How to remove devices from wifi spectrum

When you pay for your home wifi, you expect it should be working fine. So when your wifi is sluggish, you’ll mostly think it’s a problem with the connection. However, someone could be stealing your internet that’s why you need to know how to remove devices from wifi spectrum.

Catching your internet thief

If you suspect someone is stealing your internet, the first thing you should do is to go online and log into your router to check the connected devices. You can do this by searching online for your specific router. You can also freely download a wireless network watcher that will display all the devices that are using your internet. Once you know the devices connected to your network, you can determine which ones are yours and which ones are not. If there are devices you don’t recognize, they probably belong to the person stealing your wifi. However, it’s not easy to identify your wifi thief, but you can certainly kick their devices off your internet.

How to kick someone off your spectrum wifi

If you discover unauthorized devices in your network, the best way to remove them and make your system more secure is to change your wifi password and even the name. You should also encrypt your system with WPA or WPA2 encryption and this will keep your entire network off the radar of freeloading users.

Using the My spectrum app, you can control and manage features for your internet service including restarting your internet devices, pausing internet connectivity on certain devices, changing your wifi name and password, and managing the advanced router settings.

Change wifi name and password

For you to view or change your wifi name and password, you can follow these simple steps:

  • At the bottom of the My spectrum app, click on the ‘Services’ tab
  • Scroll down to ‘Wifi’ and click on ‘View & edit network info’
  • You can change and customize your wifi name and password, then once you’re through click on ‘Save’ to save the changes
  • Click ‘Ok’ to confirm your new settings

View and manage the devices on your network

  • At the bottom of the My spectrum app, click on the ‘Services’ tab
  • Find the ‘Devices’ tab and click on the devices list you would like to view from the connected, paused, and not connected categories. If you’re trying to access this section for your first time, you’ll need to first click on ‘Manage devices’ below the Devices tab before you can select a device list to view.
  • From the ‘Devices on my network’ screen, you can view the device list of all the devices currently connected to your network. Click on a specific category like the connected list to view the individual devices.
  • Select a device to access the device details. This will help you to manage the device’s icon, name, and pause status. You will also have access to the device’s info and network connection.

Edit your device’s name

For you to easily identify the devices on your network, you can give your devices nicknames. The updated nicknames will only appear on your My spectrum app.

  • From the ‘Devices on my network’ screen, click on the device list you want to view among the connected, paused, and no connected categories
  • Click on a device to access the ‘Device Details’ screen
  • Click on ‘Edit’
  • You can now type in the nickname you’ve chosen for your device, then select your preferred device icon. Click on ‘Save’ to save the changes

Improve your wireless security and lock down your wifi

Making your wifi router more secure

Apart from changing your wifi name and password, for added precaution and to make sure your router is secure, you should use WPA or WPA2 for your wifi network, which is the most secure option that will require you to set a password for accessing your wifi.

Managing your device updates and settings

  • To ensure the security of your computer and other connected devices, make sure you keep their software up to date. Also, apply the operating system and software updates as soon as you receive the notification.
  • Make sure to disable the ‘automatically connect to available wireless network’ feature on your electronic devices. This will prevent your device from connecting to any wireless network within range without you knowing and reduce exposing you to security risks.
  • Disable file sharing in your device when you’re connected to a public wifi network to avoid people snooping into your private files.
  • Make sure you create a strong password for all your online accounts and computer.

Using online best practices

  • If you mostly use wifi hotspots to log into your accounts, use a VPN that you can also use on your phone. You just need to create a personal account that you can get from a VPN provider.
  • Look for secure sites with web addresses that display a lock icon at the end of its URL bar to indicate a secure site or an “s” in its https where the “s” is for secure.
  • To avoid the risk of getting defrauded, use only one credit card when making online purchases.
  • Make sure you sign out of your online accounts when you’re done using them and close the web browser tab.
  • Create an alert notification on your web browser for any fraudulent sites that may pop up.

How to boost your wifi signal

Use the latest wifi protocol
Upgrade to a wireless AC router with a much more capable technology to produce greater wifi coverage and improved more consistent signal strength.
Get a dual-band router
The 5 ghz allows for greater speeds than the 2.4 ghz so you get faster speeds even at proximity to your router and even further with the signal penetrating through walls
Use a cable signal booster
Will distribute cable signals most effectively and improve signal strength


Once you’ve removed devices from your spectrum wifi, remember that anytime you connect to public wifi you run the risk of being hacked, so be vigilant and exercise safe online practices.


How many devices can spectrum wifi handle?

You can only connect 5 devices at the same time to your spectrum wifi.

Can someone read my texts if I’m on their wifi?

If you’re sending messages through the cellular network, nobody can see the text messageseven those with access to your router, also if you’re sending through social media they’re end-to-end encrypted so nobody can read them unless they have access to your account.

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