(Solved) amazon UHD not working – How to fix

Amazon UHD is expected to function properly. You may run into some issues at some point, and knowing how to solve them is crucial. If you cannot access your favorite shows from this device and the screen is blank, you should try to find solutions to this problem.

When Amazon UHD is not working, you can try to solve this in different ways. For instance, you have to pay for the services for amazon UHD to work. Also, making internet-related changes can help you solve the problem. If this fails to work, you can attempt other techniques such as uninstalling and reinstalling the app, switching browsers or using a better HDMI cable. All these are simple solutions that don’t require any professional techniques. Here is more!

The steps that you should take when amazon UHD is not working

Confirm your account status

Sometimes, Amazon prime can stop working if you have not paid for the subscription. Checking your account status can help you figure out if this is the cause of the problem. Amazon prime video does not offer free services. You either need an annual or monthly subscription to access it.

You can confirm whether your account is active by navigating through the account page. Your prime video settings can help you figure out if this service is paid for and active. If you fail to make payments as expected, you will not get access to content.

Check your internet connection

For amazon UHD to work correctly, it requires a stable internet connection. If you don’t like downloading videos, you should ensure that your internet connection is solid for you to watch all your favorite UHD content without any issues. You can either choose to connect the device to the internet through wifi or rely on a cellular data connection.

Confirm if your internet connection is the cause of the problem. You can, for instance, reset the router and try reconnecting it. If it still not working, you should try repositioning the router or hardwire it to your TV. Are you using an old router? It may be time to upgrade it to enjoy a better internet connection. If you reside in a big house, you may require better network coverage. Consider a wifi range extender that can boost the network coverage in your home.

Since streaming requires a lot of bandwidth, you can also run a speed test to confirm how fast your internet connection is. For you to stream video content, you should have at download speeds of above 25mbps.  If you are looking for a better internet plan, consider these internet providers

Download speeds
25- 1000 Mbps
At & T
75-100 Mbps
200- 940 Mbps
CenturyLink Internet
15-940 Mbps

Look at other people using the internet connection

If you are trying to use amazon UHD in the same internet connection as other people in your home, you may experience some issues. When many people use the same internet connection for other activities such as gaming or downloading files, it can deplete the bandwidth needed on amazon UHD. You can prevent this by stopping other internet activities as you use amazon UHD. Ensure that the device and router are close to one another.

Switch browsers

A problem with the browser you are relying on can prevent amazon UHD from working. You should, therefore, try using a different browser. If, for instance, you have been relying on Chrome, you can switch to Safari or Firefox. Always ensure that regardless of the browser you choose to use, it is up to date. Ensure that the browser you choose also supports HDML5 format.

Turn off the device

You can easily solve an IT problem by simply turning the device off and on. Try restarting the app or using the Prime video on a different device. For instance, you can open on a smartphone or on your computer browser to see if it works from there. If you notice that it works well on the device, rebooting the first device can solve the problem.

Also, turn off other devices such as your television and ensure that the date and time settings on it are set properly. You should also consider disconnecting your VPN since the Amazon prime video does not play well with this. Network tools such as VPN tend to slow down the internet connection. If you try all these and nothing seems to work, you can uninstall the app then install it one more time. You may have to log in again after reinstalling it.

Look at your HDMI cable

Compatibility issues can also prevent amazon UHD from working. You can solve this by ensuring that you have connected the right HDMI cable from your TV to the device. Choose a 2.2 or 1.4 HDMI cable to avoid compatible problems during the connection. Check the cable package to confirm what version you have. Since old cables may not give you good performance, you should consider replacing them with new ones. If you own a full-on smart TV, you don’t have to rely on HDMI cables. You can simply download the prime video app from the television app store.


Amazon UHD can stop working due to different reasons such as compatibility issues, lack of internet connection, or lack of a subscription. You should start by confirming your account status and look for ways to boost the internet connection. Restarting the device and turning off other network tools can also help you resolve the problem.


Does Amazon prime video offer UHD content?

Yes. You can access a lot of UHD content from this device. Use the included search tool for you to search for any UHD content you prefer watching.

How can I solve streaming issues on amazon?

Restart the device and boost your internet connection. Try using a wired network connection instead of a wireless one and update the prime video app. Reinstalling the app can also solve such issues.

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