Roku TV vs. smart TV – Read this before investing in a smart TV

Having access to online content can make you spend an entire day indoors. Both smart TV and Roku TV can give you a high entertainment level since they expose you to numerous apps.

Many people, however, don’t know whether to choose a regular smart TV or Roku TV. Smart TV models are different, and each of them is based on a particular operating system. Though smart TV is useful, it is not as user-friendly as Roku. Roku is based on the Roku operating system and comes with a user-friendly interface. Find out how these two devices compare.

What are the differences between Roku TV and smart TV?

Smart TV
Roku TV
Operating system
Android TV
Roku OS
Remote control
11 pounds
22 pounds
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Roku TV vs. smart TV-How do they compare?

User experience

If you want an enhanced viewing experience, you should go for Roku TV. This offers an intuitive layout that most customers like. Unlike smart TVs whose home screen contain a lot of clutter, the Roku TV uses a minimalist approach. Roku TV also allows you to customize the app arrangement according to your preference. Though the user experience of smart TV varies based on the model, most smart TV users find the interface to be confusing. Roku TV offers a better user interface than any other smart TV.

Video and audio quality

When choosing a smart TV, you have to focus on audio and video quality before settling for a particular model. Most Roku TVs offer up to 4K resolution, while smart TVs offer up to 8K resolution. A smart TV has better video quality than Roku TV. The Roku TV, however, stands out when it comes to the audio quality. Since Roku TV supports Dolby Atmos, it can give you a more immersive audio experience than most smart TV models.


An excellent smart TV should have an easy to use remote control. The Roku TV comes with a straightforward remote that even technologically-challenged individuals can use. This remote contains all the buttons you need for basic controls and also channel shortcuts.

Since the remote has voice search capabilities, you can talk into it when searching for specific programs. Most smart TVs, on the other hand, have sophisticated remotes that contain a lot of buttons. This can sometimes be confusing for beginners to use.  The simple to use remote of Roku TV is better than what most smart TV models come with.

Roku TV vs. smart TV – A comparison review

Roku TV

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  • Smart Functionality offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels featuring more than 500,000 movies and...

If you want to upgrade to a good television, you should choose the Roku TV. This is still a smart TV that is based on the Roku software. The Roku TV stands out among most smart TV models since it offers an enhanced user experience. Most people choose this smart TV since the Roku software is easy to navigate. The software has been around for long, and it has managed to develop a good image in the market.

Roku TV accommodates everyone, including those who are new to smart TVs. This device is not only user-friendly but also offers a customizable home screen. It provides thousands of apps that you can start using free of charge. You can use the Roku app store to download apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora.

One of the things that make Roku TV stand out is providing specific channels that are hard to find elsewhere. Some of the unique channels you can access through the Roku TV include HBO Now, Hallmark Movies, and WatchESPN.

You should also consider choosing Roku since it allows you to rent or shop for movies right from the Movie store available in the Roku software. This is also has a feature that is hard to find in other smart TV brands. The Roku TV comes with a simple to use remote that has all the features you need to launch different TV shows and movies.

The manufacturer also keeps on performing software updates on the TV and giving you access to extra features from time to time. If you wish to use advanced features on Roku TV, you should have a solid internet connection. For instance, you can stream sports or check the latest episodes of different series from Roku TV. Though you have to pay extra cash for the Roku TV, it can give you value for your cash.


  • It offers a clutter-free layout
  • The Roku software is ideal for both newbies and tech-savvy users
  • Offers lots of free apps
  • Regular software updates


  • Can only offer 4K display

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Roku TV specs

Operating system
Roku OS
Channels available
YuppTV, iTV, Netflix, Demand 5, Now TV, TV player
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality

Smart TV

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Most televisions that can access internet content are classified as smart TVs. This differs from regular television since it runs on an operating system. A smart TV comes with apps that allow you to stream on-demand or live content from an online platform. For instance, you can access the YouTube app through your smart TV and watch all your favorite YouTube videos.

Due to the operating system that is built into a smart TV, this device works like a computer or smartphone. You will not be forced to add an operating system to the smart TV. Therefore, it is different from the regular TV that can only access the internet once you plug in a digital media player to it. Most smart TVs feature an App store that allows you to download different apps if you don’t want to use the preloaded apps.

The enhanced capabilities of a smart TV make it to be costlier than regular TV. Apart from the apps, this television also offers excellent picture quality and exciting features. For instance, most smart TV models have voice recognition tools that can give you a hands-free streaming experience.

They come with remotes that have a built-in microphone that you can talk into. This enables you to search for certain programs using your voice. Manufacturers of smart TVs continue adding advanced features to these devices to make them more versatile. For instance, you may find a smart TV that can help you control different smart home devices such as smart lights.


  • Gives you access to numerous apps
  • Most models come with a voice remote
  • Deliver excellent picture quality
  • Offer both live and on-demand content


  • Poor user interface

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Smart TV specs

Channels available
Discovery, TNT, AMC, TBS, Fox, FS1 and NBC.
YouTube TV
Not available in some models
4K and HDR functionality
Depends on the model
LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL

Verdict: So, which is better? Roku TV or smart TV

Before buying a smart TV, you should think about your personal needs to choose the right model. We compared Roku TV against a smart TV and found out that the Roku TV can fulfill the needs of most people. This offers an enhanced user experience since it has an uncluttered layout, numerous free apps including YouTube TV. We also liked how straightforward the remote is and the immersive audio experience of the Roku device. Though most smart TV models have advanced features, they are still hard to navigate. This made us choose Roku TV as the clear winner.


Do smart TVs have wifi?

Yes. Most modern smart TVs have a built-in wireless adapter that enables them to connect to the internet.

Can Roku TV help me access local channels?

Yes. You can access a lot of local content from various Roku channels.

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