Is Applecare worth it for AirPods?

Yes, it is. If you are worried about your wireless headphones getting damaged accidentally, you should consider Applecare. It not only saves customers cash in case of repairs but also offers battery service coverage. This plan cannot, however, help you if the AirPods are lost or stolen.

Before you sign up for this program, you should find out its cost and what is covered under warranty. Read on to learn more about Applecare for AirPods.

Introduction to Applecare for AirPods?

Wireless headphones such as AirPods are trending, and Apple offers a program that can help you protect them. Since AirPods are not cheap, getting extended coverage can save you cash in case they experience hardware problems. Applecare is one of the extended warranty programs that Apple offers for such devices.

Instead of relying on the limited warranty that Apple offers, most AirPods customers look for better options. Applecare can cover your headphones for at least two years. This is better than the standard warranty, which can cover AirPods for only one year. You can either choose to buy this plan during the purchase of AirPods or do this within 60 days.

Apple makes the process of purchasing Applecare for AirPods a breeze. You can either pay for it online or visit an Apple Store. If you choose to buy Applecare days after buying them from the store, you should bring the receipt that can prove the purchase. The company will also inspect the AirPods to confirm that they are in good condition before allowing you to sign up for Applecare.

What you can enjoy from signing up for Applecare for AirPods

When you sign up for Applecare as you buy the AirPods, you can enjoy comprehensive coverage. This plan covers the device against accidental damage. If, for instance, the AirPods need repair, you can get them fixed at least twice every 12 months.

Apart from coverage for accidental damage, Applecare for AirPods also offers battery service coverage. If, for instance, the battery of your wireless headphones has a problem, Apple can service it under the Applecare plan. This program also covers the charging case that often accompanies AirPods. If you take your AirPods for repair, the company can send you a replacement device that you can continue using as you wait for the repair. In case Apple cannot repair damaged AirPods, it will replace them with new ones.

Before signing up for this program, you should also beware of what it does not cover so that you can determine if it is right for you. Though Applecare for AirPods comes with great services, it has some limitations. For instance, if you bought these wireless headphones in a different country, you can only get them serviced within that particular country. You should also note that Applecare does not cover cosmetic damage or wear and tear.

This program also fails to include preventative maintenance. If your AirPods get lost or are stolen, you cannot get compensation under the Applecare plan. Apart from this, Applecare does not cover damage that is as a result of intentional conduct or accidents such as an earthquake or fire.


What is the cost of Applecare for AirPods?

The cost of Applecare for AirPods differs depending on the type that you buy. This is what you can pay for Applecare based on the model you have.

Type of Airpods
Cost of Applecare
Regular Airpods
Airpods Pro
Airpods Max


Do you own either the regular AirPods or AirPods pro? If yes, you have to make a one-off payment upfront for you to get Applecare. This will give you coverage for two years. The cost of Applecare applies when you have either a non-wireless or wireless charging case.

If you buy Airpods Max, you can pay for Applecare monthly rather than making a one-off payment. If you have the Airpods max and want to pay for Applecare every month, you will be charged $9.83 monthly. This is capped at six months. Making monthly payments for this device is cheaper than that making a one-off payment upfront. You can start getting coverage the day you pay for Applecare.

Choosing Applecare for AirPods can help you save if they get damaged. If, for instance, you have the regular AirPods and they get damaged and yet you did not sign up for Applecare, you will be charged $69 to repair each airpod. The cost for repairing each airpod pro is $89 when it is not under the Applecare plan. Applecare also offers free battery service. If you do not sign up for this plan and need battery service for your AirPods, you will have to pay $49 for each.

The kind of support you should expect from Applecare

By signing up for this program, you can enjoy 24/7 priority support. The company offers support through options such as phone or chat. Since Apple works with experts who know everything about AirPods, you can get almost any issue addressed. For instance, if the AirPods are having Bluetooth connectivity problems, you can get a quick solution to this through the customer care desk.


As you buy AirPods, you should be open to the possibility of anything happening to these small devices. They can get damaged or even lost. Though Applecare may not offer coverage for theft or loss, it can still save you from expensive repairs. From the figures we have highlighted above, it is clear that Applecare can save you cash in case AirPods are damaged. It is, therefore, a program worth considering.


Can I buy Applecare for my AirPods by phone?

Yes. Apart from buying online or visiting an Apple Store, the company also offers a number that customers interested in buying Applecare after purchase can call.

Where can I get the serial number of my Airpods?

The serial number is important when you require service for the AirPods. This is usually found on the charging case or on the original box.

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