Pluto TV vs. AT&T TV – Where are you likely to get more entertainment?

Whenever you think of live streaming services, what comes to mind is premium content, especially where sports and entertainment go. But is this always the case?

Even though both of them are considered live streaming services, Pluto TV and AT&T TV are very different. They stream different content, have different features, and they certainly do not cost the same. Pluto TV is ideal for people who like to scroll through channels, and who like to save a couple dollars here and there. AT&T TV, on the other hand, is great for premium TV, and allows users to record content to watch later.

When to Use Pluto TV

As a live streaming service, Pluto TV comes with a good number of channels, but most of them are unconventional, and you will find that a good number of them are not premium. For this reason, this service proves ideal for people who like to browse through channels and to catch content that is diverse but unconventional. It also makes an ideal service for people who like to save their money.

When to Use AT&T TV

With a good number of channels that present premium content, and an impressive number of bundles to choose from, AT&T TV makes an ideal service for people that like diversity in the content they consume.It also strikes a balance between cable and live stream TV, proving ideal to people who like both. It is also convenient for people who like to binge watch shows.

Pluto TV vs. AT&T TV Feature Comparison

               Pluto TV
                AT&T TV
On Demand TV
Number of Channels
Available + Decoder
Monthly Subscription

Pluto TV vs. AT&T TV – What criteria did we use to evaluate them?

Seeing as both services are ideally meant to replace cable TV, we evaluated their efficiency based on the following;

  • Total number of channels available
  • Number of premium channels and programs available
  • Cloud DVR storage
  • Cost for monthly subscriptions

We also sought to determine the better live stream service of the two as far as quality of content as compared to the price paid for it, as well as the freedom to customize your channels to include add-ons.

Pluto TV vs. AT&T TV – AN In-depth Review

Pluto TV Review

With an impressive list of over 100 channels from which to choose, and an on-demand library of over 1,000 movies, Pluto TV offers its user an incredible variety from which to choose. And the good news is that you do not have to spend a dime paying for it.

It comes as an ideal replacement for cable TV, and the best thing is that it is free. However, when it comes to actual content, it is quite limited in variety, especially as far as new shows go, and where premium content is concerned. There is also another drawback, but a good number of people have found that they can liv with it. Pluto TV comes with many advertisements in between shows, and this may prove a disadvantage to people who prefer to watch their content uninterrupted.

Also, it is not ideal for people who like to binge watch content, especially because it does not come with Cloud DVR storage. This means that you can only watch content as it shows, and you cannot record to watch later. However, you will have access to over 100 channels which are diverse in content. It is, however, worth noting that most of the channels contain unconventional material, and it may be difficult to find premium content as you desire.

When it comes to visual quality, most content is streamed in SD and HD.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Image quality
SD and HD
Number of movies


  • Comes with many channels from which to choose
  • It is a free service
  • Has a large library for movies
  • Comes with closed captioning


  • Does not come with Cloud DVR
  • Comes with many ads

AT&T TV Review

With a diversity of channels from which to choose, AT&T TV makes sure that you have an incredible range of programs from all categories, including entertainment, news, sports and even lifestyle. This service is considered one of the expensive ones, and it comes with 4 main bundles from which to choose. They are;

  • Entertainment –                              65+ Channels                     –              $49.99
  • Choice –                              85+ Channels                     –              $54.99
  • Xtra –                              105+ Channels                  –              $64.99
  • Ultimate –                              125+ Channels                  –              $69.99

Each package comes with a different advantage, and capitalizes on different categories to suit the viewers. With the Entertainment bundle, you get a lot of entertainment while the Choice bundle gives you lots of lifestyle. Xtra, on the other hand, comes with loads of sports while Ultimate makes an incredible bundle for movie lovers.

As an added advantage, you will have access to up to 500 hours of cloud DVR, allowing you to record loads of shows to watch later at your own convenience. This means that you do not have to be present for a show since all you need to do is record to watch later. In addition, you will have access to up to 5,000 shows and movies from the on-demand library.

One of AT&T TV’s most unique features is that it comes with its own decoder, and you can also access it from an app. This makes control pretty easy. The set top box is slim and sleek, and it comes with an HDMI port that allows you to connect it to your TV.

Bundle Cost
$49.99 to $69.99
Cloud DVR
Up to 500 hours
Image quality
HD and FHD
Number of on-demand movies and shows


  • Comes with many premium channels and movies
  • Comes with loud DVR storage
  • Comes with a set top box as well as an app
  • Comes with multiple bundles


  • The best bundles are pretty pricey

Pluto TV vs. AT&T TV – How do they compare?

Number of available channels

With Pluto TV, viewers have access to over 100 channels, but the bulk of these do not come with premium content. On the other hand, AT&T TV comes with over 125 channels on its largest bundle, and a good deal of them contain premium content, and this makes it better than Pluto TV. 

Cloud DVR

Pluto TV does not, unfortunately, come with Cloud DVR, and this means that you cannot be able to record shows that you would like to watch later which is quite a letdown for binge watchers.

Comparably, AT&T TV comes with up to 500 hours of Cloud DVR, allowing you to record content that you can watch later, and this sets it ahead of Pluto TV in this regard.

Streaming Quality

With Pluto TV, most of the content is streamed in SD (420p) and HD (720p). There is, unfortunately, no content that streams in 1080p on this live stream service.

With AT&T TV, however, you get to watch content in HD (720p) and in FHD (1080p), making it better than Pluto Tv in this regard. 


Even though Pluto TV comes with a good deal of channels from which to choose at literally no cost, it is unlikely that you are going to enjoy most of the content, especially if you have a preference for premium content. AT&T TV manages to capture the best as far as content goes, and it also allows you to record shows that you would like to watch later, and these features are what make it a much better live stream service.


  1. Do I need to pay an activation fee for AT&T TV?

Yes, an activation fee of $19.95 is required.

  1. Can I play Pluto TV on Apple devices?

Yes, you can.

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