Is Total wireless worth it?

Total Wireless is worth it for those looking for a low cost cell phone service without all the whistles and bells found in other service providers. Total wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) meaning it does not have its infrastructure but uses that of others.

One such network that Total wireless rides on is Verizon which operates one of the largest mobile networks in the country. Verizon is not only a key player in the cell phone market but it also offers strong data speeds where it has coverage. The company is also engaged in various rollouts for 5G technology.

Plans and Pricing

Total Wireless Family Plans

$85 Shared Plan
Unlimited Data

3 lines

$100 Shared Plan
Unlimited Data

3 lines


One great characteristic of Total Wireless is you get the option of a host of different plans. These are reasonably priced, you can get a total wireless plan for $25 a month and get 1 GB of data. If you do not use a lot of data on your phone then you realize that this is quite cheap.

The only downside to Total Wireless unlimited data plans is that the speeds can be at times very slow as you are operating on the 2G wireless platform.  With this platform you will not be able to do many things like download videos, play games or listen to music. For the 4G platform that Total Wireless offers it is limited to 1GB of full speed data. Here you get $35 for 5GB and $50 gives you 24GB. However, when you cross this threshold your speed will be slowed down.

The biggest risks of using another network for data transmission is that you are at times subjected to data deprioritization. In this case the network owner may slow down your data speeds whenever they are experiencing network congestion. This means during evenings you may notice your data speed slow down as internet connectivity peaks.

How Total Wireless data plans compare with others

Mint Mobile
Unlimited Data Plan
Unlimited data

No contract

US Mobile
Unlimited Talk, Text, and Fast Data
Unlimited data

No contract

$37/month + $3.99 Upfront
Total Wireless
$50 Individual Plan
Unlimited data

No contract

Boost Mobile
35GB $50 Plan
Unlimited data

No Contract


If you are looking for a way to save a few bucks for your family then the shared plans give you access to unlimited data for up to 3 lines. In addition, you get access to additional perks like their free mobile hotspot data. With the discounted packages you can add up to four lines to your account which is a great saver if you have a large family. According to their packages if you four lines you will be able to share up to 100GB of high speed data for just $95.

Activation process

You can purchase your plan from Total Wireless website or from any Walmart store. This gives you access to a phone and your data package. The setting up process is very simplified and you should get started immediately. One important note to keep in mind is that if you desire to use the Total Wireless Network then your phone has to be CDMA compatible.

When it comes to performance, the network is solid and you will not experience any dropped calls or missed texts. The call quality is crisp and clear without any network interferences. Even when you compare the data speeds you get on Total Wireless and what Verizon consumers get you note it is almost similar. Expect download speeds of up to 32.61 Mbps and upload speeds of 9.72Mbps.

Customer service

Total Wireless customer service is responsive and you should get someone to respond to your queries the moment you call. You can also initiate chat sessions incase you run into difficulty.

Part of the reasons to join Total wireless include the fact you are enjoying reliable connections from the Verizon network. The low cost packages that go for as a low as $35 give you access to unlimited talk, 5GB of high speed data which is quite competitive. If you are getting the packages as a family then your overall costs are greatly reduced. Other users prefer the service provider because you can purchase additional data cards at your own convenience. For example the company charges $10 for 5GB of data.

Total wireless according to our review does not have any surprise overage charges. When compared to other providers like Verizon Prepaid (costs $40) and T-Mobile ($45) then straight talk at $35 is quite affordable. However, it comes with the downside of having 2G network which is quite slow and a bit outdated for the age we are in. Most phone companies are now into 5G and this means you will experience some slow download time. However, if you interest is making calls, texts and occasional internet surfing then you will find their rates great. The other thing you need to note is compatibility with CDMA. Some phones may not work well with the service provider so you need to check this out first.


Since Total Wireless is a MVNO it does offer some affordable individual and family plans. Coverage on the Verizon network is decent but you may experience some lack of full speed data when there is congestion. Verizon the network provider from which the Total Wireless rides on has very good coverage across the country hence meaning you will get crisp and clear calls.


Can I use my phone as a mobile hotspot?

Once you get into a Total Wireless plan you can turn your existing mobile phone into a mini-Wi-Fi router. This allows other family members to get access to the net.

How good are upload and download speeds on the Total Wireless platform?

You should expect to download stuff at speeds of up to 32.61Mbps and upload at 9.72Mbps on the platform. This is pretty fast for you to watch and stream your favorite online shows.

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