from the basic modem they offer to a Wi-Fi Gateway. For consumers, renting routers from service providers is something you should carefully consider as the amounts due rise up over time. It may make better sense to purchase your own. CenturyLink does offer their own set of approved equipment which they charge $150.

Both ISPs come with their own set of mobile apps that allow you to manage your router settings on the go. You can use the apps to view your billings, reboot modem, and solve various troubleshooting issues. The apps are available for download from both iOS and Android.

Service Type
DSL, fiber, copper/fixed wireless
High-speed plans
TV service
Contract-free plans
Select Plans
Phone service


Both service providers offer reliable and fast internet plans, however, if you want fast fiber internet than go with CenturyLink. CenturyLink is the cheaper option hence is our winner for this round. Spectrum does stand out with its reliable internet and its advertised speeds are very close to what you get.


CenturyLink or Spectrum?

Spectrum is better when it comes to equipment rental and installation the fee system for Spectrum is more transparent cheaper than that of CenturyLink.

CenturyLink fiber vs. Spectrum?

If you are looking for incredibly fast fiber internet access than go with CenturyLink fiber

CenturyLink Internet vs. Spectrum?

If you are looking for the cheapest option than go with CenturyLink because its $50/month DSL is cheaper than Spectrum 200Mbps plan

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum Internet speed?

If you are looking for reliable speeds in the 100-1000Mbps category than go with Spectrum. The company also has a reputation for maintaining the advertised speeds

Which is better Spectrum or CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is cheaper than Spectrum

Is CenturyLink a good internet provider?

Yes, they offer affordable and reliable internet services

Is CenturyLink and Spectrum the same?

No, they are different companies

What Wi-Fi is better than Spectrum?

Xfinity internet

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