Samsung Tablet Failed to Obtain IP Address – How to Fix


When your Samsung phone is unable to access WiFi networks, the error: failed to obtain IP address will show on the screen. This is how to fix it.

To use your Android device online, you must have an internet connection. This is either through the WiFi or by use of Mobile data.

WiFi is the most efficient and effective medium so a lot of people gravitate towards it. However, if you are within range of a wireless connection and you are unable to access the service, this is what to do.

To fix the error Samsung Tablet Failed to Obtain IP Address, you need to conduct a series of troubleshooting steps to establish the connection. 

Cause of Samsung tablet failed to obtain an IP address

For your Samsung tablet to connect to the WiFi, your device needs an assigned IP address. This IP address is assigned and generated by the router.

If one is not assigned, you will get the error. The reason behind this missing IP address is unknown. Even a network you have connected to before can present this issue.

Though in this case, the cause could be a faulty device, many reasons may keep you from connecting.

Summary Table: Fix Samsung tablet failed to obtain an IP address 

Issue Cause Fix
Samsung tablet failed to obtain IP address


Missing IP address Assign Static IP
Router bugs Reset or restart router
Improper wireless settings Forget network
Software problem Clear cache

Factory reset data

Resolve Samsung Tablet Failed to Obtain IP Address

Restart Router 

Your router may be acting up and refusing to respond to the connecting device. Restarting the router is a simple fix. To do this, just turn off the power, give a 30 second time out, and then turn the power on.

When back on, check to see if the Wi-Fi connection is back.

Reset Router 

If the router restart does nothing for the connection, you may try to reset it instead. The difference between the two is that with a reset, all the past settings are erased and the router goes back to its factory default state.

To reset your router, press and hold the button until it goes off and then restarts again. This solves the glitches with the router.

Any unassigned IP addresses will be assigned and you may get back to your personalized router settings.

Forget Network 

Your Samsung tablet logs the networks you regularly connect to and these can be removed when need be. If some details were not stored correctly, you will get this error.

To get past it, know the network’s password before trying to connect. The steps to forget the current network may vary with every device but on Samsung, go to Settings, then Network and Internet, and then to Wi-Fi.

Tap on the network you are on and click on forget. Then tap on the network again, enter the password and try reconnecting.

Toggle Airplane Mode 

Another challenge to your connection would be the software issues or interfaces. When on Airplane mode, all connections of your Android will be cut off and this is good for network refreshing.

It is not the same as forgetting a network but it may be the very move you need to make to get an assigned IP address on the network.

On our tablet, pull the drop-down menu or notifications tab and click on airplane mode. You could also access this mode by long-pressing the power mode until the options pop-up on the screen. Select Airplane mode.

Switch it on for a few minutes then back on.

Change the name of the device 

Sometimes and for unknown reasons, your Android device name could be the cause of the error. According to many users, this renaming could instantly solve your problem.

To rename, open the Settings app and select “About phone” then click on the device name. Edit the name to your preference and click on OK to save changes.

Then try to connect to the network again.

Get Closer 

There could be interference that could be causing the error. It may sound like a simple solution but getting within closer proximity of your router could fix the situation.

This is because the Wi-Fi signal is stronger when you are close to it. When you have a slow connection, you may have slow internet or be unable to connect at all.

Assign Static IP 

You may need to change all the settings for every network your Samsung tablet is familiar with. While it is just as frustrating as the error, and it is not guaranteed to work, it is worth a try.

If the error is occurring in a network you frequent, like at home or office, manually assigning a static IP address is the way to go.

Find Settings and go to Connections then Wi-Fi. On the trouble-some network, long-press and choose to “Modify network”.

Click against show advanced options and under the IP settings, select “Static”. You will then be prompted to enter your new IP address.

You will find the numbers 192.168.1.XXX where XXX can be filed by any number between 1 and 255. If ever you come across a notification saying it has been assigned to another device, pick another number and try again.


The error Samsung Tablet Failed to Obtain IP Address is not a very serious threat to your experience. With all the recommendations given, you will be capable of handling the issue and reconnection is only a few steps away.


Why can’t my phone obtain an IP address?

To connect effectively to a Wi-Fi network, you need an assigned IP address to be allowed to connect. If your router fails to assign an automatic IP you will need to add a static one to gain access.

Why am I connected to a Wi-Fi network but still have no internet access?

Check the connection with other devices, if they are connected successfully, investigate your device for the issue. If other devices are also unable to connect, it could be an internet issue. So, restart your modem, router, and tablet.

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