How to use sprint hotspot

 Mobile hotspots are a convenient and flexible way to provide internet connectivity to other devices, like tablets, laptops, PCs, or other phones. Compared to other network providers, Sprint is popular for offering some of the most generous hotspot allotments to its users. Without further ado, let us take a look at how to use Sprint hotspot.

A home network is an essential part of any modern home. Not only does it support us when working from home, but it also supports playing online games and streaming online videos. However, dealing with service providers, installations, and payment commitments can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, using your phone’s hotspot allowance is a suitable and hassle-free way to power your computer, TV, or other devices.

Despite Sprint and T-Mobile merging earlier this year, Sprint users still continue to enjoy extensive network capacity and high-speed connections from their reliable data plans. For instance, Sprint’s Unlimited Premium offer is still the largest 4G LTE hotspot allotment at 100GB provided by any major network carrier for cell phones. It has three mobile hotspot plans, which are all accessible from the Sprint Express Mobile App. Therefore, let us find out how to use Sprint hotspot and its various plans.

Best Sprint Hotspot plans

If you are looking for a reliable unlimited data plan, Sprint provides the best options compared to other network carriers. From its lowest tier unlimited tiers to its high-end plans, the carrier offers its users a massive amount of data to your phone, including mobile hotspot and high-quality video streaming. Furthermore, Sprint provides its highest speeds through its 5G networks, which is available in select cities throughout the US.

As mentioned earlier, Sprint has three standalone hotspot plans. If you opt to purchase any of these devices and use it on Sprint’s network, you will have three plans to choose from, including a 10GB data plan for $30 per month, a 50GB data plan for $50 per month, and a 100GB data plan for $60 per month.

Data plan
Data limit per month
Hotspot allowance
Unlimited data monthly cost
Unlimited Basic plan
500MB of 4G LTE data speeds
Unlimited Plus Plan
50GB of LTE data
Military Unlimited Plan
500MB of 4G LTE data speeds
Unlimited Premium plan
100GB of 4G LTE data speeds

How to set up Sprint hotspot

If you are using Sprint’s unlimited network, you should definitely take advantage of its immeasurable Wi-Fi hotspot data. As a result, you can connect to the internet from basically anywhere with basically any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Before setting up your Sprint hotspot, you have to ensure that you have sufficient hotspot data. For instance, if you are subscribed to a limited Sprint plan, your hotspot data will be deducted from your monthly data allotment.

It is also worthy to note that Wi-Fi hotspots drain your data, meaning if you have a 3GB Sprint data plan, your hotspot data will pull from your 3GB plan to create the hotspot, making it likely that you will incur additional data coverage fees. The better the Sprint plan you have, the more hotspot data you will gain every month.

When creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, your cell phone transforms your cellular service into a Wi-Fi signal. As a result, ensure that your device has active service with adequate coverage. Once you have confirmed that you have active cellular service with sufficient hotspot data, proceed to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone.

How to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPhone

To use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot, open Settings, and navigate to Cellular. Proceed to tap on Personal Hotspot to flip the switch next to it. Take note of the password and name of the network, which you can also change at will. On the device that you want to use to connect to the internet, open up its Settings, and look for your iOS device. Proceed to enter the password and enjoy internet connectivity at fast and reliable speeds.

If no devices connect, the hotspot feature on the iPhone will automatically turn off after a while. You can also manually switch off the mobile hotspot by toggling the Personal Hotspot off on your device.

How to use a hotspot on Android

Turning an Android phone into a hotspot is trickier due to the varying versions and android models available on the market. It is crucial to note that only Android phones running on versions 2.2 and later operating systems have the mobile hotspot feature. However, your carrier must approve of your tethering if you live in the US.

To turn your Android phone into a hotspot, open Settings and tap Mobile Hotspot & Tethering. On some phones, you will have to tap More after opening settings, and then navigate to wireless & networks to open Tethering & portable hotspot.

Likewise, you will find varied tethering and security options depending on the Android brand you have. Generally, you need to switch on the Mobile Hotspot and configure the network with a preferable name, password, and security level. Experts recommend choosing WPA2/PSK as the preferred minimum security level as it is more reliable than the other options. By setting a password, you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data, and it also helps in encrypting the data transmitted between your device and any other connected device.


Upon following the steps mentioned above, your hotspot is set up and ready for use. Connect any Wi-Fi enabled device by entering the password after choosing the SSID network you have configured. Although the connection is seamless and flexible, it quickly drains the battery from your cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more hotspot data on my Sprint phone?

You can get more hotspot by purchasing additional 1GB data from the data control panel after logging into my Sprint website.

What happens if I go over my hotspot Sprint?

You can either pay the overage charge of $0.5 per megabyte as you continue to exceed your monthly data allowance or suspend the on-network hotspot usage.

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