FuboTV vs. DirecTV Now – Which one is likely to give you more entertainment?

With considerable variances in the kind of content available, as well as different subscriber fees, these two live stream channels provide entertainment to a wide scope of viewers. So, which one of the two does a better job?

As a live stream service that entered the market as a sports streaming platform, FuboTV steadily grew to include other channels from different categories such as entertainment, lifestyle and news. It is one of the most comprehensive and reliable live stream channels currently. On the other hand, DirecTV Now provides live stream services for people who like to catch their favorite programs live, and it comes with a variety of bundles from which to choose at various monthly costs.

When to watch FuboTV

This live stream service makes an incredible choice for people who like to catch loads of live sports. While it comes with a decent number of entertainment, lifestyle and even news channels, FuboTV is bets known for its impressive sports content. Aside from this, it gives viewers access to 4K/ HDR live sports shows as well as an assortment of entertainment shows that are displayed in similar definition.

When to watch DirecTV Now

This live streaming service proves most convenient and ideal for viewers who like an assortment as well as a balance between entertainment, sports, news and lifestyle programs. It is also pretty affordable, making an ideal match for persons who like to stay entertained while saving on coinage. It is excellent for families that like to catch programs together as well.

           DirecTV Now
Streams per Account
Maximum of 3
Number of Channels
139 (+ add-on)
Monthly Subscription
$64.99 to $79.99
$40 to $75

FuboTV vs. DirecTV Now – What criteria did we use to evaluate them?

Seeing as both are live streaming channels which contain content from all categories, we sought to pick the better one of the two based on the number of premium channels available as compared to the subscription fees that viewers have to pay. We also focused our attention on such features as Cloud DVR capacity and the ability to stream across multiple devices at the same time.

FuboTV vs. DirecTV Now – A Detailed Review

FuboTV Review

Known for its incredible selection of channels that range from such categories as entertainment, lifestyle, sports and even news, FuboTV proves an incredible platform to catch your favorite programs and shows whenever you need to.

With FuboTV, you can gain access to up to 144 channels, but this is largely dependent on the bundle you choose, as well as the number of add-ons you choose to have on top of your regular content. With a couple of bundles from which to choose, you an be certain that you are going to find the best match for you and for your family.

The most commonly used bundle was called the Standard Plan, and it came at a cost of $59.99 per month. It was, however, dropped in December of 2020 and was replaced by the Family Plan which comes at a subscription fee of $64.99 per month. The unique thing about this bundle is that it allows for add-ons which gives you the freedom to add a couple channels to the existing plan so that you have extra content to view. You however, have to pay for each add-on. In the instance of Family Bundle that includes Showtime, you will pay a total of $74.99 monthly.

As an advantage, this service comes with Cloud DVR which allows you to record content to watch later. It comes with a total of 30 hours, but you can upgrade this to 500 hours at an extra monthly charge of $10. With the app, you will be ale to stream content on 3 different devices, and each account allows for 6 different users at a go.

Bundle Cost
$64.99 – Upgradable to $80
Cloud DVR
30 hours – Upgradable to 500 hours for an extra $10
4K/ HDR Content
Available in some channels and programs
7 days free trial


  • Comes with a wide selection of channels
  • Allows for add-ons
  • Can be streamed through three devices at the same time
  • Comes with 30 hours Cloud DVR and it is upgradable to 500 hours
  • Comes with selected 4K/ HDR content


  • Most live streaming is limited to 720p
  • It is a bit expensive

DirecTV Now Review

Offering a wide selection of channels that include content from all categories, DirecTV Now has become a common live streaming service for people who like to catch their shows live. Its list of channels is selected from categories which include news, entertainment, sports and news.

One of the features that stands out the most about DirecTV Now is the fact that there are a couple bundles from which you can choose, and they are all largely affordable. Below are the available packages;

  • Live a Little –                              65+ Channels                     –              $40.00 per month
  • Just Right –                              85+ Channels                     –              $55.00 per month
  • Go Big –                              105+ Channels                  –              $65.00 per month
  • Gotta Have It –                              125+ Channels                  –              $75.00 per month
  • Todo y Mas –                              90+ Channels                     –              $45.00 per month

Just like FuboTV, this service also allows for add-ons, a characteristic that allows you to customize your viewership and your preferences. To make certain that you can record shows to watch later, DirecTV Now offers a total Cloud DVR storage of 20 hours. While this is considered substantial, it may not be ideal for people who like to binge watch shows.

Bundle Cost
$40.00 to $75.00 per month
Cloud DVR
20 hours only
Streams per account
Maximum of 3


  • Comes with diverse content
  • Has at least 5 bundles to choose from
  • Allows for add-ons
  • Comes with 20 hours Cloud DVR
  • Contains content from all categories


  • You cannot expand Cloud DVR capacity

FuboTV vs. DirecTV Now – How do they compare?

Number of available channels

With FuboTV, you will gain access to up to 144 channels that cut across categories to give you premium content in entertainment, lifestyle, news and sports. Some of this content is actually available in 4K/ HDR, and the largest bundle will cost you up to $79.99.

DirecTV Now comes with a total of 139 channels on its largest bundle, and this figure is inclusive of add-ons. The content is also quite good, but there are fewer premium channels and no 4K content on this service.

FuboTV makes the better service since it has more premium channels than DirecTV Now and it also comes with4K streaming in selected channels.

Cloud DVR

To enable you to watch your content at your own time, FuboTV comes with t least 30 hours Cloud DVR storage, and you can increase this capacity to 500 hours at an extra $10 every month.

DirecTV Now comes with a total of 20 Cloud DVR hours, but this capacity is not expandable.

FuboTV makes a better service than DirecTV Now since it comes with more DVR hours and can also be expanded to increase capacity.

Number of live streams per account

With FuboTV, you will be able to download the same app for the same account on at least 6 devices, and you can be able to stream three devices at the same time.

With DirecTV Now, you can also stream across three devices simultaneously, but you will not be able to have as many accounts.

FuboTV allows for 6 families per account, making it better than DirecTV Now. 


Both live stream services come with incredible packages that allow you to enjoy a good deal of content. However, FuboTV sets itself higher than DirecTV Now with a good deal of variety, better Cloud DVR hours and more sports content. It also allows you to stream content in 4K/HDR, making it a better steaming service than DirecTV Now.


  1. Can I watch FuboTV on my phone?

Yes, you can.

  1. Do I need a decoder for DirecTV Now?


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