Is Asurion apple certified?

No, it is not. If you subscribe to the Asurion plan and have a device that needs repair, there is no guarantee that it will be fixed using certified Apple components. This is one reason why some people choose Apple warranty plans rather than rely on carrier insurance.

Asurion is one of the companies that work with different carriers in the US, such as Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Though this company offers comprehensive coverage, some subscribers have been reporting quality concerns over the years. Since Asurion is not Apple certified, it uses low-quality components that are not from Apple to replace damaged parts of a device. The company works with third parties to help them refurb phones.

If you file a claim with Asurion, the company may fix and deliver the device to you within a few hours, but the device may not serve you for a long time. Some device users who rely on Asurion reveal that their devices keep on having issues even after the company’s repairs. Here is more!

Introduction to Asurion

Asurion is a form of insurance company that offers coverage for different types of damage such as a broken screen or even water damage. One thing that makes Asurion popular is that it provides coverage for malfunction and even theft and loss. Unlike other coverage plans that you can buy directly, Asurion is only available through the phone carriers we mentioned above.

You can get this service under the Mobile protection plan if you are an AT&T customer and the complete plan if you are a Verizon customer. The cost of this insurance plan is not the same since it varies from one carrier to the next. If, for instance, you an AT&T customer and would like to sign up for Asurion, you will have to pay $ 14 to get the coverage. Sprint customers are a bit lucky since the Asurion plan comes at a lower price. You should also ask about the deductibles since these also differ based on the carrier.

What are the drawbacks of signing up with Asurion?

Though Asurion has comprehensive coverage and offers free battery replacement, it is not perfect. One of the major concerns that many customers raise has to do with quality. Since Asurion is not Apple certified, you may not enjoy repairs from this company.

If you have signed up with Asurion and file a claim, the company will inform you that it is working on replacing or repairing your device. Though they can work on the device within a few hours, the company does not share information regarding what type of device you will receive. You may not know if you get a refurbished or completely new device. If the phone you are getting from Asurion is refurbished, this information should be printed on the back of the phone. Since some customers have been reporting such information missing, it is safe to say that the company is not very transparent.

Assembly line workers that repair phones under the Asurion plan use replacement copy parts that are not Apple certified. Using poor quality parts to repair such phone can easily compromise the longevity. According to reports, most of the company’s replacement phones have very few new components in them. Mobile insurance providers avoid using apple parts to fix damaged smartphones to save some funds. This is wrong since subscribers may not enjoy quality services in case of damages. Apart from that, Asurion does not utilize genuine parts from Apple since it does not have access to such components.

Some customers have been forced to go back to the store complaining about something broken on an Asurion replacement smartphone.  This is often time-consuming and frustrating for the customer, and it makes them consider canceling the subscription. Some people are skeptical about this mobile phone insurance because those who work in the stores don’t seem to know how the company operates as an insurance provider.

When you visit the store, you may not get detailed assistance regarding how this insurance company works. The workers are more motivated by the commission they receive from making more people subscribe with Asurion. This can leave you with some doubts. Apart from that, the low ratings are a clear indicator that most customers are not impressed with the phones or services from Asurion.

The following table can help you determine if you should sign up with Asurion.

The benefits of Asurion


Covers malfunction, accidental damage, loss, and theft


It is available through carriers.
Affordable pricing The company repairs phones using non-Apple parts.


Offers free battery replacement When you file a claim, it does not specify whether you get a new or refurbished device.


It does repairs within a short duration. The workers at the store are more motivated to earn commissions rather than help customers. They don’t have comprehensive knowledge regarding how the insurance company works.


This plan ties you down to a cell phone company for a long time.



Asurion may offer great coverage but is it is not Apple certified. This is an issue that every customer should be keen on to avoid getting frustrated. There have been many cases regarding repaired phones using non-Apple parts. Signing up with Asurion may not help you enjoy quality services since it does not pay so much attention to the longevity of smart devices, nor is it completely transparent. This company works with third parties that don’t have access to Apple parts, and they also try to minimize the cost of repairs. Such reasons make some people skeptical about signing up with Asurion.


Will I pay deductibles when I want my phone fixed by Asurion?

Yes. Check with the carrier you work with to find out how much you have to pay for this.

Are smartphones from Asurion mostly refurbished?

Yes. Getting a new phone after filing a claim with Asurion is not easy. It refurbishes most of the devices using non-Apple components. This can lead to further issues after using the device for a while.


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