Ruko vs Amazon TV – Which streaming device is better?

If you’re tired of paying cable TV, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to find a streaming device that will provide an affordable way of streaming your favorite movies, shows, and music without paying for cable. The Ruko and Amazon TV are some of the many streaming devices that have great features you will love.

Ruko will give you control of the apps on your homepage and can work with both Alexa and Google Assistants but with the Amazon TV you a list of your frequent and recent apps and recommendations based on your previously viewed movies and shows. Amazon TV can only work with Alexa for voice commands, but you get better voice controls.

What are the differences between Ruko and Amazon TV?

Ruko stick
Amazon TV stick
Home screen interface
Simple, clean, and allows you to arrange your apps as you wish
Gives you a list of recently visited and frequented apps and recommendations
Private listening
Headphone jacks on the remote allow for easy connection with headphones
Remote doesn’t have a headphone jack but uses Bluetooth connected to your phone
Smart Assistant
Google and Alexa
Video resolution

Ruko vs Amazon TV –  How do they differ?

Home screen navigation

If you love an organized interface, the Ruko will be your best option since it allows you to arrange the apps and services on your home screen. The home screen also has all the tabs arranged on the left side of the screen, you can also easily browse the fee tab for free movies and shows or use the search tab to search a movie by director or actor. However, the Amazon TV also has a convenient home screen navigation system, but you don’t arrange your apps, it provides a list of apps you’ve visited recently and frequently and also gives you recommendations on movies and shows based on what you’ve previously viewed. You will also get updates on new films and movies.

The Ruko has a better home screen navigation system that gives you control of what you want to be displayed on your home screen.


Apart from streaming movies and TV shows, you can also play games on both the Ruko and Amazon TV. You can play games with family, friends, or by yourself on the Ruko and there’s a games page on its website with tons of games available. You can also browse through tons of different apps on the same site and find movies and TV show channels, movie guides, and virtual scenes for your TV. However, Ruko doesn’t support as many games as the Amazon TV, but you get access to the Ruko channels that provide free content with a wide selection of ad-supported movies and series. You will also find live free channels and kid’s shows. With Amazon TV you can watch cable channels like HBO and access movies from Amazon originals, but you need to be a member of Amazon Prime. You can download games and apps from its website to your TV and have access to more popular games than the Ruko.

The Ruko has the best apps with more free apps and content than Amazon TV.

Private listening

The Ruko remote has a built-in headphone jack where you insert your headphones when you want to watch a late-night movie or play games without disturbing others. You can adjust the volume with the remote or you can opt to use the Ruko mobile app and connect your headphones to your phone, but you have to mute the soundbar to get audio in your headphones. The Amazon TV doesn’t have a headphone jack so you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones and use your phone to control the volume and not your TV remote.

The Ruko has a simpler and easier way of doing private listening with just headphones and the remote.

Ruko vs Amazon TV –  A comparison review

Ruko stick

The Ruko stick is a small streaming device that looks more like a flash drive that you plug in the HDMI port at the back of your TV. It has a voice remote that can function as a universal remote and can control your TV power and volume. The remote is very easy to use and it supports voice search so you can quickly search for specific movies and shows by name or genre and also filter by streaming services. The stick is wifi only and it has an antenna built into the device. Ruko provides access to thousands of apps and services with free content on the Ruko channel.

The stick is compatible with HDTVs and it can stream up to 1080p of video resolution with an upscaling from 720p resolution. However, it can’t handle 4k and HDR videos but its big brother the Ruko streaming stick plus can. However, it can stream content on-demand flawlessly and handle live streaming with very few bundles, but you might experience some infrequent shortstops.


  • Overwhelming channels and content available
  • Great Ruko interface
  • Improved wifi capabilities
  • Pretty fast streaming


  • Can’t stream 4k HDR video

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Amazon Fire TV stick

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player - Previous Generation
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  • Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills with access to over 500,000 movies and TV...

The Amazon Fire TV stick is a simple but powerful streaming device with Alexa voice controls, app selection with fast responses, and god video quality. This tiny stick is plugged out of sight into the HDMI port at the back of your TV and can be powered using the USB port on your TV or the main socket using an adapter. This Amazon TV stick can access all the major streaming apps including Amazon prime video, HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and many more. It supports YouTube but not YouTube TV, Google play movies, or Vudu. To smoothly and quickly stream all these apps, it needs a solid wifi connection and without an Ethernet connection, the streaming options become limited for ant high-resolution videos and audio files that you want to play.

It has an Alexa voice remote with additional buttons for volume, mute and power to allow you easily control your TV. The voice commands allow for quick searches with instant Alexa responses when given a command. The Amazon TV stick has an Amazon-centric user interface that will promote more Amazon content. When it comes to speed, the Amazon TV stick is a bit faster than the Ruko stick in some areas, especially when navigating through the on-screen interface. It can stream movies and TV shows in 1080p HD resolution with clear Dolby digital sound.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Very responsive Alexa voice controls
  • Fairly simple user interface
  • Good video quality


  • The interface promotes Amazon content
  • Can be a bit sluggish

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Ruko and Amazon TV provide great streaming content. However, Ruko has access to more streaming and free content than Amazon TV and it doesn’t promote its content in its interface like the Amazon TV does.

So which one is better Ruko or Amazon TV?

The Ruko is a better video streamer because it’s much easier to use and you can get a vast range of free movies and TV options and is a top platform for streaming videos.


Does an Amazon TV stick use data when the TV is off?

The TV stick can continue to use data and bandwidth even when you’ve put it on sleep mode, so you should unplug it to prevent it from using data.

Do I need a smart TV for Amazon Prime?

If you don’t have a smart TV or your smart TV doesn’t have Amazon prime, you’ll need to connect your TV to a streaming device to your TV to add Amazon prime video.

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