How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error


When you are trying to make a call and keep getting the message “phone not allowed: MM#6 Error”, it means you are using a phone that is locked to another network carrier. You can solve this in a few ways.  

To save money on high-end models, many people today are opting to buy refurbished phones. These are phones that have been used and recycled back into the market.

This is the reason behind the MM#6 error. It signifies that your phone is still locked to a specific carrier, therefore, does not support the use of a SIM card that does not belong to it.

The fastest way to fix “Phone Not Allowed: MM#6 Error” is by contacting the technical support line of that carrier requesting them to unlock the phone. 

Table Summary: Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error

Issue Cause Fix


Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error 

Phone locked to carrier Contact support
  Check Sim Activation Status
  Use Operation Menu
  Re-Insert Sim Card
  Automate Network Selection

Fix Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error 

Contact the Carrier 

A carrier refers to a wireless service provider offering cellular connections. Mobile companies partner with these carriers to get EMI schemes.

As stated earlier, this is the fastest solution to your present issue. While there is no guarantee that the issue will get solved immediately, this should be your first try.

You may choose to use their toll-free lines or send an email to customer service giving all the relevant details about your issue.

However, this step can get complicated especially in these situations;

If you are handling a stolen or blacklisted phone, they might need you to meet certain requirements before they can honor your request.

The carrier may choose to charge a fee known as the “Equipment Switch” and for others, the phones have a linked phone number. In this case, it will be difficult to get it unlocked.

Check SIM activation status

If you are experiencing this error on a new sim card, give it some time before trying again. A new sim card takes between 24 to 48 hours for activation.

To know more about the activation process, contact the carrier of the SIM card of choice. You will be asked to verify your identity for the operator to confirm details about the SIM card.

Use the Operation Menu

If customer support doesn’t get the issue sorted within your preferred period, this issue is fixable through dialing the short code: *#78# which brings you to an operation menu.

Doing this disengages you from the carrier and simultaneously unlocks your phone. Important to note though is that this method is limited to some carriers.

So, do your research around your specific phone model, brand, carrier, and its suggested options for unlocking.

To find out more about specific Android codes and their fixes, this is the site to visit. Here you will find different codes linked to varied carriers and you can Google search to find the specific code for your phone.

After this process is done, restart your phone.

Your phone should be unlocked but if not, try the next solution.

Re-insert Sim Card

To clear the MM#6 error from your phone, first, switch off the phone before starting the process. Now, eject the Sim Card tray from the phone and wait for 5 minutes. Swap the Sim cards and re-insert the tray back into the phone.

Restart your device and check for a resolution.

Automate Network Selection 

To do this, first, select the settings option on your device and click on data usage. Select Mobile network and then click on the automatic option when asked for sim card preference.

Then restart the device to check for recurring or solved errors.

Update the Phone 

It could be that the software in the device is obsolete. To fix this, you must conduct a software update. Select the setting option and click on the device option and click on software update.

Check for an available device update and if there is one, proceed on to update the phone. If the process itself does not initiate phone restart when complete, ensure you do so manually.

Then confirm if the error is gone.

Check IMEI Number 

This number carries important data about your device and this is what helps network providers with the right details to track or remotely shut it off if reported lost or stolen.

It is important to know your IMEI number especially if you are thinking of changing your network provider or selling your device.

In fixing the MM#6 error, this is the number that will guide you in the right direction in terms of figuring out which carrier you are locked to.

Most carriers have an IMEI checker on their websites so finding it is very easy nowadays. To get the carrier, enter the IMEI number on the phone and you will get your feedback in a matter of seconds.

Sim Unlocker

If you are an iPhone or Android fan and you are experiencing the MM#6 error code, you should try this invention called a SIM Unlocker.

You may get it from online or physical tech stores. It will allow you to use your phone with any other GSM carrier.


These are the practical solutions to MM#6 Phone Not Allowed Error. In case none of them work for your phone, your last resort is to visit the authorized store of the phone’s manufacturer, the network carrier, or a mobile repair.

To avoid this issue in the future, buy phones from a reputable dealer, and aim to purchase those not locked to a specific network.


Is the MM#6 error universal?

No, it is not. The MM#6 error only shows up on the screen of phones that have been tethered to a specific carrier. It is not a problem to unlocked phones.

I just got an iPhone and it has the MM#6 error. What can I do to fix it?

You may contact the Apple carrier for support and resolution or you could buy a SIM Unlocker from Amazon to handle this issue.

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