How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 5004


While streaming videos on Amazon Prime, you will come across some common glitches in your time of use. Error code 5004 is one such challenge that you may come across. So, how can you resolve it?

When this error shows up, it could be that some content streams problem-free while the rest result in this annoying situation.

There are tons of possibilities that might lead to this error such as server issues, a deactivated account, or geographical restrictions.

To fix the error code 5004 on Amazon Prime, you may need to call support, reactivate the account, or use a VPN connection. 

Summary Table: How to fix Amazon Prime error code 5004

Issue Cause Fix


Amazon Prime error code 5004

Server Issues Wait for technician to respond
Deactivated account Reactivate on mobile or desktop
Nvidia Shield TV bug Reset Nvidia software
Geo-restrictions Use VPN service

How to fix amazon prime error code 5004

Investigate Server Issue 

The most important first step in fixing error code 5004 on Amazon Prime, is to confirm that the network is not facing a widespread server issue.

To do this, use services such as DownDetector. This site will help you identify other users in your area dealing with the same issue.

If it happens to be a server issue affecting all subscribers in your region, the only option is to be patient and wait for the technicians or developers to find a resolution.

On the other hand, if the error is isolated to your connection, you may move on to the next suggestion.

Reactivate Amazon Account 

When this error pops up on your Smart TV or your Nvidia Shield or Roku, you are seeing it because your Amazon account is no longer active.

Your account will fall dormant after a long time of not using it. This is especially true if you are connected to Prime via your Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, or Roku services.

These mediums will not prompt you for account reactivation. So, it is advisable to try signing in to Amazon Prime through a mobile or PC browser.

If you know you have been offline for a long time, get on your mobile or portable device, and go to the Prime Video login page.

Click on sign in and use your Amazon details to log into your account. Having done this, go back to your device with the error code 5004 showings.

Try running Prime again and see if the issue is cleared.

In case a dormant account is not the reason behind the error, try another guideline.

Factory Reset Nvidia Shield TV

When running Prime on Nvidia Shield TV, you could be dealing with an unresolved issue that has lasted years.

The problem could be related to a load of Amazon data that remains even after trying to reinstall the app.

To fix this error on Nvidia, you must reset the Shield back to factory settings. Doing this will delete all the stored data.

So, be sure to run a system backup to save your important information for future reference.

To reset the Nvidia Shield, go to settings from your home screen. Then select device preferences and tap on the Reset tab.

Select reset again to confirm the process and finally chose to Erase everything to start the process.

Use VPN Services 

Seeing error 5004 could also be the result of a geographic restriction. Amazon Prime is set up to perform checks to confirm your location.

As long as the device you are streaming on is in support of the Prime application, the 5004 error can be fixed easily by the use of a VPN client.

This service will make it seem like you are accessing the Prime platform from a geographically approved location.

There are tons of free VPNs available on varied websites. To activate this VPN on your Windows PC, you need to identify your preferred provider.

Then open the website and you should see a download tab on the first screen to open. Click on it and proceed with the on-screen prompts that follow.

Once verification and validation are done, proceed to the sign-in process and select Free as the Pricing option.

After successful installation, you may use your login credentials to launch a VPN and make sure to select an Amazon supported country before enabling.

Finally, try streaming content from Prime and confirm the error is gone.


Amazon Prime error code 5004 is related to issues with your device, software, or server. Follow the above tips and guidelines to get rid of it.

There is no need to panic over it as the solutions are well explained and actionable. If you are not able to fix it, you may opt to rely on the Prime support team.


How can I update Amazon Prime on a Smart TV?

got to the settings tab on your Prime interface, choose software update but if none are available, proceed with viewing.

How many devices can I connect to Prime?

You may connect up to three devices at one time using one Amazon account.

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