Play Station Vue vs. DirecTV Now – Which one makes a better service for binge watchers?

With high subscription costs and an incredible selection from which to choose, and a considerable library as well as lower monthly costs, these two live stream platforms offer different services to users, but which one is better?

For binge watchers, one of the most important aspects to look out for when getting a live streaming service is cloud DVR storage. The more content they can record, the better. This is the case with Play Station Vue, but it comes at a higher cost when compared to DirecTV Now that has limited DVR, but that is considerably cheaper.

When to use Play Station Vue

This live streaming service is extremely ideal for people who like to pick a show and watch it for hours on end until it is done. It is great for binge watchers, and the best thing is that it comes with a good deal of recording space. It also proves ideal for a large household since it allows for streaming on multiple gadgets.

When to use DirecTV Now

With this live streaming service, you can be sure that you will have a decent selection of programs and channels from which to choose, and it comes with an ideal balance between entertainment, news, sports and even lifestyle content. It is also quite affordable, and is also great for a family setting where individuals stream on different platforms.

Play Station Vue vs. DirecTV Now Feature Comparison

          Play Station Vue
DirecTV Now
On Demand TV
Number of Channels
113 (+ add-ons)
139 (+ add-ons)
Monthly Subscription
$44.99 to $79.99
$40 to $75

Play Station Vue vs. DirecTV Now – What criteria did we use to evaluate them?

Even though both of these services are made to facilitate live streaming, we decided to focus our attention on which one of the two is most ideal as far as viewer options offered against the amount of money paid for the service. We also evaluated them based on;

  • Ease of customization
  • Cloud DVR
  • Simultaneous streaming

Play Station Vue vs. DirecTV Now – A Detailed Review

Play Station Vue Review

This service is known for its wide selection of shows that are picked from different categories to include entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news. It is a favorite among people who like to binge watch, and who like to record their shows to watch later at their own pace.

Play Station Vue does not necessarily come cheap, but the monthly subscription is dependent on the package you select. Below are the packages offered and the price for each.

  • Access –                              45+ Channels                     –              $49.99 per month
  • Core –                              65+ Channels                     –              $49.99 per month
  • Elite –                              85+ Channels                     –              $59.99 per month
  • Ultra –                              85+ Channels                     –              $79.99 per month

Unlike other live streaming platforms, this one comes with a good deal of options, allowing you to choose a package that works for you. In addition, each package has its own unique add-ons, an indication that you can customize yourpackage to a certain extent.

One of the features that make this service quite unique is the fact that you get to enjoy unlimited DVR storage. You can record as many shows as you would like to watch later, making it ideal for people who like to binge watch content such as series, documentaries and movies.

It also comes with an impressive library for on-demand TV, and this library comes with shows from a couple premium channels such as HBO. As an added advantage, you can stream content through 5 devices at the same time.

Bundle Cost
$49.99 to $79.99 per month
Cloud DVR
Unlimited – Keeps recorded content as long as you like
Streams per account
Maximum of 5


  • Comes with 4 bundles from which to choose
  • Allows for add-ons
  • Supports up to 5 live streams at a time
  • Comes with on-demand tv


  • A bit pricey

DirecTV Now Review

When compared to Play Station Vue, DirecTV Now comes across as a live streaming service for people that like to watch content from different channels, especially those that are happening live. It is a service that comes with all categories of channels, and allows for people to consume an impressive variety.

Just like Play Station Vue, this service comes with a number of bundles from which to choose, and they include;

  • Live a Little –                              65+ Channels                     –              $40.00 per month
  • Just Right –                              85+ Channels                     –              $55.00 per month
  • Go Big –                              105+ Channels                  –              $65.00 per month
  • Gotta Have It –                              125+ Channels                  –              $75.00 per month
  • Todo y Mas –                              90+ Channels                     –              $45.00 per month

From the list above, it is clear that this live stream service comes with an extra Spanish package that is actually considerably cheap. The beauty of having such options is that you get to choose what works for you, and you get to spend what is convenient for you. This service also supports add-ons, making it more customizable to consumers.

The main downside is that it does not come with unlimited DVR, offering only 20 hours. This makes it unsuitable for people who like to binge watch content.

Bundle Cost
$40.00 to $75.00 per month
Cloud DVR
20 hours only
Streams per account
Maximum of 3


  • Comes with 5 bundles from which to choose
  • Allows for bundle customization and add-ons
  • It is pretty affordable
  • Comes with on-demand TV


  • Does not come with unlimited DVR recording

Play Station Vue vs. DirecTV Now – How do they compare?

Number of available channels

With Play Station Vue, the package with most channels, which is the Play Station Vue Ultra, comes with a maximum of 85 channels, and costs a monthly fee of $79.99. it also supports add-ons, and they are included in this fee.

On the other hand, DirecTV Now’s largest package, Gotta Have It, offers 125 channels at a cost of $75.00 per month, and it also includes add-ons. This makes it cheaper and more economical than Play Station Vue. 

Cloud DVR

With DirecTV Now, users only gain access to a maximum of 20 hours storage, making it unsuitable for users who like to record a lot of content to watch later. This service is bets for individuals who like to scroll through channels and watch real time content.

Play Station Vue comes with unlimited DVR recording, making it ideal for storage of programs and series to watch later at your convenience, making it better that DirecTV Now in this regard. 

Number of Live streams

With DirecTV Now, you will be able to live stream content from three different devices, but Play Station Vue allows for streaming on 5 different screens at the same time, making it a better service than DirecTV Now.


Even though DirecTV Now comes with more bundles and more affordable monthly rates, it fails to capture the essence of storage that is crucial to many binge watchers. This is why Play Station Vue beats it to become the better service since it allows for users to store as much content as they like to watch at their own convenience.  It also allows for more screens at a time, making it more ideal for larger families.


  1. For how long does Play Station Vue store recorded content?

It keeps it in storage for 28 days.

  1. Can I watch Cinemax on DirecTV Now?

Yes, you can.

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