Philo TV vs. YouTube TV – Which Platform will satisfy your streaming needs better?

You are likely looking to make a shift from regular cable TV to a live streaming platform and are wondering what direction to look. Given the choice, should you choose Philo TV or YouTube TV?

Philo TV is one of the most commonly used live streaming services, and it is pretty affordable. However, it is limited in the number of channels that are accessible to you, and customization is also pretty low. YouTube TV is considerably pricier, but it delivers a much wider selection of channels and programs, and they happen to be the most popular. 

When to use Philo TV

Philo TV makes an ideal streaming platform for persons that are not so enthusiastic about consuming new content. It is actually best for people that do not consume lots of TV altogether, particularly because it supports older channels that are not too new anymore. It also comes with few channels, reducing the scope of your choices.

When to use YouTube TV

If you are a fan of cable TV, YouTube TB will be the best match for you. It comes with a conveniently wide selection of channels and programs from which to choose, but it definitely costs more. You can find sports, lifestyle, entertainment and also news on multiple channels on this platform. 

Philo TV vs. YouTube TV Feature Comparison

               Philo TV
               YouTube TV
On Demand TV
Number of Channels
Monthly Subscription

Philo TV vs. YouTube TV – What criteria did we use to evaluate them?

Seeing as both Philo TV and YouTube TV are made available to consumers as live streaming platforms, it is expected that they have a good number of similarities. However, we sought o find out their differences to determine which one makes a better platform for consumers based on;

  • Number of available channels
  • Cost of a standard bundle
  • Variety of channels and programs available

Philo TV vs. YouTube TV – An In-depth Overview

Philo TV Review

This streaming service is currently one of the most affordable in the market, and this is one of the features that make it really popular. It only requires a monthly subscription of $20, and you are good to go. At this price, you will gain access to more than 55 channels that are mainly focused on entertainment and lifestyle.

The main disappointment associated with Philo TV is that it does not support add-ons, and you can only watch that which is already available, much unlike other streaming services that allow for bundle expansion and customization at an extra cost.

One of the features that stands out about this streaming platform is that it comes with unlimited DVR recording, but your recorded content stays saved for a period of 1 month. It also comes with on-demand viewing, and it comes with an impressive library from which to pick. You can use this platform over internet enabled devices, and the best thing is that you do not require a decoder for it.

The main downside to this platform is that it is very limited as far as sports go, and it also does not offer any news channels, requiring you to find an alternative source for this such as cable TV.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Unlimited – Keeps recorded content for 1 month
Streams per account
Maximum of 3
7 days free trial


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a wide selection of entertainment and lifestyle channels
  • Allows for 3 streams at a time
  • Comes with unlimited DVR storage
  • Allows a 7 day free trial period


  • Limited sports and news channels
  • Does not support add-ons

YouTube TV Review

If you are looking to get a variety of options as far as entertainment, sports, news and lifestyle go, YouTube TV might just be the plug for you. For a total of 85+ channels, you are required to pay a monthly subscription of $64.99, which may sound steep when compared to Philo TV, but it offers a good deal more. It also allows for a couple of add-ons at an extra fee.

One of the features that makes this streaming platform more expensive is the wide selection of sports channels which have a tendency to be very pricey. This allows for a wide selection for sports enthusiasts. When it comes to DVR recording, this platform provides unlimited space and allows your content to stay up to 9 months.

It also comes with a library for on-demand viewing and it has a wide selection from which to choose. Thankfully, you can use it on multiple internet enabled devices, but it only allows for 3 streams at a time. However, it allows for 6 separate profiles on the same account.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Unlimited – Keeps recorded content for 9 months
Streams per account
Maximum of 3
7 days free trial


  • Comes with a wide assortment of channels
  • Comes with unlimited DVR recording
  • Has a wide sports and news channels selection
  • Does not require a decoder
  • Allows for streaming across 3 devices at a time


  • A bit pricey
  • Has just one bundle

Philo TV vs. YouTube TV – How do they compare?

Number of channels

Seeing as it is the cheaper one of the two, it is no wonder that Philo TV offers slightly over 55 channels for subscribers. These 55 channels are mostly comprised of entertainment and lifestyle, and you may have to find cable TV if you would like to consume news and sports content. This service will cost you $20 in monthly subscription.

YouTube TV presents a wider selection with a total of 85 channels and the option for add-ons, making it better than Philo TV. It is great for entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news, and costs $64.99 monthly.

Cloud DVR

If you like to record shows to watch later, you will be glad to know that Philo TV offers a platform for this, allowing you unlimited space for all your recordings. However, the recorded content can only last a month.

On the other hand, YouTube TV also comes with unlimited Cloud DVR storage, and you can store content for a period of nine months, making it better than Philo TV in this regard.

Streams per Account

With a Philo account, you will be able to stream content on three devices at a time, a characteristic that is petty convenient.

YouTube TV also comes with the same number of streams at a time, but it allows users to set up 6 separate accounts at the same time, making it better than Philo TV. 


Looking at the variance as far as number of channels and available content goes, it is safe to say that these two platforms are as similar as they are different.Philo TV is most ideal for people that have a keen interest for lifestyle and entertainment while YouTube TV is ideal for people that like a balance of lifestyle, entertainment, sports and news.

Bearing this in mind, it is pretty obvious that, even though pricier, YouTube TV makes the better streaming platform owing to its wide variety of options. 


  1. How long is Philo TV’s catchup feature?

It has a catchup of 72 hours.

  1. Does YouTube TV work on Amazon Fire TV?

No, it does not.

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