Is Applecare worth it for iPad?

Yes, it is. Signing up for Applecare when you have an iPad can help you save some cash in case of accidental damage, such as a broken screen. This is a cheap way to repair an iPad if it gets damaged. It is also worth it since it covers battery issues.

If you are still thinking about whether to get Applecare for your iPad or not, you should evaluate its cost against the cost of doing repairs without this extended warranty. Suppose an iPad screen breaks, and you signed up for Applecare. You will only need to pay $ 49 for screen replacement. If you have not signed up for this plan, you may have to pay between $299 and $ 649 for the iPad screen to be repaired.  Here is more!

What is Applecare for iPad?

Apple, the company that supplies different devices, including the iPad, gives customers a one year warranty. Though the standard warranty comes at no cost, it can only cover an iPad for one year against hardware problems. This warranty also comes with technical support for about 90 days. If you purchase an iPad and realize that it is not working properly during the first year, you can get it fixed without additional costs.

This warranty can also help you if the iPad’s software programs are not running properly or if the keyboard or RAM fails. Apple can easily replace or repair the iPad without asking you to pay more. Though the standard warranty is free, it cannot help you if you need the iPad fixed after one year of purchase.

Apart from that, the standard warranty does not cover accidental damage. Such concerns make most iPad users consider Applecare. If, for instance, the iPad gets wet or drops, only the extended warranty can help you out. This gives the iPad coverage for up to two years.

If you would like to buy the program, you can sign up for Applecare the same day you purchase an iPad. The company also allows you to subscribe to it within 60 days of purchase. This program is not only available from Apple. If you get an iPad from Best Buy, you can also sign up for it from there.

What the Applecare for iPad covers

Applecare can give your iPad better protection against accidental damage. If, for instance, the device drops in water or breaks, you don’t have to worry since this extended warranty will cover it. The company does repairs and replacement of iPads. It allows at least two repairs each year of your plan.

This program also covers iPad defects. Apart from the device itself, Applecare also covers an Apple Pencil that often accompanies an iPad. If the Apple Pencil has some faults, you can get it replaced as long as you have signed up for Applecare. This program also covers the Apple pencil against accidental damage. You can get at least two accidental repairs for the Apple Pencil. Though Applecare covers accidental damage, it will not help you if the iPad is stolen or gets lost.

One of the things that make Applecare worth it for an iPad is the provision for battery problems. If, for instance, your iPad battery holds less charge capacity, Apple can give you another one for free under the Applecare program. If you don’t sign up for this program and then experience battery issues with an iPad, you have to pay $99 to replace it.

The cost of Applecare for an iPad

One of the things that can help you determine the worth of Applecare when it comes to covering devices such as an iPad is the cost. The cost of Applecare differs depending on the iPad model you own.

iPad model
Cost of Applecare on the model
iPad Pro (12.9 inches or 11 inches)
$ 129 or $5.99 per month
iPad Air 4
$69 or $3.49 per month
iPad Mini 5
$69 or $3.49 per month

If you make a one-time payment for Applecare, you will get coverage for the iPad for two years. Apple also gives customers on a budget a chance to sign up for the program and pay for it monthly. This option gives you coverage every month. It does not restrict you to two years since you can still continue getting the coverage for your iPad if you continue paying past the two years. You can also decide when you wish to cancel your subscription.

Some iPad customers change their minds after signing up for the program. If, for instance, you made the one time purchase upfront to get the two-year coverage but would like to switch to the monthly option, you can only do this once the two years are over. Apart from the program’s cost, you should also be aware of the deductibles that you have to pay in case you need a replacement. If, for instance, you want it to replace a broken iPad, you have to pay a deductible of $49. For Apple to repair an Apple Pencil for the iPad, you have to pay a deductible of about $ 29.


Though you may not know when you need a good protection program, having Applecare for an iPad can save you from expensive repair costs. This is worth investing in since it covers an iPad against accidental damage. If, for instance, the screen breaks, having Applecare can cost you a minimal amount compared to what you would pay if you did not have this program. You can even get a free battery as long the iPad is under this plan.


What will happen if I lose my iPad but have signed up for Applecare?

Since Applecare does not cover theft or loss, you may have to get another one without relying on this plan.

Apart from an extended warranty, can I protect my iPad in other ways?

Yes. If you don’t want to subscribe to programs, you should consider getting a good case for the iPad. This can protect the device from cracking if it drops.

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