Nextlink vs CenturyLink – Which Between the Two is the More Affordable Internet Option?

Nextlink and CenturyLink are well known for their affordable services, which make them popular choices among people who want internet access in their homes at a budget. This makes it helpful to compare them, as one may better suit your needs compared to the other.

Internet access is a growing priority for many people, as many businesses use it to handle all their daily transactions and residential areas use it if you are working from home as well as a primary entertainment source through social media and streaming services. That makes it important to choose a worthwhile provider, and we will compare two ISPs in this review that are fairly similar to each other: Nextlink and CenturyLink.


Differences between Nextlink and CenturyLink

Number of tiers
Monthly payments
Range between $49.95 and $119.95 monthly (if you are paying month-to-month) depending on the speed
You pay $50 monthly for DSL, and $65 for fiber connections
Yes (if you choose a two-year agreement). The month-to-month payment option does not have contracts.
Early termination fee
Data caps

Nextlink vs CenturyLink – How they compare


Nextlink is among the smaller ISP companies in the US, with their services being available only in Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas. On the other hand, CenturyLink has a much wider user base, as their services are spread out across 37 states; their DSL network covers all these states, while their fiber optic network covers about 10 states.

If you want a widely available service, CenturyLink wins this category as you can access their internet connections from multiple cities and states.

Pricing structure and tiers

Nextlink uses an interesting pricing structure across their 7 tiers. Their payment rates begin from $49.95 monthly when you choose a two-year payment option on their NEXT15 plan, and this is a standard starting rate in the industry, as it is affordable for many people.

With that said, the ratio of price and speed is quite high compared to other providers, as prices go to $139.95 monthly on their highest plan if you want to pay your bills on a monthly basis, or $119.95 monthly if you choose the two-year advance payment option. The only plan that does not have a two-year advance payment option is their NEXT10 plan, as you will pay $59.95 monthly to get 10 Mbps.

CenturyLink is slightly different in their pricing. Their DSL speeds range from 15 to 100 Mbps and the fiber plan has maximum speeds of 940 Mbps, with pricing depending on whether you choose the DSL plan or Fiber plan. If you go for the DSL plan, you will pay a monthly fee of $50, while users of the fiber internet plan pay $65 monthly.

The prices you will pay will depend on your location, as some areas of the country only have access to the DSL plans and others have both DSL and fiber; therefore, these prices are also subject to changes. Additionally, even with the recent removal of their Price for Life Guarantee, their prices remain relatively low when comparing them to other fiber internet plans – including Nextlink.

In terms of pricing, we prefer Nextlink’s approach; they offer flexible payment plans, as well as the choice between plans with contracts and without contracts.


While both Nextlink and CenturyLink are similar in their internet service terms such as offering the same maximum speeds of 100 Mbps and having no data caps, their contract policies are slightly different.

Nextlink contracts largely depend on whether you choose to pay for your internet connection on a monthly basis, or whether you choose to pay for it two years in advance. The monthly payment format does not include contracts, so you are free to cancel your subscription at any time, and with no early termination fees. On the other hand, the two-year payment option has a contract attached to it, so nullifying the agreement attracts an early termination fee of $400.

CenturyLink is different in this regard, as it does not offer contract commitments on any of its plans. Alongside the unlimited data caps and relatively affordable prices, it offers plenty of value for your money in the long term.

It is a difficult call choosing one of these as the winner of this round, but we will go with CenturyLink as all their plans do not have contract commitments, allowing you to cancel at any time.


Nextlink vs CenturyLink – A comparison review

Nextlink Review

There are plenty of perks that come with using Nextlink Internet, such as few outages as well as no data limits. Their customer service is also easy to reach, and their website has a section that allows you to test your internet speeds. Additionally, they offer different plans that cater to users of different budgets, so you can find a plan that works for you.


  • All their plans have flexible month-to-month options, with most plans including an option to pay for two years
  • Wide range of plans available to suit the needs of multiple users
  • Prices are quite affordable
  • Customer service is good, and they offer other help options


  • It is not the best option if you want high speeds, greater than 100 Mbps
  • The upload speeds are much slower compared to the download speeds
  • Month-to-month payments are more expensive in the long term compared to the two-year payment option
  • Limited availability


CenturyLink Review

CenturyLink has recently rebranded itself as Lumen Technologies, but it still offers the same services with the same benefits. Its low-priced plans compared to most providers, lack of contract commitments, and relatively good speeds make it an attractive option if it is available in your area.


  • Offers very affordable plans, both in their fiber and DSL options
  • No contracts needed on any plan
  • All plans have unlimited data, so you will not need to worry about overcharge fees


  • DSL speeds tend to vary greatly depending on your location
  • The plans you can get are limited in certain areas


Verdict: So, which is better? Nextlink or CenturyLink?

Both CenturyLink and Nextlink are quite similar in their internet packages and benefits, so it is not easy to compare them. However, we choose CenturyLink as the overall winner, thanks to their availability and lower prices overall.



What type of internet connections does Nextlink use?

They use both fixed wireless systems and fiber lines.

How can I find out if CenturyLink services my area?

You can call their customer service on 1-888-781-8044.

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